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  1. xyzzy


    FWIW... I got this letter also, sent a secure mail asking for reconsideration, and got a reply that they would not decrease. Could be helpful since then you have it in writing.
  2. if you get a denial letter from Citi, it will have information about demonstrating your student status. give them a call and they can give you a number to which to fax a copy of your tuition bill, ID card, etc.
  3. actually, what's shocking about this is that it appears you have a human, even if a slow one, responding to your messages. as far as I can tell, I just have an autoresponder that says "to better assist you, we need to speak with you directly, here's the cs # for your card" you might try starting a new correspondence thread with them, just short and sweet: "looking for a transaction by XYZ between dates P and Q, can you assist me in locating this charge and provide me with the exact date?"
  4. I strongly recommend contacting the issuer first.
  5. it's with EX that I'm having the problem too (and it's been at least 6 months). maybe EX is just sloppy or has some kind of a glitch. anyway, I'm going to start by contacting the issuer. if you start with EX, they'll just tell you they got what they're reporting from the furnisher.
  6. have you disputed anything lately? i had an account with Citi where i disputed a charge and it's reported as "NO STATUS" ever since, comment "Consumer disputes this account information"... still need to get it sorted out with them
  7. even if it did come off, i wouldn't get too attached to the situation... as soon as anybody reports anything, it'll go right back on (and if you have any open tradelines, that'll be within a month). but this might not be a bad window of opportunity for disputes. no SSN = one less thing to match on.
  8. xyzzy

    AMEX Gurus

    are you sure? I believe Amex charges report as "open" rather than "revolving" accts
  9. if you did set up a userid and password, try using them to login within the next few days... if you get something about "your account has been inactive for some time," that should be an approval (if you get an actual summary of the account with balance $0 and CL whatever, obviously that's an approval too!)
  10. as a general rule, I think, the offers with no annual fee are more prime than those with an annual fee
  11. are we talking total age or average age? what you say makes sense regarding total age, but i think average age is calculated based on open accounts, so closing an old account may lower average age
  12. xyzzy

    BofA Website

    and years after First USA ceased to exist, Chase pulls for personal cards still show as FIRST USA, NA... go figure...
  13. i think we have to remember that this is not really so much about some kind of breach of personal trust or relationship with the csr. in all likelihood, the csr needs to be able to document exceptions in certain ways, to the point that he in fact seems to have been giving the op hints as to what those were ("traveling," "problem with the website," etc). not, in fact, such an uncommon behavior of clever csr's who value both the ability to assist a clued-in customer and their own job...
  14. it's actually still around at https://www.juniper.com/app/japply/lp/15223.jsp but you have to have applied through that offer... if that wasn't part of the terms of your offer, then you might be out of luck unless you reapply and consolidate

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