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  1. If it returns... My itch is elsewhere, swing by and I’ll show you in person.....lol Thanks Kat!!!
  2. Are you already on the BOA gravy train? Ya, hopped on the SP train a few weeks ago. DW and I both got $8k each CLI on the 4 cards we have, 2 each.
  3. The itch has settled down for now. I think I’m just gonna hang until I can get under Chase’s 5/24 rule. Fingers crossed. Thanks all.
  4. Sadly, I do. I rarely fly so airline miles don’t make sense for me. Which ironically seems to be what my latest offers have been.
  5. Here I am getting the itch to get a new CC, although nothing Ive seen is really inviting. Im still out of bounds with Chase and their 5/24 rules and will be until around March 2019. My AAOA is 2.1 years. FICOs are mid 740s. Util is at 12% as Im riding some BT offers for a while. My most recently acquired CC accounts: PenFed 1/17/18 NFCU 6/1/17 Citi Costco 2/1/17 Alliant 2/1/17 DCU 2/1/17 Barclay 12/5/16 Disco 12/5/16 All others are over 24 months. Ive read multiple times here to app about every 6 months for 1-2 cards. Granted Im not quite 6 months old from my last approval. Soooo, let things age or what?
  6. Sounds to me like you’re now once again balls deep with Amex.....gotta love it. I just wish they still back dated from a previous relationship.....I go back to 1989. Congrats.
  7. Yes. They open the mail, call the number, then do that. Cards used to come preactivated and ready to use. I don’t know what cards you’ve been getting in the last 8-10 years, but none of mine have been pre-activated and ready to go out of the envelope. I’ve always had to call and provide personal info that nobody should know but me.
  8. Curious me once to know how a new card, or replacement, was able to be used without first being activated, which usually requires personal info, like dob, last 4 of social, etc. Possibly someone could have this info and can activate the card after intercepting it?
  9. Thanks Vig, I appreciate it. Good to hear from ya poppa, it’s been a while. Still waiting on you coming to Phoenix. When you get here maybe we can spit-roast Kat at her bar on Indian School if she’s down and in town. Pretty sure she will love it!! Kat should chime in soon...lol
  10. Got my 123 Rewards Card from $11k to $18k, no HP alerts as of now. Got DW 123 Card from $12k to $21k, and her world Mastercard from $14k to $22k. Again, no HP alerts from her as well. Thank you Poppa for the post....
  11. F’n A.....About time. Why HP when they can see the same info with a SP. I get it if it was for a new card, but this is an account that’s already established. Also, they SP on a regular basis, they already know your financial situation.
  12. Been there, as others and yourself included, but with a plan, commitment and discipline, you will get back on your feet in no time. Hang in there and read everything you can her on CB, tons of knowledge.
  13. Awesome. Great strategy with closing and combining as needed. I’m still 5/24 limited sadly.
  14. You got that right CV....lol. Thanks all for the input.
  15. Being honest, it might be time to cut bait with Chase. I personally would not agree to an additional HP, Why? You already have the accounts established, you’re not applying for a new product. Time is on your side. Let them do their review stuff and await the outcome. Just be sure it’s no new accounts within the last 6 months prior to doing your mortgage app.

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