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  1. You should be able to call and ask. If they require you to send a letter, it may not be worth sending a letter and then waiting to send another letter with the account information - they'll have to look it up either way. Thank you!
  2. My war starts tomorrow but I need one small piece of advice!!!! I have an old Walmart account that is closed, however i do NOT have any old bill statements or any other paperwork for them. So my question is, how would I go about getting the acct #? My credit reports leave off the last 4 digits and i would like to add that to my "Goodwill" letter. Thanks in advance!
  3. Account opened in 03/20132013 M. A. M. J. J. A. S. O. N. D. OK OK OK 30 60 90 OK OK 30 60 2014 J. F. M. 90 120 ok Account paid in full and have not reported since 03/2014
  4. Don't touch those. They are helping you not hurting Even though they show multiple latest on the TL? How is that helping?
  5. Bannister, How did you go about the account that was closed but still showed open and current?
  6. Thanks Breeze. I was just curious as to what others have experienced and what they have noticed. I've already read through the docs transcrips multiple times and have learned a ton of info that I am personally going to take advantage of.
  7. Just out of curiosity. What are some of the most common "Errors" that are that are found on others credit reports? Is it the amount as to what is alleged to being owed? Or dates of the tradeline? Is it time of reporting? Just want to hear others opinions.
  8. An old friend told me about this website and decided to check it out and read. After countless hours of reading, it all finally clicked. So I am now officially going to START attacking my bad marks. Here's my plan of attack and I would like to hear everyone's feedback. 1) Opt Out - Easy as 1-2-3! 2) Pull Current Reports - from all 3 CRA's 3) Delete Old Addresses - All but my current one and my previous one with a baddie tied to it are gone. 4) Triage my reports - not too bad but WILL be better with a little help 5) Plan of Attack - Listed below 6) FIGHT!!!! Baddie #1) SYNCB/WALMART Open Date: 12/2007, Balance $0.00, Account Status - CLOSED, Remarks - CLOSED By Credit Grantor, 2 (30) day late marks. 2016 OK 2015 OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK 2014 OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK 2013 OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK 2012 OK OK OK 30 OK OK 30 OK OK OK OK J F M A M J J A S O N D My Input about Account - Account Closed in 01/2014 by credit grantor. I don't feel my payments where late. Always paid on or before due date. However, the few times that they concidered me late was cause i did'nt pay by a certian time (their time zone). Can they give me a 30 day late for being 30 minutes late? Anyways thats besides the point. It's a baddie on my reports and I want it gone. Kind of funny that they are still reporting it OK 2 years after account was closed on TU. Plan of Attack - send a "Goodwill" letter to Walmart, CMRRR every 30 days until its either cleared or removed. Baddie #2) Bank of America - Mortgage Open Date: 07/2009, Balance $0.00, Account Status - Closed, Account Closed 02/2015 2015 150 U 2014 OK OK OK OK OK OK OK 30 30 60 90 120 2013 OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK 2012 OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK 2011 OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK 2010 OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK 2009 OK OK OK OK OK OK J F M A M J J A S O N D My Input about account - In July I was Arrested for a DUI. Yes it was my fault. I lost my job as a truck driver and was unable to afford the house anymore. As soon as I realized I could no longer afford the home I put it up for sale and sold in Feb 2015. Account was in great standing for 5 years. Plan of Attack - send a "Goodwill Adjustment" letter in hopes that they can remove the bad marks. And in hopes to use them again for a Home loan in the near future. possible "Nutcase" but not sure if I want to take it that far yet. Baddie #3) Capitol One Open Date: 09/2010, Balance $0.00, Account Status - Charge-Off, Account Closed 05/2013 acct sold to Portfolio in 08/2014. DOFD is 10/2012. 2014 CO CO CO CO CO CO CO CO 2013 90 120 150 U CO CO CO CO CO CO CO CO 2012 OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK 30 60 2011 OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK 2010 OK OK OK OK J F M A M J J A S O N D Portfolio Recovery Open Date: 08/2014 Balance $2,090.00, Account Status - Seriously past due Plan of Attack - Nothing yet. still within California SOL of 4 years but at the end of this year I may try and 1-2 punch them even though it is outside of the 30 days. So I'm hanging tight right now with this TL. Finally Baddie #4) Comenity Capitol/Smile GN (NEED SOME HELP WITH THIS ONE) Open Date: 03/2013, Balance $0.00, Account Status - Open/Current, Limit - $1,000 2014 90 120 OK 2013 OK OK OK 30 60 90 OK OK 30 60 J F M A M J J A S O N D My Input about Account - So in 03/2013 I needed my wisdom teeth pulled. OUCH!!!!! Insurance covered most of the cost but I was unable to come up with the out-of-pocket expenses. So they said no problem let us run your credit to set you up with this Comenity Capital card and that way you can make payments for the out-of-pocket expenses. At this point I didn't care I just wanted those teeth out of my mouth. As you can see I made some payments and missed some. I did eventually pay my balance in full in 02/2014 bringing me to a $0.00 balance. Now comes the tricky part. The tradeline remains open however I am unable to use the given limit of $1,000. I called them a few months back to see if I could get a teeth cleaning, and they told me that my $1,000 is no longer usable and was only good for my one procedure of yanking my wisdom teeth, and for me to continue to use this tradeline they would have to run my credit to see if i qualify for another procedure to be done. So now I'm sitting on an open account with bad marks and with a $1,000 limit that I am unable to use. They are no longer reporting to the CRA's and haven't since I paid them off in full. How do I fix or delete this tradeline? Plan of Attack - NOT SURE WHAT DO DO WITH THIS ONE AT ALL. NEED HELP! So there you have it, these are my credit problems. I would like to hear your feedback and/or advice on any of these tradelines. Thanks In Advance Helpneeded03

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