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  1. I called American Express 3 times today and they all said they will pull your personal credit even if put the ein. They said they needed somebody to guarantee it. So you can't apply with ein only. I almost got a hard pull, Amex ain't worth an inquiry
  2. Bad experience with Penfed , there is no phone number can somebody please give me a phone number to call please thanks.
  3. First off congrats on having good scores. If your trying to apply for all of those start with SunTrust they are more inquiry sensitive. As for Bbva compass they used to use tu but switched to experian. A month ago I applied for a loan and the pulled ex. I'm not familiar with elan. SunTrust gives decent limits so does Bbva. Post your results
  4. Prosper and lending club won't give anything. My account is 7 months too. I've been trying to get a loan myself haven't got it yet. If you get approved let me know I need help too. My scores are in the 700's but short history is what been getting me. I just don't want to waste hp. I'm still looking
  5. Thanks alot. I wonder if a tradeline would show the moment it reports on something like privacy guard or credit check total? Thanks alot. I wonder if a tradeline would show the moment it reports on something like privacy guard or credit check total?
  6. If you change your address to match. After being added will it post?
  7. questions on Barclay Card and Authorized Users First of does barclay report account information to all 3 TU EX and EQ? How long did it take to show up on the au report?
  8. Looking for the same exact thing and amount in the 700's.Nobody every points me in the right direction. If you find something let me know
  9. There are people that have got this down to a science. I m not sure . What if I buy a car under my business name no lease. What would be the benefits? (I'm in texas)
  10. Wow I'm looking for the exact same thing!! Please update this with details.
  11. I was wondering if anybody has a for sure Sol for Texas. Had a debt from 5/11 on my credit been going thru hell trying to get it off. One collection passed it to another. Any Texans or ppl that successful took old collections off? How many years. Thanks for your time
  12. Thanks a lot , hmm need to find a Good Au then. Don't like waiting
  13. What is the earliest credit will start showing if you have no scores at all? Can you generate scores at month 5 with 2 revolving lines showing.? Anybody with new credit what month did you get scores? Thanks
  14. Please I would appreciate if you could check your old reports if you get a chance. Thanks.

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