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  1. Well, finally had a chance to try a recon. No joy. That's half an hour suffering through horrible hold music I'd rather not repeat. Denied again due to CH7 BK 6 years ago. Rep said they'd send another letter. Do you suggest trying again? It seems so pointless. The BK is always going to show up. At least for the next 4 years. Ugh, now I sound like a whiner. I am so grateful for how far we've come. Just frustrating when they still want to hold it against you. Thank you all for the help! I love the knowledge on these forums!!
  2. Okay, so I did some research. I did include Chase in my BK. Does IIB mean 'included in bk'? Is it even worth trying the recon at this point? According to the list if you burned them on bk it's 10 years before they will consider you. I will try AMEX again in about 3 months. This is a newbie question. When you use a card for the purposes of trying to get a CLI, do you use and immediately pay in full? Or do you use, wait for billing cycle, and then pay in full? Thank you!!
  3. Thanks for the reply bigpoppa09! I'm still not sure if I should call the recon number for Chase? I was trying to get started on some travel rewards. Will I have to wait on that until bk falls off?
  4. Hello all! I am new here and have been reading a lot over the past few weeks. I may have made a mistake. I'll try to keep this concise. Declared BK in 6/2010. Didn't really pay attention to scores until now. Currently FICO 8: EQ 717, TU 700, & EX 707. I have two AMEX, one since 2006 and other 2015. I've had no lates since BK. I tried a CLI on the newest AMEX today. Was denied due to BK. I talked to rep, they said there is nothing they can do. I also applied for a Chase Mileage Plus card and just got denial letter today. They pulled EX, said score was 720. Denied due to BK. At this point should I call Chase? I forgot what the department is called. Recon? I feel that I may have lowered my scores by doing this. I was able to get CLI on Lane Bryant, VS, JCPenney, and Kohls. Thank you for any assistance or insight!

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