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  1. Thank you To whom should I address the letters? Billing dept? An executive office? Any suggestions?
  2. I financed a new vehicle through Ally Financial in March 2011 and paid it off in June 2015. However, between 2013-2015 I had numerous lates (30 day) due to become disabled. I would like to have this tradeline deleted as I believe the amount of lates are detrimental to my FICO8 score. What is the best course of action? Email? Snail Mail? To whom do I address the letter? Are there any goodwill/tradeline request template links? Thank you in advance for any input.
  3. Do they do a HP or a SP for the CLI for the Walmart Card?
  4. Ya know, that's a very good question... I'll have to ask her
  5. Thanks everyone for the input. Hege- The card was CO in 04/2013 and the Auto Loan was PIF in 08/2012.
  6. Question for a friend – My friend had a vehicle financed through a CU and the vehicle is now PIF. However, she also had a CC with the CU and it was charged off in 04/2013 ($2,261). The CU will not sign over the title until the CC balance is paid in full. Is there any way around paying the balance of the credit card to get the title to the vehicle? Thanks for your input.
  7. Thanks! I will take care of the old information, I appreciate the input.

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