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  1. FA86

    Collection advice

    I have received my credit report and it shows a partial account number. I would like to send my DV request citing the Texas Finance Code. I still haven't received anything from them, only know about it via my credit report. Will they be able to look me up for the DV request (IC Systems) by just my name and address, or should I include the partial account number they have listed on my reports? PS- Just want to confirm that I do not sign the DV letter. thank you
  2. FA86

    Collection advice

    Is there a good thread on the Texas law on CB concerning what to do or should I go by the websites that come up on a google search? thank you
  3. FA86

    Collection advice

    Thank you. I’m hoping to receive my paper reports in the next 7-10 days. yes, my debt is 6 years old as of this past May.
  4. FA86

    Collection advice

    thank you for your help. I am in Texas as well and the OC is Directv. I never received a letter from IC Systems. unfortunately, I no longer have online access with them.
  5. I have a new collection from IC systems that has been assigned to them by DTV for 1k. My Experian and Equifax list the date to come off as 9/19 and transunion 7/19. At this point is it best to wait it out? My score went down 60 points when they placed it. I have no plans to app for anything in the next year, just concerned over current lenders. thanks
  6. Don’t respond. Sounds like an attempt to reage the debt since you said you never responded before. 9 years they can pound sand.
  7. FA86

    Collection advice

    Only the collection company reported. AT&T never reported. No other negatives. My 08 FICO before it magically came off was 689 TU, 690 EQ, 692 EX . This week they changed to 751 TU, 739 EQ, 736 EX
  8. I had a collection for an old ATT account that is 5.5yrs old. Was about 1.4k. For some reason it just left all my reports this week. Two questions 1 should I contact ATT to pay it now that it is magically gone or sit it out another 1.5 years. I have about 4K in my savings. I dont think I can take out of my 401k 2 is now a good time to apply for a card before/if it gets reassigned or reported again Thank you
  9. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Glad you didn't get any damage
  10. "Affected by natural disaster" is listed on my reports for my citi account. I pif each month and it shows by CL, 0 Balance and current. I don't live in a disaster area. What step do I take to remove this?
  11. My current state Texas is shorter (4yrs) but I didn't know if my old state (5yrs) overrides it. Guess I'm just worried about being sued in my old state and not knowing it
  12. Hey, I think I posted in wrong part of site earlier. I've just been made aware from a monitoring alert that I have a collection that the DOFD is 4yr 9mo old. I wasn't concerned about the CRA falloff date (obviously 7yrs). My question is this Dish account was in a state where the SOL on utilities is 5 yr but the state I've lived in for four years now is 4 yrs. I was curious which applied in regards to litigation. I never received a collection letter. I assume they sent it to my old address from 4 yr 8 mo ago. Thank you!
  13. FA86

    Ally bank and auto

    Why are you looking to close those with them? I'm using Alliant now for online and Chase for brick and mortar
  14. Would closing my ally checking and savings have any negative effect on my ally auto loan?

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