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  1. Following some of the stuff here: https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?/topic/497777-how-i-got-my-bankruptcy-deleted/ Following the above, I was able to get EQ to delete my BK7. However, all the IIB accounts are showing up now as bad accounts with all the late payments. Score improved about 10-20 points, but the lates are hurting quite a bit. I'm afraid to dispute as it might bring the BK back on there, right? Anyone have experience with this? The thread above is all over place with results.
  2. That's awesome. There's a verizon account about 8 years old I'd love to have off.
  3. So I'm not sure if there's some sort of new system in place at the CRA or if it only applies to this one company, but when disputing an alleged Medical Collection debt with Experian and Transunion I got my results about 2 minutes after submitting them. Surely, the company didn't respond that fast. Came back with response "DELETED". Not sure if the CRA are feeling super generous or what. Has anyone else experienced this? Equifax is the only one that didn't do an instant delete. Nice to say it was an early Christmas present. PIC: Imgur: The magic of the Internet P.S. It does no
  4. I don't need any advice per-se, but perhaps this will help someone else out. I had one last medical collection for $300 where they absolutely refused to do a PFD. I sent a settlement offer and it went unanswered. I gave them 30 days to write me back. When I didn't hear anything, I sent WhyChat's Medical DV to the CA and still haven't heard anything after 20 days or so (I figured it wasn't too unusual with all the stuff going on, but at the same time--this "Mom and Pop" collection agency is actually in my city. So mail shouldn't be an issue. ) I just got an alert from Equifax and Transunion tha
  5. UPDATE: The Law Office wrote back and I got the following: "We have reviewed with our client your letter which either requested validation of the debt or indicated some dispute with regard to the above referenced account. We have been advised that the balance of the account as set our herein is valid.A copy of the response we received from XYZ Medical Center is enclosed herewith. I urge you to consider the notations XYZ Medical Center has included on our validation. We have been directed to proceed with our collection effort. We will without such effort for a period of 10 days should you
  6. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. The reason I sent that letter is that there is nothing about this alleged debt or even this company on my credit reports. If I understand the program correctly, that would have me skip to this step, right? I thought this was next since they are not reporting anything on my reports. I will post back their response, if they even send one as they said they would, in hopes this helps anyone else that is in a similar situation.
  7. Hi all, I sent the first letter on WhyChat's site: https://whychat.me/ltrcavalhipaa.html to the CA assigned to an alleged medical debt and got this back from them (it is a law office as well which makes their response even weirder): "Dear xxxxxx, We have receive your correspondence with regards to the above referenced matter. We have discontinued all collection efforts and forwarded your letter to our client for their review. In your letter you have asked for information which does not exist or, at this point, I do not believe we are required to provide. Therefore,
  8. The date of service was November 2019. I've been opted out for quite a while now and have already gotten old addresses removed. Looks like I'll be sending OC a letter! Thanks WhyChat!
  9. I tried looking all over WhyChat's website and I can't find an option for me. Nothing is on my Credit Report about this alleged debt, so can't send the CRAs any letters. Is the next step to send the letter to the OC with insert (a) OR do I DV the CA with the letter provided on the site? Thanks!
  10. Awesome! It is not reporting, so looking forward to that! Thanks!
  11. I've seen a few of these threads where someone DVs a CA for a medical bill and they send back something like "In order for us to get the itemization you requested, under HIPPA we'll need your signature and last 4 of social below." I know not to sign, but what are the follow up steps for this? Since they can't produce anything itemized, what kind of letter should be sent to them? Something that just says "Well, if you can't produce the info and verify it really is me, FOAD"? Thanks, BRB
  12. Yes, sorry about my wording. Filed for BK 7 in 10/2016 and Discharged in 01/2017.
  13. Nothing is reporting to any CBs--yet. I actually made a mistake in my wording. I filed for Ch. 7 BK in 10/2016, but I was not discharged until 01/2017. I need to go to bed earlier At any rate, since the Date of Service was in between, and then I was discharged after the fact--I believe this should be IIB? My attorney advised me at the time if anything was overlooked, it wasn't the end of the world with CH. 7 as they advised you just provide the creditor "notice" and they should FOAD. This has worked a few times for things that occurred before BK. However, I did just have an "ah...." mome
  14. Okay, so I got a dunning letter from a collection agency about an alleged debt a week ago. I sent them a DV letter and they responded with the following information on a sheet with a footnote at the bottom stating "This is a communication from a debt collector" (so I know the PHI didn't come directly from OC). Patient's name Doctor's name Detailed Lab work done with amounts Total Due 1) Did the CA violate any HIPAA laws by providing a detailed bill with personally identifiable information? 2) Since I filed CH. 7 BK in 01/2017 and the dates of service are from 11/2016, would tha
  15. If you pay OC all collection attempts will stop. You will be off the hook. In other words paying will stop reporting. Awesome! I do have one question, though. I had cash in hand at the teller window and asked a few questions before paying. She did advise they will "forward" this payment on. Now, whether it's to this CA or their internal "Recovery Department" I couldn't get clarification on. I had to take a gamble and went ahead and paid it--at the minimum to stay out of chex systems. I did get a receipt, print out of current account balance (statement doesn't have the bank name ANY
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