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  1. Yes, it's a state school. I'm really trying to avoid the private loan but we'll see if we can get a federal loan. I think I couldn't apply for one last year due to the Ch13.
  2. I'm literally days away from a ch13. It's been 5 long years but momma I made it! The advice from this board helped me get over a couple of bumps but otherwise it's been pretty smooth. Hope the finish line is just as smooth. I struggled through my son's first year of college paying cash because my income was too high to qualify for financial aid. They gave us virtually nothing by way of fed loans, and I couldn't apply for private loans due to my active CH13. Now trying to figure out what our options are for next fall. Would I be able to qualify for a private loan post-discharge? I would prefer he get it in his name, but how do full time students get private loans when they are full time students - not enough income or credit to qualify?
  3. Hi, cv91915. Sorry for the delay! I got the alert from my credit monitoring emails that there was a change on my report, that an account had been closed. I knew I hadn't closed anything so I immediately went to check. It is reported as closed on TU but not on EQ.
  4. Thank you. You're probably right, lol. It was just a knee jerk reaction because these guys were so aggressive. I'll wait and see!
  5. Hello, I just got an alert that my TU score had dropped 45 pts. by a closed account. I was shocked as I had not closed anything. My mortgage had been transferred a few months ago and this new lender harassed me nearly daily to refi. Literally daily, sending me emails, calling me, sending offers by Fed Ex to my doorstep. I would have refi'd but frankly they were a bit too aggressive and thirsty so I didn't trust them. They finally gave up and sent my loan back to the original (2nd original) lender, but they marked it as CLOSED on my credit report. That's what dropped me 45pts. It does show that it's a mortgage with a decreased balance of $200k, so a manual review would see that it wasn't an account closed, however, this bothers me because I feel like they did it on purpose since they couldn't get me to refi. Should I just ignore it? Is this typical of what happens as they transfer your loan around? The first lender did not mark me as Closed when they transferred me to them, nor did they harass me to refi. I'm back with them now and they sent me one letter asking if I wanted to refi. I suspect they'll transfer me again but at least they're not pushy. Thanks in advance for any insight!
  6. Thanks for this. Okay I checked my email confirmations from the EQ disputes that were mailed, and the due date - per their email - was 8/26. I did the online disputes yesterday, the 28th, so hopefully they slid in without resetting the date of the previous batch! It's difficult to tell if the prior disputes changed because they were student loan related and I swear there's 500 of those babies in a row! I'm going to take the wise advice of you all and leave it all alone and just let the lender pull again before we move to closing, that might be another 30 days, giving the online disputes a chance to work, be ignored or evaporate in the wind, lol. I had a manual underwriting so hopefully they will see that I did the disputes they asked me to do so any drop in my EQ score is only from that. TU has been amazingly cool and cooperative through all of this, my highest score too, lol. Thanks everyone for calming me down! I'll come back to update in a few weeks after we do the last pull before closing.
  7. Ha, thanks. The first round of disputes were sent by certified mail but the next round I took the lazy cheap route and did them online. I guess I'll fire up letters and mail them too! It's funny because the lender told me to file the disputes so they can't ding me for the results while disputes are pending, right? lol
  8. The disputes were sent by certified mail to both EQ and TU. EQ said it "could take up to 30 days" and began sending me email statuses every 3-4 days, but now it's been about 38 days and no final answer on the disputes. I didn't know late accounts could continue reporting as Late after a BK is filed? I was told that would be considered a form of collection? It's odd because most of the accounts just say the standard BK text and all of the details about Past Due/Balance are zeroed out. I did order the EQ score from within my EQ account (myEquifax). Good to know it's not the same score, I just need to stay above the minimum required for this FHA loan (580). Thanks!
  9. Hello, I'm 2 years into a Ch 13 BK but took the opportunity to apply for a mortgage. Scores pulled by the lender were EQ 616/TU 641. Everything went fine but manual underwriting identified some accounts that were reporting incorrectly. These accounts were IIB but they were reporting as Late, or reporting Last Late Dates, Charge Offs, Collection, etc. So they required that I file disputes with the credit bureau and then I would win the pre-approval. I filed and TU almost immediately corrected, but EQ has been flaking around all the way up to the 30 day limit. I did some lender shopping and had another lender pull my report and they identified more incorrect reporting. So much that the lender suggested I have my atty hold (someone) in contempt of court because my rights are being violated big time. (I submitted 2-3 more disputes on inaccurate reporting, none for "not my account" just that they are reporting in violation.) The reason for this post though is that while filing the disputes, I ordered my credit score from EQ and it came back as 560. I realize that this isn't the same report that lenders pull but I'm terrified right now that my mortgage pre-approval may be cancelled! I'm ready to order an appraisal on the house I've selected and the lender asked me if anything had changed, I said no, because I had not done anything to cause a change! Someone please reassure me that this EQ score is vastly different than the lender's! I'm really upset right now! THanks in advance! ETA: This all happened within 30 days. I went to 2 lenders within about 3 weeks so it's not the inquiry thing bringing down my score.
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