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  1. I applied last month as the rewards card came up as a "pre qualified offer" on CK with not AF. They pulled TU and Ex and approved me for $3,200 limit. I kept looking over the terms to make sure it stated no AF and found it clearly stated that prior to hitting the submit button. I wanted the 2% for gas since I don't have anything in my wallet for that category. That's pretty much all I will use the card for. First statement already cut, I made a payment online on Friday 10/12 and it has already posted to the account and is pending with my bank this morning. First $1 is in for rewards I'll use it for next month's statement. Free FICO Experian 09 showing up already, a 704 score. Another bonus for me as I had TU and EQ scores on two other cards. EDIT: Forgot to mention, 18 months post CH7 discharge. This is my 5th card since.
  2. Ha, I wonder if they shut the door as soon as I got in last July. They graduated my secured card, without me asking or anything, and bumped up the limit to $2,000 from an initial $500 line after a few months. I tried to request a CLI prior to their recent 0% offer and was told it was not enough time of six months from last increase. Now that it's been six months so I asked again but I got the denial as mentioned before and I don't like that I've used an HP from EQ for it(Which is odd because aren't the bimonthly scores coming from EQ anyways?).
  3. Can I tag along on this post? I am not looking for $50K but just tried my first CLI request with NFCU and received "091 You've reached Navy Federal's maximum unsecured credit limit" in the mail today. Card only has $2K CL on it, I hope this isn't the ceiling!
  4. I literally just hit the button this morning on my 9 month old Qs and was granted an additional $2,000 to my CL. This is certainly much better than the $100 one they gave me after the third statement. So now I'm at $3,100 with them. I was definitely subprime to start so how much could I expect to grow this card?
  5. Yup, letter in the mail. They declined citing it had recently been approved for an increase (card was graduated in November from $500 secured to $2000 unsecured). How often should I ask for CLI? I saw on the first page there is an all member review in May. Should I just wait until then or wait until I have a full year of membership before I ask again?
  6. Dave, check out the reply, above, to Mendy. RHIP is a concept that, when you think about it, has allowed Navy and USAA to survive. Makes sense. Any idea where would that put legacy members/adult children of the original service member?
  7. BUMP. Is the counter offer, if presented, done by mail? I did a CLI request online earlier in this week. Should I be seeing a way to track the request or getting a private message online from NFCU?
  8. Wow, CV, wow, congrats! I too was expecting a link to some story...but this is some truly inspiring stuff! Good luck on knocking on the next one!
  9. Can you elaborate further on what the different classes are for USAA and NFCU and their implications? Just curious
  10. Another crazy fee I've seen with many banks is that they charge you if you withdraw or transfer money out of your savings account too many times in one month... This is because the Federal Reserve only allows 6 withdrawals per month from a savings account so many banks have fees prior to them to help prevent someone from reaching that point. Not saying the fees are right but there is a reason for the limits. But why would the Federal Reserve want to restrict your access to cash? Nothing to do with the Fractional Reservce Banking setup I'm sure.... :tinfoilhat:
  11. Another crazy fee I've seen with many banks is that they charge you if you withdraw or transfer money out of your savings account too many times in one month...
  12. I'm 7 months out of my CH7 discharge. Hence why this seems really quick. My original plan was to leave CCs alone and just stick with subprime cash and sucky debit. I even wanted to pay off my SL by the end of 2017 with the freed monthly cash flow. My FICO score was down to a 510. My lawyer had shown a "model" where I was estimated I could get to be in the 640 range a year after discharge using re-affirmed mortgages and getting just one secured card AND CARRYING A BALANCE. Thanks to CB I knew to get at least 3 cards. Did that with one unsecured Cap1(already got one meager $100 CLI after the 3rd statement, again thanks to the knowledge here) and two secured, one being this NFCU card. I kept the SL open and continue to make the affordable monthly payment as it is a very aged TL, second to the now re-reporting mortgage.
  13. Give it time, sir, give it time. Might be quicker than you think!
  14. First, A HUGE THANK YOU TO CREDIT BOARDS as I would have had no idea on NFCU for rebuilding post discharge!!! Second, is this too soon? The 4th statement just cut on the 10th. I get home from Thanksgiving break and find two pieces of mail from NFCU. The first one being an account upgrade notice and to lookout for a new card coming soon and that they've released the funds on hold that secured the card. The second being the new card with a $2,000 unsecured limit. I had no idea this coming. In fact, I never saw anything advising of a graduation date so I could put in more money to increase the limit before hand... oh well. How often should I ask them for a CLI? According to their FICO I'm already back in the 700 club this month as well! Should I put DW on this card? Either jointly or as an AU in order to help her profile? Or have her get her own card? She has aged accounts, but this $2K limit is the highest on any single of our cards now. EDIT: And checking Credit Karma, this new limit is already reporting on my profile. Brings my overall card utilization down and of course, increasing the FAKOs... *mindblown*
  15. OP, they won't let you do a secured card?

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