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  1. Understood DiegoC. I will just read the threads and make sure I'm following the process that has been implicitly set forth by creaditbords members like yourself
  2. My goal is to use as little of my personal credit as possible. If I have to pg I will. Inevitably I would like to get to a place where I practically fall of the globe credit wise. With all the benifits of owning a new Corp! I already have a newly created LLC. I'm patient but it's a lot of information out here and I want to make sure that yes while I'm drinking water from a fire hydrogen with the over indudated with information that I'm parsing through the right stuff! I'm patient but if there is a little quicker way I want to learn that to! I understand nothing supersedes hard work! There are always a few hacks so to say in life!
  3. @BRBiz I figured he was lying...but he didn't know I have been utilizing creditboards...lol
  4. I talked to a guy who has a newley formed business and was told that the best way to build business credit is by getting a Cpn Number, SCN Number, Tradelines, 700+ credit score...is this true false or partially both?
  5. @DiegoC & BRBiz You guys are awesome thanks for your input that put things in perspective for me! Cheers
  6. @DiegoC what I believe you're saying is that even if the company doesn't have debt/debt collectors coming after the company it doesn't make sense to buy an inactive company knowingly. I should spend my time trying to buying a company with some history but has never been inactive. I can purchase a company assets but not be liable for any of that company previous debts?
  7. Update...I've been in business now for 2 months went to ULINE online catalog bought $102.93 (taxes and shipping included) worth of items and selected the NET 30 terms. Received my email confirmation with tracking number. Will pay soon as it show up on the invoice. 👍😎 Up Next... Amsterdam Quil Seton Grainger Mcs Home Depot
  8. No way! Not at all! I'm in the preliminary phase...lol I'm just checking out what my options would be should I follow through with the purchase, but that's why I'm on this board to understand how to navigate about this process. Any advice would be very much helpful. I'm a quick learner. Is there any place I should look that would allow me the ability to keep my pennies to find out about the company?
  9. I did this and got my duns the same day! That was awesome! Funny story behind this, is that I originally about 20 days ago purchased a duns for about $320 with the promise that my duns # would be available in 5 day and that I could just view it once logged in....hahahaha..6/7 days later no duns # so I called back and asked the guy over the phone...dude what happened to my duns # and my credit profile. For the sake of privacy I will call him Joe Shmo...Joe gets on the phone and tell me well sir you don't have your number yet because what you paid for was a basic number and it will take several days to get it w/o a credit profile. I said Joe you have to be kidding, he said no! By the way...for only a limited time you can have credit builder for $699 plus tax but it's usually $1700+ I said that's ok can you refund $320 back and let's call it a day and maybe I will pick up where I left off tomorrow. Several days later here I am with a duns # that took me less than an hour to get. So great folks and expert minds of creditboards who has the list to the fastest trade accounts in the wild Wild West of this credit building process. Time to pony up and deliver a great list of net 30 net 55 or even anyone willing to extend credit to a fresher like myself?
  10. I don't... :-( how would I go about acquiring this sort of information?
  11. So I just got off the phone with one of the secretary of states divisions of corporations customer service reps and they informed me to take over an inactive corporation and essentially get all the assets (i.e; document #, EIN, incorporation history) I would first have to assess if the name is in conflict so if there is a ZOO, INC [inactive] & ZOO, LLC [active] I could still take ownership of the ZOO, INC by doing several things. First complete the form for reinstatement, pay the fee, in addition to that I would have to fill out another amendment form to immediately change the name slightly (ZOO INC, INC) and pay that filling fee at the same time Im requesting the reinstatement. After the above is complete I would need to change the name of the owners, registrar, address etc. at that point i would own the company and its history, assets, ein, dnb number, etc.
  12. The question I have is that if a Corp has been inactive for a couple of years is it possible to take over ownership of that Corp just by paying the owed taxes and other fees necessary to bring it back into active status. With this particular Corp my understanding is that the owner/registrar is no longer living. Is it possible to take over ownership in the state of Florida, if I pay to get it out of inactive status?

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