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  1. I have a house that is around 250K. I owe 100K on it but I have other bills such as IRS, Business loans, and personal creidt cards I want to pay off. I also own 3 houses in C-Corp... yesh I know move it to a LLC and I will once the loan is done. (long story) I want to mortgage these as well. 1)Would it be best to put them in my name and do all 4 at one time. 2)with having a lien on the house from a credit card issue many years ago how can I handle this with who does the mortgage? As they will accept halfof the debt 3) credit is much better and in through credit monitering I am in the mid 700's. 4) we make about 110K between me and my wife and have 4 kids. 5) Can I get a 25K or so contruction loan along with the refinance to add on to the house? Thanks for you responses and please add as many options you have done yourself.
  2. safe3232, You are correct. As I know this from others. That is the reason for my question.
  3. Also do they go by calender month or rolling month before they raise a red flag. Thanks!
  4. who's underrwiting is the softest in this credit market we have now etc... I want to apply but I am no going to waste pulls. I want to got to a least two banks. Key BOA 5th3rd Chase US Bank PNC National City N/A WaMu any others as I am in the Indiana region and foreign filed in OK. Thanks!!
  5. by one of the other Business Credit Agencies? Will EXP or EQ pass them on who pulls them. I am not going to get rid of my company just due to these salamanders and start all over. Seems like I will have to rely on the other reporters for BIZ honesty in reporting. I personaly hate DNB and the BS they have pulled on my company by withholding my info and nothing is wrong with the company.
  6. is the max you would want per month to DNB? I am simply on my other BIZ's going to do that and lower. I simply don't want investigations that just bring up incorrect info which DNB seems to never get right even when you tell little guy form India 10 times the correct info. sheeesh!
  7. UPDATE: These guys are salamanders! They did research on my company said it has no filings at the location of the business. I was like have you looked at the SOS of State? LOL! We moved and it's shown in the change of address ON THE SOS SITE! I updated DNB several months ago to the move. They also noted the account because of "high inquiries" and Updates to the file. I have only given info twice and one was because we moved and the salamanders still cannot put the information down right. That is not including emails to CORRECT THEM! I have saved everytime I viewed the account and you can see the failure from one simple email they cannot get BASIC info right. We did have a few inquiries lately because of seeking funding for the business and growing it while also purchasing land we had moved to etc... We had like 5 inquiries in 2 months. Due to the idiocy of the foreign reps who can't speak english they note my account because they can't verify there constant stupidity of not getting the info right when it's ON THE SOS STATE SITES! sheessshhh! Then all the tradelines that have developed on the business are not shown either per the report sent to me. They don't have enough data o give me a score. HOW? I hate DNB! I have trade info over at least the last year!
  8. I am trying to but putting my company in the HIGH RISK category PI$$ES me off! I found out that someone that is associated with our company that deals with many others as well out of state was flagged so by some INSANE association of which he does not have any power or authoritative position in this company to make decision we got put on high risk! I asked them and they said well it's was for you protection. I asked then WHY not call me vs locking me out of my account. I have excellent credit and it ticks me off these guys get away with this.
  9. I have one and they said you have to mail it in there is no online payment system etc... When I heard this I laughed and told them that was insane! The largest freaking retailer in America and they don't have a online business payement option and I have to go back 15 years and MAIL the payment in! Pathetic!
  10. Said they could not verify something. I have have been listed for almost a year have excellent credit rating and over 14 reporting. I received a call last week someone wanting to talk to me about my account and ask about inquiries etc... Talked to them no big deal now file is locked and I now have to call someone else. This is BS! I hate them!
  11. ABUSSART.... I totaly agree they do need to be protected as I wish I would have been years ago. Again I am not giving a recommendation as I have to see if this works for him before I would even say they are legit. Being legit is the very beginning of doing business not a automatic. Money gets in peoples minds and caution goes out the window.
  12. Orange you can jump this guy all you want but my friend who did hire there services is about to go into the funding phase now and is working daily with them so take it for what it's worth. Would I go through them? I doubt it as the beginning was a little rough for me especially after reading others on here but it all matters about the end result really. As I said again all he does is have to get his brother who is way up in the FBI if anything goes wrong. Is ###### legit? So far they have been but a little slow and poor customer service. Did not hit the target times as they said etc... So who knows on the rest but we will see and I will keep you posted.

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