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  1. Was there a collections added?? When this happened to me it was because a collections was added back on so i had to dispute it off again.
  2. i moved and never got notice about this. Otherwise i would have paid it... so i tried to dispute that I moved and did not receive court documents. So i paid as soon as i learned about it. paid in full. I really could not tell you if dates are wrong... but it came back verified. They would not delete it. if i pull this in my Courts for allen county it shows that on 8/17/10 as mail unserved then they tried garnishment with wrong employer.. i payed this bill when i started process of buying a house because it was on my credit report so i paid it in full 9/24/10... so never got the notice of
  3. showing it was in February 2016. I do not think i tried to dispute it again. Because I keep all my letters and don't show another one.
  4. Any incorrect info with how it reports? And have you requested MOV? No I have not .... so just say i want to dispute and when they ask reason just Method of Verification??
  5. I have disputed my paid PR in the past so I called and EX still would not delete it.... so what reason should i use?? I am going to try calling in again. Its due to fall 3/2017 person i spoke to said i could call in February to get it removed. Ideas anyone???
  6. i just called and they would not even let me dispute it because I already tried. Told me soonest would be in February... grrrr!!
  7. revolving credit and 0% financing... I absolutely love it!! NO INTEREST SOLD ME!!!
  8. Hey thats better than nothing!!! Good job.. I am waiting till next month for more increases... helps my FICO score tremendously!!!!
  9. Get rid of First premier its NO Good!! You will build on Cap1 qs1 after 3rd statement cuts you can press luv button for first CLI and they will also give auto cli after the 5th cuts. PIF every month. My suggestion spend as much as you can pif ... the higher the better... it increases your chances of higher CLI.
  10. They did this to my husband so we called and explained and they deleted it right on the spot. Wont hurt to try.
  11. Citi is very hard to get a CLI. I have been with them since April 2013.. prolly 20+ denials. Finally in May I got an email for an Auto CLI from 2000 to 3000. It only took 3 years and I never carry a balance on my card. PIF every month my scores are decent. I have been told by CB that you are more likely to be approved for a new card with Citi than a CLI. Oh boy hasn't that been the truth.
  12. Well that's a bummer.. I called as well about my Platinum that I opened 2012. They upgraded to reg QS no annual fee 1.5% cash back. Once I pay my accounts off I will be combining as now they are the same card. But i owe a small balance which will be paid off this month. So i will be upgrading it.
  13. I really wish I could combine my Platinum with my new Venture Rewards (previously Quicksilver One) for a nice $10k limit, but the Plat is my oldest Cap1 account and I don't want to take a hit by closing it. Damn! That's my issue too!! But thinking about taking the hit cause I have another just a couple months older maybe it won't do too much damage.
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