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  1. When WinnDixie 86'd FRN and switched to Plenti, I quit shopping there. FRN was decent, I usually got 2-9%. Plenti wasnt even 1%... useless program!
  2. Yup.. bad choice for a color for them FWIW, I am apparently on the Sync blue envelope list forever.. Got one.. I closed all of my accts, they can FOAD before Ill send info to LN. Opned another acct 6 months later. Blue envelope within 2 weeks of opening. OK enough of this crap (happened again 3 months after that, I just HAD to test the limits) Opened business accts with Amazon and a Sams business MC 2 months ago. No blue envelope.. LOL!! ANd the accts arent reporting to my personal reports either.. Guess there is a workaround if you really want a Sams MC
  3. Fltireguy

    5/3 Trio

  4. You should be fine for an approval on Firestone - I would expect $700 SL.. As far as NTB - thatll probably be a denial. The only upside to the NTB card is that it is also accepted at ExxonMobil locations as well REMEMBER - Firestone, and NTB will beat ANY onine or local competitor on the same item
  5. MidFlorida THINKS that they are a bank, and they market themselves as one.. Perhaps thats why the reporter thinks its a bank.. They advertise as a bank, they look like a bank.. Hence, if it quacks like a duck, it must be a duck...
  6. Where do you live? If you are within their footprint, Synovus has the Travel Rewards Visa... 5% on ALL travel and travel related
  7. You agreed to let the first bank sell, or assign the loan when you signed the documents. Its in there, I am positive
  8. LOL!! I think between the 3 CRA's I have a total of 220 inq. I'm not kidding. But, I have no issue with getting decent approvals either.. Gardening starting 1/1/18 for most of the year. I figure I'll garden for 8-9 months, and then I can get in with Citi (Costco), and US Bank..
  9. My brand spanking new, Synovus Travel Rewards visa... $7K SL 0% APR 1st 6 months with no fee 0%BT AND a 8.24% APR on the card I'm almost impressed with the APR!!! Pulled EQ8@727. a million new accts and 80+ inq reporting...
  10. Email from BB&T saying my Spectrum app was approved
  11. I have the WS store card.. I find a lot of value in the 5%..PLUS its @$13,050 CL.. growing by $1500/month lately

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