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  1. I’m guessing that your credit is somewhat less than good and thus the ranting.
  2. Don’t bring shit from another forum here, whether you’re a mod there or not. I assure you Marv is not taking it personally. He’s telling you this kind of BS isn’t going to happen here.
  3. I hope your offer of help was to do so within this or another thread so all can see. Please keep in mind we do not allow soliciting on this site. Thank you.
  4. I’ll ask Pam if she’ll return it to the way it was.
  5. So does confirmation of Joseph. He thinks he had us fooled
  6. Did he get into a fight with..eh.. ? I don't want to say the name but he is powerful here. LOL If you're referring to me, the answer is no. I don't fight with everyone, only troublemakers.
  7. Don't EVER send anything that confirms anything to any CRA. That will only serve to cement the negative tradeline to your reports for the full 7 years allowed.
  8. So, you're saying that filing bankruptcy was a horrible mistake on your part and someone else has been cleaning up your messes ever since? Cause that's not what I hear from most people who have gone through BK. Did you really say that??? Your an I-D-I-O-T go GFY! Do you just want me to tell you that its OK to let your daughter walk away from her obligations rather than find a solution. Be a parent and help her find a solution instead of condoning her walking away without trying to solve her problems first. You are hurting your daughter not helping her. I didn't ask
  9. And you sound like a douche bag that is clueless.
  10. You'll probably want to block/ignore PotO as it's one of his most common replies. He's even received "Reputation" points for it. So, if you're offended by such things CB may not be for you. Reputation points for calling someone a liar? I don't think so and now you are calling our credibility into question. Keep referring people to MF and suggesting CB isn't for them and we'll give you a suggestion. It is apparent you dislike this site. Why do you stay?
  11. Since no one responded to my offer, I will assume that all the back and forth shenanigans will cease?
  12. Wow, what a surprise!! How have you been?
  13. You know what? I've taken a vacation from here for a couple of months. Upon my return I've seen the most childish crap going on between several members here. I find it totally disgusting and disappointing to see grown people act like 10 year olds. What the hell is the major problem? I am giving each of you the chance the spill the beans.. Get it out, get it in the open. And if you don't, then stop the petty kid stuff.
  14. Until you officially close on the mortgage, I would not be apping for anything.
  15. Its all relative if your used to being outside in 100 degree weather 80 feels great. Same as getting used to working in the cold for hours makes 60 feel warm. In the spring I start out setting my tstat low at 74 and gradually work it up to 78 80 as summer progresses. Same with winter, this winter I started at 68 and worked it down to 60 or so by the end. I get the opposite for some reason in a lot of peoples houses they want it 70 in the summer and 75 in the winter, makes no sense to me. Makes perfect sense to me. I set my thermostat at 75 in the summer, maybe 74. In AZ, when you come
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