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  1. I guess just keep paying my bills on time, ask for CLI's every 6 months or whenever I can, wait for the few baddies to age off, and maybe refinance the house if rates go lower? lol I don't know. Just having the ability to go somewhere and buy something on credit with a good rate is good enough for me right now.
  2. When I started my most recent credit repair journey about 2 years ago, my scores where in the mid 500's or less. I couldn't get approved for anything and really almost got the point where I was going to say screw credit, I'll just pay cash for everything. Well, my wife had a different plan for me. She had a mother who taught her about money at an early age and how to properly use credit to her advantage. I saw how easy it was for her to walk in and buy a new car and not have to worry about if she would get approved or not. She got to focus on getting the best deal possible for the options she wanted. It kind of opened my eyes and really helped getting me over this hurdle that has been holding me back in my life. I have been off and on credit boards over the past 5ish years and knew that if I really wanted to get right then I had to put into action everything I had read on here, so I got to work. I've gotten almost all the baddies off of my reports and just have 2 that will age off in the next year, I've gone from $500 in available credit to over 100k, I've opened accounts with Citi, Capital One, Sync, Barclays, and my new favorite AMEX, I've been able to get a 60k truck at 3% interest rate, I've made back over $5k in points and cashback, and most importantly I've gone from scores in the low to mid 500's to now 700! I hope to keep going and get them all over 700, but to just see that number is proof to me that all my work has been worth it. Thanks to everyone here who answers questions and puts out good information. I wouldn't have been able to do it without everyone here on CB, so thank you! Next stop 800!
  3. Im not refusing. I ALREADY HAVE MY PAPER REPORTS FROM THE END OF LAST YEAR. Ive said it 3 times now. The information is being report the same on myfico as it is on the paper reports. Since you guys cant seem to get past me needing paper reports just imagine I never posted myfico screen shots. Omni and Pioneer both report as Charge offs every month.
  4. I've gotten them from the CRA's in the past and they report the exact same way. Not always. Get the paper reports (not downloadable). I'm telling you, I got my paper reports at the end of last year and they report the same way. I'm not guessing and I'm not new to this. The only reason I posted screen shots from MyFico is because it will give someone who actually wants to be helpful an idea of what is being reported. Telling me to get my paper reports is not being helpful.
  5. I've gotten them from the CRA's in the past and they report the exact same way.
  6. So over the past two years here on Creditboards Ive been able to get my reports almost completely clean with the exception of two creditors that I honestly am not sure how to deal with. They are both military lending companies (Pioneer and Omni) that I got loans from in August and November of 2012. I wasn't the smartest and went into defaulted with them out after I got out of the military and they weren't being paid from my check. So they show as charge offs on all three reports (I have reports directly from the credit agencies as well as Myfico, which I am enrolled in their 3b service) and I'm not sure really what my plan of attack should be to get them removed other then waiting for them to fall off. But, as you can see below they post as 90+ days late every month so every time I app for something new they get brought up as if they are something that happened yesterday. I really have no interest in paying them since they are basically predatory lending to young enlisted personnel. But I also don't want to get sued either by trying to make them go away. They handle their collections in house as far as I'm aware, so I doubt they will be sold off to a collection agency or JDB. Should I just wait for these to age off? Or maybe there's another way? Just looking for some guidance here. Thanks for all of the information I've read and gained from here so far! I started in the bottom 500's and have since gotten up to the high 600's with a house at 4%, a truck at 2% and many revolving account with limits over 50k because of this board. I know I can get into the 700's if I get these two removed.
  7. Here's the page with instructions if you have Comcast Xfinity https://www.xfinity.com/support/internet/opt-out-comcast-ads/
  8. Forgot to add all three scores around 680 according to MyFico
  9. So I thought I'd give our local credit union here in Jacksonville a shot, Vystar Credit Union. They were running a 2.99% no fee Balance transfer deal right now and I also have my truck loan with them. APPROVED!!! :swoon: FOR $15,000 limit on their Visa Signature Rewards plus (their travel card) This is by far my biggest starting limit and definitely my biggest non store card limit.
  10. Any news from Amex CLI request? https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=586474 Now that's a healthy bump! How's this compare to your other limits? I have these: Nfcu cash rewards9.2k Cap one qs 5.5k Amex BCE 2k Lowe's 17k Amazon 4k Walmart 6k Home depot 3k And my scores are EQ 659 TU 681 EX 679
  11. Marvel Mastercard - $1500 -> $8000 Requested $15000 and they countered with 8k. Sounds good to me!
  12. AMEX BCE $1k -> $2k was looking for the full 3x but still happy with an increase.
  13. How has his pay been "messed up" five times in the past year? DFAS doesn't just mess up when it comes to pay.....and if they do it's normally overpaying and then taking that money back, rarely underpaying. Is your husband enlisted or officer?

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