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  1. OK I called my bank Ive requested a break down for all the closing cost and total of my pocket. Its going to be $6888 Ive decided to go with an 80% and 15 % the 40% is at 4% fixed the 15% is 6.75 fixed no pre payment penalty .I will pay No PMI putting 5% down I could put more But Ive decided not too Thats the deal Very excited
  2. My income is not a problem even with both mortgages including my both cars. I am under 32%.I make 17k a month I want a lower interest and No PMI and NO closing cost
  3. I called another credit union today she sent me an estimate based on my credit score here is the break down She said I can get 4% but estimated closing cost is about $7746 LOAN COSTS A ): Origination charges $ 720 % of loan amount ( points) courier fee $30 lender verification fee $375 processing fees$150 transcript fees $40 underwriting fees $100 wire fee $25 Service you cannot shop for $705 Appraisal fee $450 credit report $25 flood verification $10 loan docs preparation $125 Tax Service $95 C:) Service you can shop for $2185 Title closing fee $200 title closing protection letter $40 title courier/wire/delivery/Recording service fee $125 title lenders title insurance $1045 title Pud,mineral,ect endorsement $75 title-tile binder/update $125 title-title search/exam $275 total cost $3610 other costs: E Taxes and other government fees : $233 recording fees and other taxes transfer taxes $232 transfer taxes $1 F:Prepaids $1171 homeowner insurance premium (12 months $960 mortgage insurance premium ( months prepaid interests $30k per day for 7 days @4% property taxes $211 it calculates cash to close total closing cost $7746 closing cost financed paid from loan amount $0 adjustments and other credit $- 5935 also another option she mentioned is to do an 80% loan to value an then 2nd @15%. with slightly higher interest this option will avoid a PMI She said she can save me about $100 a month on this option So what do you guys think ? Its almost $300 of saving from my original credit union at 4.5 % with them but Their closing cost without ins other fees was $2500 any inputs Thanks
  4. Good news I went to my credit union today they pulled my score I was approved. My scores are as follows EQ is 700 EXP is 681 TRANS is 680 She said they use the middle score. I got approved based on my income I make 17k a month I can even keep my house until I sell it. I am qualified for 4.5 % for 30 years. I was going put 30k down put it doesn't change my payment that much I will put 15k down. She said the closing cost is about $ 2500. I am happy . What do you guys think?
  5. Hi I need to purchase this house since the person I am purchasing from needs to sell it ASAP. I currently have a mortgage .I need a second mortgage then I will sell this house once I move. I can afford 2 mortgages but I don't know which bank. I owe 140k right now the house I am buying is 285k, Someone told me I can get a bridge loan until I sell my house. can anyone can tell how this would work? By the way a friend of mine works at prime lending he's asking $3800 for the closing cost kind high I believe. my scores are : EXP 701 TRANS 696 EQ 698 If this will help what rate Am I expecting with these scores ? These are the true FICO scores I have no idea how to proceed. Please help
  6. Hi We've found a perfect house we wanted ,since Ive been working on my credit since 2015 Ive improved my score tremendously . I have couple of questions . What rate Am I looking at ? My true Score from credit score limit EXP 701, ON EQ 698 ,Trans is 696 I made an offer for $284k accepted it from 295k My mortgage is currently 1200 I want to move in now and sell my house later. I have a friend that works at prime lending. But I am not sure what rate Am I looking at ? He asked me to send him My W2s 2015 & 2016 2 Current pat stubs 3-2 months bank statements. Any idea about a prime lending bank I am thinking to go to my credit union to do this loan instead Any inputs will greatly be appreciated . I believe my DTI is fine since my income is good. He also told me cloning cost will be $3000 to $3800 includes appraisal title fees recording of the mortgage is this fair ? How much do I need to put down to avoid paying PMI ? Do I need to put down 20% ? Thanks
  7. Hi, I am planning to use my credit card its a Marriott Chase to get some points. This purchase is going to be around $5000 . I have a question should I pay it after the statement has been released ? I want chase to report it to 3 credit reports first , then pay it in full leaving $2 . Let me know whats the best option. Thank you
  8. Because you can get better rewards with other cards. If you have prime credit and use credit cards, you might as well get the most in return for your spending. +1Which one ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Why does it suck ? do you have it ? First time I've used it it was yesterday, for me to get a 10k after a 2 yrs of rebuilding thats awesome. Like I said 2 years ago I could only get $300 limit. I love Costco
  10. No thanks I am done with credit cards, I am happy with the ones Ive got . No they are not free you got to pay back your debt , Another year I will reach 800 score . My goal is 840 .
  11. Thanks,I know I am qualified for a mortgage up to 850K, I don't need anymore credit cards I am happy with all Ive got. I don't need them . Thanks for all your replies
  12. Hi I remember in July 2015 Ive started my journey with a miser 585 credit score Ive started with a Cap1 credit card gave me a $300 limit ..really ? But I took it. 6 months later gave me 500 limit . I didn't even want to ask for a credit limit I believe 8 months later Ive decided to call them they gave me $1500. I also have a Cap1 Silver Master card I applied 1 year later gave me $2000.. Now my 1st card has $4500 my silver has a $5000 Then I just applied for Citi I love Costco,I spend close 10k a year specially during Christmas . They gave me $9500 I'm an executive member since 2008. Then I applied for discover it gave me $6500 My chase unlimited has been increased from $500 to $5500 Last night Ive decided to apply for Marriot card because I travel a lot Chase gave me $5000 limit.. Things are looking good my score is 716 . But It has to do with my income I make over 200k a year this year I will be close to 250k. I pay my credit cards every week. Is this going to increase my score with all my credit cards increase ? But I did see my score dropped 6 points From Experian and TU and EQ. I am about to buy a house also in couple of months Should I wait until my score goes up to 760 ? Thanks
  13. I have a chase already unlimited,I am done with credit cards . I wouldn't open any more credit cards I see people here have 10-15 cards thats insane and I make great $$, But thanks for all your inputs I appreciated
  14. Should I transfer the balance to discover or Citi banks then?
  15. Hi I was thinking to transfer a balance from Master card to probably to a Chase or to my discover It Ive just got. This cap1 card is a master card ,my first card when I ve started busting my credit in 2015. If I transfer the entire balance which is $4500 is it going to close the card ? Ive called Cap1 they upgraded my silver card to no annual fee. They told me we can transfer your balance but this card will be closed . Is it going to hurt my credit if I close the oldest card? By the way Ive started with this card as a secured card back in July 2015 they gave me $300 limited then 3 months later they increased me to $500 didn't ask for CL 8 months later they gave me $1500 one yr later I got $4500. I used to have 550 score I am 716 Ive been approved for CITI card from Costco for $9500 Discorve it for $6500 Cap1 silver I have a $5000 increase from $2000 Doing great paying your bills is all about .

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