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  1. Poor Granny... Sweet and innocent just trying to buy groceries to make a delicioua dinner for ALL her critics!
  2. Global Entry Card and BIG package from Adam & Eve 😇
  3. Ive always heard if you BK Macys you would be hard pressed to get back in with them. Ive also heard if you pay them what you bk'd they may issue you a small cl. I bk'd Macys in 2011. I had their store and Amex cards and bk'd them for over $7k. I like their sales and discounts you get with their card so i decided to to apply and see what they said tonight. I was instanly approved for $500. Might be worth a try now... maybe they have loosened up due to poor sales?
  4. Update.... My partner applied tonight in store and was approved for $7000 also. He had a bk discharged 2 yrs and 11 months ago. Ive rebuilt his credit galore! Were 2 for 2. If u have a bk and good history since dc, Id give it a try.
  5. Nords still says yes or no. I burned them in a Bk in 2011. I tried for one last year when TD was the issiuer and they said no due to a previous account that was bk'd. Save the inquirey!!!!
  6. I joined Costco tonight and applied for their new card with Citi. Was instantly approved for $7000 and i have a bk 7 showing on all reports that was dc'd in 12/2011. Dont know who they pulled but my Ficos are EXP 691, TU and EQ 674. Massive rebuilding since bk and perfect pay history. Might be worth a try for the bk group.
  7. Can tou do this w/o having a business?
  8. its good for the 5% off IF you shop there. My card was stuck at $500 for years and they bumped it to $700 woo hoo. Id keep it if it served a regular purpose for you, if not then let em close it. you could always ask for a cli...which they are notorious for saying they dont take requests... and if they say no, you can close it and the limit will show as $300. thats better than then choping in to a $200 limit then letting them close it imho.
  9. Ive never understood the mutliple payments a month. I understand it for keeping utl low but numerous payments is ridiculous. IMHO that just draws attention to the account. And someone even said they pay after each purchade "because of being scared of debt". Use a debit card then!
  10. If you think first class was exciting, wait till you join the mile high club!
  11. No...bk too soon and they arent bk friendly
  12. Gypsee


    My recent relationship is a few months. I did have a card in 2006 that I closed in good standing. My BCE card says member since 2016 and online it says 2006. When the Platinum card came it has 2006 on it.
  13. Gypsee


    Im in the same boat. I opened my $15k BCE on 10/8 and have used it heavily and paid in full. I currently owe $600. On 12/9 I can ask for a cli. I opend a Platinum card in the last two weeks and have almost met the $3k spending requirement. Im a lil scared to ask for the 3x increase to $45k on the BCE in fear of FR. My income can support a cl of $25k. I have a $32k cap one card. What would you do?
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