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  1. My Venture took until its second statement to report. thanks. so far its been 3 weeks since I've been approved. nothing yet
  2. Hey Brian, I went to your site, I wanted to know if when you mean fico score min of 620 do you mean the mortgage scores from myFICO? or the FICO 8 score? I'd like to submit for pre approval.
  3. lshin

    NACA vs FHA

    The benefits of NACA seem to be awesome no denying it. Just slow painful process. Please check my file! I would love your opinion Tim! bump! bump
  4. I just got approved for $3k friday! anyone know when the account will start showing on credit reports?
  5. thanks I didn't mean to. I can't delete it now. also I had a question about opting out of lexis nexus, is that possible?i went to your links but it looks like its for ordering reports not opting out.
  6. Account name CREDIT Account number Recent balance Not reported Date opened 03/2013 Status Paid, Closed. XXXAddress identification number XXX Original creditor XXX Type Collection Terms 1 Months Credit limit or original amount Not reported High balance $0 Monthly payment $0 Recent payment amount Not reported Date of status 11/2015 First reported 04/2013 Responsibility Individual Reinvestigation information This item remained unchanged from our processing of your dispute in Feb 2016. Account history
  7. how do you freeze LN? Ive already opted out but didn't know i could freeze too!
  8. I was wondering if when you apply for credit whether the inquiry the creditor does factor into the score that they see. Or does it only factor into the next creditors score?
  9. If by some act of God Capital one did this. ..it would reage the debt and screw you horribly I didn't think they would, just curious to see if it was possible to get this off earlier. its the only thing left holding me back from pre approval. I won't even ask though! lol You got me scared!
  10. I have a very old capital one charge off for $760. It is scheduled to be deleted by June of this year. I have disputed obsolete numerous times without success. I would like to apply for a home loan sooner than June. I recently opened a new capital one card with a $3k limit. If i called capital one and asked them to maybe transfer the balance to my new card do you think they would and delete the old? How about if I offered to PFD? I was told they won't do PFDs. Any suggestions?

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