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  1. Just walked into Sam's Club and applied for the no PG MC. Got approved for $10k. My DNB has 16 TL with a 10k high.
  2. That worked, $2400 on its way, but using only my partial address.
  3. Can anyone confirm if they report to all 3?
  4. I've gotten nothing and I can't seem to get the $1200 stimulus either so far.
  5. NAV 39.99 a month plan reports, and eCredable $9.99 will report next month.
  6. It appears eCredable has deleted the Experian field and replaced it with DNB. I'm assuming their partnership is going through where they will report utility TL'S. They are still in trial mode with Equifax, but my six utility accounts have already posted there. I hope they work things out with Experian moving forward.
  7. This one is pretty friendly, personal and business credit check on Experian. You'll need some decent personal credit and decent trade lines to get it, but the process is quite quick. https://www.pnc.com/en/small-business/borrowing/business-lending.html?WT.mc_id=SBL_Offline_0001 Bankers are knowledgeable and make the process smooth...need one bank statement and possible tax return if the rest is weak.
  8. It's a barrier to do business, designed to prevent terrorism, but in reality how does that extra step create any benefit for anyone.
  9. Yes, you are required to provide beneficial ownership if anyone owns more than 25% of a company. If all ownership is less than 25% then you can skip that step. You'll still need to PG cash lines of credit either way.
  10. I've setup a division in every state that we do business in. Under Quill I was able to add them as different businesses under my main profile and each received a different Quill account number upon placing an order. Besides also setting them up under NAV, they should have 2 trade-lines reporting relatively quickly. This is an easy way to use an existing credit relationship from the parent and boost the division simultaneously.
  11. I just added one of my divisions to my NAV and it appears someone elses credit lines are reporting on DNB only, nothing else on Exp or Equifax. The tradelines are as follows $15k, $15k, $70k, and $65k with a 79 paydex. I'd like to either do Home Depot or Lowes--does anyone know if they pull DNB only or who does?
  12. You can use your registered agents address too. And yes, you will piss somebody off at sometime in your line of business.
  13. I wouldn't recommend using your home address. Someone you have a disagreement with may show up there...happened to me.
  14. I just went on Equifax. It appears my 5 tradelines showed up. I know this because I used a different business address and now have two profiles :). Anyone know who I have to call to merge them?
  15. So I signed up for eCredable after seeing it on the NAV site. I added about 5 utility accounts to it and they pulled 24 months of good pay history. They are under review to report to Experian and will report next month to Equifax. So by next month I'll have 5 new solid tradelines reporting including the eCredable subscription which is $9.99 a month. https://business.ecredable.com/
  16. Does anyone have the link for equifax’s business search?
  17. I don’t think this matters too much anymore. Gone are the days where the bank made a rationale about how a wire attached to a wall that goes ring ring somehow makes them more likely to pay. I say get a virtual number that also allows facing. Cheapest option is the best. I don’t have a fax number—I use whatever’s free online. I use TD Ameritrade brokerage account for my checking. I can deposit checks, get a free debit card and checks for my LLC brokerage account and of course I receive interest and can buy stocks that pay dividends which shows revenue.
  18. Does anyone know how to check their DNB report? I've tried iUpdate but it seems to have been retired.
  19. It's a business, but what will we benefit by having a strong business credit file other than opening office supply accounts?
  20. I would say at least 3 for 90 days before you dabble at any harder ones. What I did was setup 3 Cap 1 Sparks credit cards which instantly reported large balances to all 3 agencies. Got approved for 10k and did a 10k job which took me 3 months to pay off. But the 10k high limit posted asap which made getting approved for all of the others much easier. Does anyone know if there are any credit applications that ask if you have a parent company? I have several disregarded entities I'd like to build credit for and piggy back off of the parent.
  21. So once we have achieved great credit through suppliers; what can we actually do with business credit? Will it help us get cash loans or better customers?
  22. My experience with their business bankers is that they know nothing of business, how a business is formed, how that the SOS isn't a police force for LLC's and yes there are states that do not list the members or managers on the SOS website; gosh forbid you come in with one of those -- took Alan Barker like 1.5 years to tell me he couldn't open an account for me. Went to a different branch and they opened the account in minutes.

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