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  1. I don’t see any inquiry on my credit report. The interest rate is 4% over six months with an 18% APR.
  2. DNB restored my profile. QB approved me for $15,000 with a six-month payback period. The current credit score is 660 with about 12-accounts showing on my DNB. I was told that as I build a history the credit lines with QB can be larger and for longer terms. I also was approved for $5500 through Amazon today.
  3. I have not applied. Some F tard at DNB wiped out our entire profile because he couldn’t find our company on a random SOS website and did a google search for our company name to find our phone number. The random number google gave him was disconnected. So now I’m waiting for DNB to restore everything. I will report back once I apply. Documentation galore.
  4. It looks like I can set up divisions in iupdate at DNB. What would be the benefit of setting up divisions through DNB?
  5. I use qB online and they recently have a new lending function I've noticed. They look through your QB and pull DNB to give lines up to 100k. There is a soft pull on personal and they report to Experian. Interest rates as low as 3.8%.
  6. I'd like to know also. Since 2009 nobody at any branch knows anything about business loans nor do they know how to read financial statements.
  7. They are insanely stupid. How does this man have 13 years experience and know so little. He kept wanting to know how do you verify the members of the SOS doesn't post it online. I told him operating agreement - Bus Law 101 dude.
  8. Thanks I have him applying followed by a sponsor. Do you know how their commercial loans work? I don't like to get the CLC and a commercial loan.
  9. It is now official two weeks since I've tried opening a business checking account with WF. The pleb banker was touting his 13 year experience opening up bank accounts. Unfortunately he's poorly trained and amazingly knows very little. At the current moment WF online banking can't open an account and is referring me to the branch and the banker of 13 years doesn't know how to open up an account for an out of state LLC. I have 100k to open an account and need a line of credit and sorry Wells Fargo your brain dead bankers won't be getting any of that.
  10. I need 25k to close another real estate deal. I'm having zero luck opening an account with Wells Fargo because of our two tier llc. I don't want to be on account but they are requiring me to be. My operating agreement states members can't open accounts only managers or appointed treasurers. This is too hard for Wells Fargo to understand. My father is was in the Army from 76-80, can he join and sponsor me? And will Navy require all members to join or can we have only one manager on account?
  11. Business cc debt is $380.00. It boils down to not having an account with them. I'm going to get my CC's down to zero and open an acct then reapply. Wish bankers weren't so useless not knowing about their products.
  12. We were denied. 723 FICO, 203K in revenue with $115k in income. Reason no relationship and too high debt to credit? None are above 10% on any of my cards. I do have $500,000 in real estate debt, but that wasn't an issue. Kind of disappointed, the app sat on the desk of the underwriter for 3 weeks untouched.
  13. We have 115,000 in revenue. Will this work or will they look for more.

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