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  1. even if have to load them all with 500 its w.e. i will no worries ❤️
  2. Thank you for the information. What advise do you have on website? Thanks .
  3. The transaction was for an offshore forex broker offering 3000x leverage. I was young and viewed it as a decent way to make multiply my potential. The scam was fairly sophisticated but not over the top 1) was using shady processor that will push essentially any transaction (weve all seen these chinese-type processors). But with fraud crackdown from visa and mastercard which are ultimately usa entitys even these slicksters are forced to get documents to push the transactions. which is where the scam comes into play 2) upon depositing it was not actualy leverage in the ma
  4. Dear Hedge, We have been approved to bid on government contracts. The ultimate goal is to expand credit profile as quickly as possible. hope this helps. If not lmk and ill try to rephrase in better detail tomorrow. We have some contracts to bid on gtg. ❤️
  5. admin im going to repost in the stickys since they get more hits. if this is a problem just remove but please dont
  6. i dont understand why it would be a joke? It's very detailed and the site unfortunately seems to have lost a lot of traffic. Perhaps i will delete and repost in stickys
  7. yes i did intend to post in biz section. it applies mostly to my biz (also to personal). is the site okay? Unfortunately i remember it being much more active :( where did everyone go??
  8. What is the best way to send my credit card $ into my bank account? - square has been stuck doing "additional verification" for 1.5 weeks. They said it would be 1-2biz days and are not responding to emails tickets etc - venmo is screwy and rejecting my cards for some reason. And had to open 2nd acct to be the wire to bank acct, acct and well idk it just didnt like all of this for some reason even though their site says it can be done - cashapp doesnt take credit cards? - googlepay does take credit cards..? - payapal. do not have acct due to $180 being demanded o
  9. I got scammed online for over 3k. The scam was so legit I was conned into uploading my identification documents to put the transaction through. This ultimately screwed me when chase did their investigation because it shows i uploaded documents. I tried to explain this to chase but they were unresponsive and didnt seem to want to deal with the issue at hand. I am wondering if what is the best thing to do? My Credit score tanked to sub 600. I need to get this off my report asap. Any suggestions? If I challenge etc plz link me to the thread on how to do that. Thank you and god bless.
  10. for example 10 cards are open with $500 limit. Instead of wiring $500 to each card for $5,000 total. It still reports the same (better) like you have ten cards if you wire 500 to first then wire down the line and complete a "circle" rinse and repeat? Thanks
  11. I cant get a small business loan to save my life. If I was starving in the street, and I have been before, it would simply be easier and more effective from time-value standpoint to just post up at local walmart traffic chokepoint and beg for cash.
  12. hello everyone and thank you in advance for all of the continued assistance! happy news today had 2 entitys approved for wells fargo secured $500. I have some questions some are a little off base from subject line but ultimately lead back to what i need with these cards. cash is night new business going strong! Spiraling upward! Weeeeeee! 1) I am planning to wire $500 to the first entitys secured card, then liquidate this $500 to send to the other entity. So i have $1,000 in secured credit reporting but have only funded with $500, effectively cutting my funding in half.
  13. Hello and it's good to be back. Long time no see Anyway was away from office for a while. Long story. Is capital one spark any good? I don't mind PG'ing but my credit score is shaky right now. I'm below 600 due to a scam and chase not ruling in my favor (posting in another thread for help on that pretty certain I can get it resolved with right guidance). I have been capone personal customer for many years although my CL is not to high I think it's $2k. My entity does have DNB number but no paydex score. Honestly capone site for spark is super scammy and le
  14. You have so many posts and so much rep. please do not interpret my question as challenging you. 1) i thought their was a way to then write off the w2 money in some fashion as expenses since you are reinvesting it back into company with long experation dates. allowing you to write off taxes for things such as gas, food, rent taxes on your w2 job which you normally could not?? because the money is getting passed directly to company stock w.o. you touching it? Then you are taxed on capital gains at a later date? idk if this makes sense. im very tired and havong trouble focusing
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