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  1. I don't come here very often anymore, but I had to log on and express my heartfelt thanks to everybody here that has helped me over the years. Yesterday, I received the loan approval for my first home! Seriously, I am about to cry when I think about how long a journey it took to get here and how much you all taught me. The loan officer said to me that she's been doing this for forty years and has rarely seen a credit profile as clean as mine. I truly believe that I'd never have gotten to this place in my life without you guys! There are no words for the overwhelming sense of gratitude
  2. Update: thanks so much to everyone for their help! I got a call within hours of e-mailing the EO. No CLI, but they re-opened my account with the same age and account history and I got a PC to a Quicksilver card with rewards and no annual fee!
  3. Not a FICO. No, Experian doesn't play with FICO anymore. But this thread isn't the "do not pay for FICO scores" thread, it's the "do not pay for credit scores" thread, right? Is Experian not a credit score? Experian worked out a deal with FICO a while back. OK, didn't know that...shows you how often I bother buying my credit scores!!! LOL I think the ones in my signature block might be the last time I purchased them.
  4. Not a FICO. No, Experian doesn't play with FICO anymore. But this thread isn't the "do not pay for FICO scores" thread, it's the "do not pay for credit scores" thread, right? Is Experian not a credit score?
  5. I get a free EXP score once a month with my U.S. Bank credit card.
  6. Citi and Chase are two separate companies entirely. I have been having GREAT success with U.S. Bank, and my score hovers just around where yours is, OP. Opened my first card with them around 2008 or 2009 and have since gotten tons of CLIs on the first card and then a Visa Signature FlexPerks out of the blue. I just got a 0% BT offers for TWO YEARS on the first card and moved about $5K over to that card! Whoo hoo! I'll tell you, the first great success I had in getting a big credit line when beginning to rebuild was with CareCredit. I had a bunch of cards with toy limits at the time
  7. Sage advice from the master! I have to admit I spent HOURS reading here before I began my repair journey about ten years ago now, and I can't tell you how much I have learned from all of you!
  8. Thanks to all who replied. I sent an e-mail to the contact y'all provided today. We'll see what he has to say. It's no big loss if they don't do anything, but I want him to know that their crappy customer service is chasing away long-time customers who are financially solid. I'm happy to keep giving my lurve to U.S. Bank, Union Bank, Glendale Area Schools Federal Credit Union and even BofA.
  9. SteveinWA, thanks, that is helpful. Is it the AAA Member Rewards or some other variation from BofA?
  10. OK, thanks to all for the input. I think I will leave the card as is, especially since I already have the U.S. Bank siggy card.
  11. Thanks for the replies. My APR is fixed. The terms of the offer explain that it is a "no preset spending limit" card that will be treated as a revolving line, if that helps any.
  12. So, I've had this AAA card through BofA for about eight years and it's one of my lowest APRs. I got an e-mail offer to convert it to an AAA Member Rewards Visa Signature card. They claim all account terms will remain the same other than the cash back rewards being added. Because of the low APR, this card is one of the ones where I have parked a balance that I am paying off. However, I've been reading the threads on the board about how the BofA cards aren't reported correctly to FICO, and I am not in a position to pay off the balance on this card in full any time soon. My gut is s
  13. Thanks to all for the responses. I didn't go through the EO; I don't have a # for that dept. I did ask to speak to somebody in retention, but to no avail. I don't care whether it hurts CrapOne or not that I closed the account. This is about looking out for myself, and with scores like mine and the benefits offered to me by all my other cards (Cap1 is the ONLY one I have that even charges an annual fee and doesn't even have any rewards attached to it), the cost outweighs the benefit for a toy line like that one. They offered to "upgrade" me to some other card that had cash back, but the AP
  14. So, Capital One issued me a toy card with a $500 limit back in 1999. Some years later, through a "magic #" that I found on this board, I got a CLI to $2500. The past two years, CapOne waived the $59 annual fee without issue. This year, however, they refused to do so. Even though I pointed out I'd been a customer for 14 years with perfect payment history, they wouldn't budge, so I closed the account yesterday and will shortly be closing all our former ING Orange Accounts that transferred over to them. I said, really, REALLY, you're willing to lose a customer since 1999 over $59?
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