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  1. Experian literally updated three days ago. Transunion and Equifax updated exactly a day later. I have no clue what Innovis is doing. They have been frozen for longer than I can remember. I will pull another copy of my other reports and forward them to Credit One with an inquiry. I literally lol'ed at the flushing comment! I have been trying to hold off on closing the account until after the 1 year mark. Isn't that the recommendation around here, to let accounts age at least a year before closing if possible?
  2. Legaleagle2012, can you explain the arbitration process a little more. Do I send the copy of the demand first to Sprint and then send it to JAMS? The instructions ask for proof of service. I have the demand filled out, two copies of the agreement that was in force, and the $250, which, supposedly Sprint will also pay for me to file against them if I send a letter requesting it due to financial hardship.
  3. Account status Payment status Date closed Payment history Monthly payment Payment date Balance Credit limit Comments
  4. They have no liability even though I filed a dispute and they closed it with incorrect updates? I have disputed this account three different times. Each time, the updates have come back incorrect. The bureaus, each time, claimed to have verified the account with Credit One and updated with new but incorrect information. I sent an ITS to Credit One based on them being a furnisher of information and that is what got them to send me the letter and send a manual update on my account. The problem is that while Experian updated to reflect the correct information provided in the letter, the other two just updated with more inaccurate info. The issue is that Equifax and Transuion can't seem to provide an accurate reporting. Am I just stuck disputing over and over until it finally gets fixed? I'm just trying to figure out how to force the credit bureaus to update my credit reports with the correct information. I'm sure at this point that it is THEM that is the problem and not Credit One. I'm not familiar with the process of how or when to sue the credit bureaus. I know that you can't just fly off the handle and sue though, because then that opens the consumer up to penalties for frivolous lawsuits. I need a clear plan of attack because any mistakes could cost me.
  5. I have a situation with Credit One that I don't think I have come across before. I have an account with them that has been open for almost a year, and I haven't had any problems with them as a credit provider. I received an offer for a cash back card with no annual fee and they gave me a pretty low APR, so I took it. Fast forward to now, somehow they screwed up my credit reporting and my account was reporting just about every line item incorrectly. I got in touch with the executive team in the corporate office, and they sent me a letter confirming my account status with all of the correct information. They also told me they would submit the corrections directly to the credit bureaus so that my credit reports could be updated quickly. And they did as they said, but that's not the problem. The problem is that only one credit bureau updated my information properly, Experian. My account is reporting perfectly, and my credit score improved because of it. But, there are numerous inacurracies on Transunion and Equifax after the update. So, I don't know what to do at this point. I have the letter from Credit One confirming my account status, but the problem is with the credit bureaus. How is it possible that they submit the same information to all three but only one gets it right? Makes no sense to me. Should I send a dispute by mail and include the letter? They even updated the account to say that the dispute that I opened back in February was resolved. The account has been listed in dispute since then, but they somehow figure that it is resolved now, but it's still reporting incorrectly. Don't know if it makes a difference, but I have been keeping track of each FCRA violation by Credit One and the credit bureaus. How do I proceed here? How can I force the correct information to be reported?
  6. I've actually done a little research on Professional Finance Company, and it seems that they are both a collection agency and debt buyer. Considering the amount of the debt and the fact that my doctor's office hasn't bothered to contact me since last year, when they needed to reconfirm my insurance information, I'm going to bet that the debt was sold. For the amount my doctor billed the insurance company, I couldn't see them paying to collect on the amount of debt. The fees involved might actually end up costing them money. I'm going to send a Texas DV, and see what happens from there.
  7. I just pulled the EOB and the amount reflects my coinsurance. So, my deductible was paid, but I had a coinsurance amount remaining for my OOP maximum. I ordered my paper reports last week, and my informed delivery shows them arriving today and tomorrow. I also did the opt-out last week. So, once I make copies of the reports, should I go ahead and send the CRA disputes anyway, before I do anything dealing with the OC? Should I call them and ask if they sold the debt or if it is still in their office? I don't want to mess up my chance for an easy delete. I had intended to send a DV to the collection agency regardless, because they haven't made contact other than reporting.
  8. I have a collections account that just popped up from Professional Finance Company. The debt is valid, per my research. It is a balance remaining after my insurance paid. I haven't gotten anything about the debt, just the alert that it was reported. I have an option through my insurance provider website to pay the balance. Can I remit payment via the insurance company and then send for validation with the CA? I could literally drive to the doctor's office and pay the bill, but I think it coming direct from the insurance company might force a deletion because the insurance would be paying it on my behalf? I'm trying to get this done the quickest way possible, and they can't refuse the payment if the insurance company sends it. It's a very minimal amount, so I'm not sure if I should even pay it, as I don't know if Professional Finance is an actual collection agency or JDB. I guess I could call and ask the doctor's office if they sold off the debt. It's been over a year since the date of service. I'm unsure how to handle it, but it dinged my score for close to 50 points. Any insight on this one?
  9. I just put the finishing touches on my dispute for RPM, but I will put it on ice. I will get to work on the dispute for Sprint right away. I could write a couple of pages just trying to answer those questions. So, I think this will turn out nicely. I really need to stop overthinking things because I was looking at things a completely different way. Glad I can come to this forum to ask for advice because I really need it. Thanks.
  10. Yes, it does. It gives an address for the General Counsel, and the time span is actually 45 days before I can file. I'm having a hard time writing up this dispute letter though. I have spent so much time reading up on how to handle the collection agency that my brain is stuck on state law. Do state law violations apply in arbitration cases? I don't know what to put in my dispute other than, "I dispute this debt in its entirety and intend to file for arbitration." Can I just list that I want the debt canceled, never to be sold, and to delete all records pertaining to the account? Oh, and do I include that I will seek monetary damages if it is not resolved before my filing? I'm trying not to toe the line where I give them enough information that can be used against me to validate with the CA or the credit bureaus, but I also want to make them go away even if I have to file with JAMS.
  11. So, JAMS it is. I guess I will go ahead and prepare a dispute letter for Sprint and send it out with my RPM DV. I will post back with an update or any more questions I might have. I'm a bit nervous, but I've been reading about the success of so many other members that I also have some hope!
  12. I'm going after them under Texas laws. I do have a question, though. Sprint has updated it's TOC to be effective 9/1/20. I have a copy of the old TOC, which was applicable during the time I used them as my mobile carrier. Under the old TOC, JAMS is designated for arbitration, but as of 9/1, the designation will change to AAA. Do I have to give the notice of dispute or can I just go ahead and file with JAMS? If I do send the notice of dispute, will I have to file with AAA if this isn't resolved before 9/1? Does the 60-day notice of dispute preclude Sprint from any further action on this debt until that time has passed? Just trying to figure out how this will tie in with the collection agency. I still fully intend to pursue every remedy under the Texas Finance Code for RPM.
  13. Thanks, discopanda and legaleagle2012. I was wondering about the mobile carrier. The CA is on my credit report, so they are the ones who will get the DV invoking the TFC and also putting them on notice for the 60 day right to cure (per advice from several posts by centex). I also plan to immediately send a CRA dispute wtihin 3-4 days after sending the DV. I'm thinking that I might go ahead and send of a notice of dispute to Sprint informing them of my intent to force arbitration. Also, Sprint once acted as a collector since they called from their in-house collection department, so could I DV them along with the arbitration notice? I keep reading and reading, and I'm getting really confused. There is so much that could be done, and now, I'm really unsure of what steps to take. I don't want to make a wrong move here, so if anyone sees a mistake waiting to be made, please let me know!
  14. If you don't mind me picking your brain, could I pm you? I'm sure you don't want to post all that was involved but I would love to hear more, especially because I have a feeling this might be a bit of a struggle since the Sprint/T-mobile merger. As an alternative, if you don't mind posting more about how you handled them, would you? I think I have a bit of a handle on the TFC, but I don't know how federal court comes into play. I'm assuming that you are referring the FDCPA and FCRA violations? Can I do both at the same time or do I go after them under Texas laws and then come back around for the federal?
  15. During my weekly credit report review, I noticed a new collection had popped up. Says the OC is Sprint, with the CA being Receivables Performance Management. I'm working on a Texas DV to them at the moment, but I wanted to know if anyone had any advice for dealing with them. Are they an actual collection agency or junk debt buyer? I haven't had service with Sprint since 2019 under one of their promotions, but I know that I don't owe this debt. I paid Sprint monthly and when I canceled, they hit me with some additional charges which were never disclosed, just added to my bill. They wouldn't give me a line by line, only said that I owed them. Of course, I disputed it with their account services and they left me alone about it, until now. Sprint was never on my credit report, and I've never received anything in the mail from them or RPM. I've also read that forcing them into arbitration might be the way to go? Really don't want to make a wrong move here, as this is literally the only collection I have, so I hope someone can give some advice. Thanks.

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