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  1. State of residence is GA. And I'm assuming it was not sold off yet, because I'm still able to log into the old account and make a payment
  2. I have a Sprint collection with a hefty amount that is reporting with Source RM, the only collection on my file. Dofd is 12/2018. It was originally passed to Convergance, and most recently Source RM. I DV'd Source RM and received bills and a contract for a financed phone. Is this sufficient validation? Also, should I just leave this alone until the sol passes and then work to get it removed? Also how will the merger with T-Mobile affect my ability to get this removed?
  3. So I just received this response from Midland on the CFPB website in response to my initial complaint. "Mr. JHONO235, in its previous response dated January 26, 2016, Midland Credit stated that it had acknowledged your dispute, ceased collection efforts, annotated the account as disputed, and was in the process of verifying the debt. Midland Credit has since obtained verification information from the seller. A copy of the verification information is enclosed. If you are ready to resolve the above-referenced debt, you may qualify for a reduction in your account balance. Please call Midland Credit Account Manager Doris Arce at (800) 825-8131 ext. 58600 to assist you in reaching a resolution of your account balance. Thank you again for your inquiry through the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. As indicated in your complaint, your desired resolution was to have the account removed from her credit report. Midland Credit has investigated the claims brought forth in your complaint as outlined in its summary response. As a result of Midland Credit's investigative measures, your complaint has been "Closed with Explanation." Please see the attached response for a full description of Midland Credit's investigative results." The accounts have already been removed from my reports and are now outside of SOL. Should I just ignore this and not worry about it or should I be expecting reinsertion soon?
  4. Gone from TU. I guess we wait for a "reason" now.
  5. No longer with EQ either. Could it have been sold in the midst of the CFPB complaint?
  6. Well I just checked EX and Midland is no longer there. I havent done anything since the cfpb complaint. Hopefully Ill get some sort of confirmation soon.
  7. I have around a 650 TU score and recently joined NFCU. Applied for the Cash Rewards Visa yesterday and was denied. I immediately sent a recon message through their secured messaging service. I received a text message at 3am that a credit card had been opened in my name. Logged on this morning and sure enough I have a Cash Rewards Visa acct. 1700 CL, but its better than a HP for nothing.
  8. I'm not familiar with the Sprint website, but my daughter has a past due account with them too that has been sent to collection on an account that is closed. Will she still be able to pay it online on Sprint's website? I think if she calls Sprint and asks to pay it, they will have her pay it directly to the collection agency, then no dispute process. Nope, she can just call in and pay it. Or go in store.
  9. Refreshed EX this morning and the account history was changed back to show the last negative on September 2013. It looks like they updated with EQ on 2/10, never disputed, and I lost 21 points there.
  10. If I remember correctly I only disputed online with transunion after I paid T-Mobile. it was deleted from equifax on its own. I wasn't monitoring EX at the time so I have no idea if it was ever there. But the result of the dispute was "already deleted" so I'm assuming it was deleted before the dispute was completed.
  11. You're right. Pay sprint and then dispute. In my experience with T-mobile, ERC deleted before the dispute was competed.
  12. That's exactly what I'm seeing on my report and experian confirmed. Oddly enough, it was updated with all three bureaus but only experian dropped.
  13. If you are referring to the donor card is restricted because you just closed it. ...I waited a little bit but others have applied immediatelyThx. I was referring to that as the donor card, and I know it is closed... It's just my OCD issue again.. I don't want that card showing on my profile now. I guess I was asking if there is a way to remove the card just like you can add one to your profile? Thx for the reply on the wait time. Probably will wait for a bit as I don't need anymore INQ's but it is tempting I had the same issue when I closed my old secured card. It still showed on my cap 1 iPhone app 6 months after it was closed. Customer care had to delete my online acct completely and I had to create a new acct and link the cards I wanted. It was a lot of work.
  14. Dofd did not change. Experian still says it will be removed in 2018. But ouch I took a big hit from the update. Lesson learned. I tried calling General Rev but got the "There is nothing we can do". I'll try again tomorrow. Why call again tomorrow if they already said there was nothing they could do ? Submit an online complaint against the collection agency with the CFPB. That will get the collection agency's attention. What would be your basis for this complaint. It is reporting accurately. Reporting the collection as a collection as of Jan 16 and paid Jan 16 is accurate how? I understand it was updated but it looks as though the account was just settled last month now.
  15. Dofd did not change. Experian still says it will be removed in 2018. But ouch I took a big hit from the update. Lesson learned. I tried calling General Rev but got the "There is nothing we can do". I'll try again tomorrow.

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