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  1. Yeah, still carrying too high of balances on other cards but working to pay them down. No late or missing payments since 2014 on mine and no baddies at all on my wife's. No collections on mine (thank you creditboards for that), the only thing that I have is a federal student loan that was late and then rehabilitated and that's from 2014 as well I believe.
  2. That's true, it just sucks that we're trying to do the right thing and reduce our utilization to continue our journey to better credit and being punished for it.
  3. Hello guys, I have a question for anyone that has some advice. My wife and I have a Costco Citi card and we had been carrying a high balance on it so with our stimulus money we decided to pay down $1500 of it because it would have the benefit of reducing debt while decreasing usage on both of our CR's. All went as planned, my score jumped something like 25pts and things were looking up, that is until citi dropped our limit from $2000 to $500... Has anyone had any success getting a company to reverse the decision to lower your limit? Thank you, tabb
  4. Go through the rehabilitation program if they are federal loans, it takes 9 months but is certainly worth getting the default off.
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  6. Just tried this method with an old ATT account sent to IC Systems. I paid ATT yesterday, disputed on Experian today, received notification that it was deleted today. On to the other two CRA's and the other stuff on my CR.
  7. Sterling Heights
  8. Ok, I just opted out, I will start reading up on the HIPPA Process. Thank you guys!
  9. Just checked today with MyFico and Credit Karma CRA CK MyFico TU 577 557 EQ 600 536 I've got work to do...
  10. Thank you Breeze, I've been reading a lot of your posts on here, thank you for being helpful. I am from Michigan. I'll edit the original post with the date of first delinquency.
  11. Hey everyone, new here. I've spent all week reading through the boards as well as reading the Psych Doc seminars. So I think it's time to start working on my credit for real and my first step is to post here for some encouragement, support, and accountability. I'm from Michigan. Credit summary: According to MyFico my scores are as follows Equifax: 536 TransUnion: 557 Expierian: 555 My derogatory accounts: DTE energy: $134 C/O reporting to Equifax & TransUnion - Plan of attack: Pay for removal since it's so low? Kohl's: CL of $300 balance of $342 Equifax "Pays as agreed" TransUnion "120 days past due" Experian "Current account/was delinquent 180 days or more past due date" - Plan of attack: I am making payments every month but will probably try to pay it off completely and see if they will remove the account? Credit Union CC: CL of $1500 balance of $1548 " Pays as agreed" with one delinquency in 2013 - Plan of attack: pay down balance quickly to improve utilization ratio and send goodwill letter US Dept. of Education: Transferred $65k - Plan of attack: open to suggestions... US Dept. of Education: Transferred $30k - Plan of attack: open to suggestions... US Dept. of Education: Transferred $24k - Plan of attack: open to suggestions... DTE energy: Paid account, was in collection reporting to Experian - Plan of attack: Goodwill? Firstmark services: $35k student loan from state of michigan, they have garnished my bank account and I am worried about lawsuit - Plan of attack: Set up payment arrangements that fit my budget Other collections: Diversified Consultants: $146 for DirectTv - Plan of attack: Pay for removal / verification Account Receivable Solutions: $76 & $25 for a doctor's bill that I don't remember, I've been there many times since and have always paid my co-pays to the best of my memory - Plan of attack: PfR, verification, goodwill to OC once paid AFNI: $161 - Plan of attack: Pay for removal / verification Helvey: $394 - Plan of attack: Pay for removal / verification LJ Frank & Associate: $19,787 for tuition owed to college, I am currently paying them $500 a month - Plan of attack: Do I even have any options here? ERC: $97 - Plan of attack: Verification, pfr ERC: Account settled "different account" - Plan of attack: Maybe combine with other ERC for pay to remove? Is that possible? Next steps: - Send goodwill letter to Credit union to remove delinquency on CC account - Try to have old addresses removed - Contact small accounts and ask to pay for removal and make sure I get an agreement in writing - Dispute some - Request validation/verification I know this is a pretty long post so thank you if you took the time to get through it all! I look forward to suggestions and critiques. tabb

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