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  1. Thank you. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Thank you! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. I have an 803 Equifax score. I live in California. I’d like to apply for a non- credit Union credit card with a high limit. I checked out creditpulls for recent data but nothing much fit my criteria. Is there anyone that has had recent experience with their EQ score in California? Also, does it matter where I live if I apply online? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. It is prepaid. Send letter of cancellation stating you do not want to renew for next month Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Is there another telephone number I can use to cancel my service? I called the customer service number and no one answered. I was on hold for 45 minutes when I finally had to hang up and go to work. Is there another number or way I can cancel this service? I feel like I’m being robbed.
  6. Yay!! My Equifax score finally hit 802! I almost cant believe that my score has risen to this level. Im now focused on raising Experian and Transunion. Ex and TU both still show my Bk. Ive disputed each CB a few times to no avail. Ex even told me over the phone that it was going to do the deletion. But, no dice. Ill keep reading and hoping that I finally will get Ex and TU to move.
  7. What is the middle score that Jumbo requires? And what version of FICO do they use.
  8. Maybe so. But I'd still like some input while I'm working on all my issues.
  9. TU's and EXP's credit score analysis indicates that the fact that my CR shows that I have an installment loan balance that is greater than my original balance depresses my credit score. The truth is I have a student loan that shows I owe $12,757 original balance and $13,757 is my current balance and $16,458 is my outstanding interest. I am current on my monthly payments. But, each time I make my $300.00 monthly payment, they credit the payment against my outstanding interest. So, my original balance and current balance never decreases on my credit report. So, my question is if I refinance my loan (current balance plus interest) and then pay off about 20 percent of the loan (so it doesn't show I'm at the max limit), will my FICO score improve?
  10. Yesterday I got up the nerve to apply for a car loan with DCU. I was approved with a great apr. I have immense gratitude for everyone who took the time to weigh in and answer my many questions. I'm so very happy! I've never been treated like a preferred customer before!! Thanks again!!
  11. Thx Blake!! By the way, do you know the best way to apply for a DCU auto loan? Which is better online or on the phone?
  12. I had a freeze on my LexisNexis Report. I just called to temporarily unfreeze it because im going to apply for a used car loan through DCU. I asked the LexisNexis rep how long it takes to unfreeze the account and she said 15 minutes. In your experience, is this how long it typically takes? I don't want to apply for the DCU loan before LexisNexis is unfrozen. Thanks!
  13. By the way, I anticipate getting a car loan from a CU, would you consider this an "account" that may be impacted. Or, do you mean opening only checking/savings accounts at banks and CUs?
  14. I have LexisNexis frozen which has helped (I think) me to delete a BK from my Equifax CR. I'm still working on EX and TU. I'm getting ready to purchase a new-to-me car from a dealership. Shall I unfreeze my LexisNexis before I apply or does it matter?
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