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  1. When I send letters to get rid of judgements, can I use the same dispute form, without using the blue paper and special color font? What do I do about the collection agency that is still calling me even though they have been removed from my credit report? Thanks.
  2. Ok, I went to the backdoor of each CRA and it appears that all the collections from Harris& Harris have been deleted from all 3 bureaus. The collections from Escallate and GLA still appear on all 3 CRAs, but they are older (from 2010) so I may just leave them alone, not sure yet. Now I will work on doing the same things for my husband's reports. P.S. When I checked for recorded judgements in Indiana, I did not see the judgements or BK, so I will work on that next for myself. Thanks so much for your help WhyChat!
  3. Ok, and I would start the CFPB complaint, even though I never sent validation letters? I only sent dispute letters to the CRA and many were deleted. I have not sent any CA a validation letter or anything. Is that necessary before I file the complaint, or is the CRA dispute letters enough? Also, the judgements I'm working are include 2 from school's book rental, and a bankruptcy. None of the 3 show to be recorded. Is this ok to dispute? Thanks.
  4. I'm confused now. Transunion and Experian have deleted all the collections by Harris & Harris, but Equifax only deleted 3 of them. I don't understand why Experian sent the letter if they deleted the accounts. So, do you mean I need to file a compaint against Equifax? I'm not familiary with filing a CFPB against Equifax. How do I go about doing that? Also, can I get started with removing the judgements from my account (at least from TU/EX), or do I need to wait until this matter with the medical collections is completely done? Thanks for your help.
  5. Hi WhyChat, Still no physical results from any of the bureaus. On Experian.com it shows the collections removed (all from Harris& Harris). CreditKarma shows all the 27 Harris & Harris accounts removed, with the exception of 2 collections (Escallate and GLA Collection). CreditKarma shows that EQ only removed 3 of the Harris & Harris. I received another letter dated 02/24/2016 from EX stating (paraphrasing), I need to detail what exactly the problem or issue is (what's wrong - account not mine, amount due incorrect, etc) Since the letter was sent from EX, do I need
  6. WhyChat, Here is a reminder and update: I received copy of credit report from Experian, dated 02/11/2016. I noticed the report number on the copy sent is totally different from my original report received on annualcreditreport.com It looks like they have corrected most wrong addresses, even though that was not a problem because I have been at same address for 5 years. However all the medical collections are still on this report. Section that says (paraphased some) Pursuant to Section 611(a)(3)(A) of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, we were unable to honor your request or a porti
  7. Update: Sent HIPPA letter to all 3 priority mail with tracking. EQ- still shows in transit, although it shows it arrived at post office on 02/12/16 TU - delivered 02/13/2016 EX - delivered 02/12/2016 Have not received anything via mail besides letters showing fraud alert was placed on my accounts. Not even anything regarding the old address. How long before I send the DV letter? Thanks.
  8. WhyChat, today I received letter from EX about the Fraud Alert placed on my credit report. This maybe similar to the one received from EQ except no credit report was included with EX. It still doesn't appear that any addresses were deleted. I will be sending my initial dispute letters out tomorrow. Am I correct that I'm sending Priority Mail and adding USPS Tracking (which has no additional charge)? I just want to verify I'm doing it correctly. Thanks.
  9. Update: TU shows deleted address thru backdoor, but did not receive hardcopy of dispute status or correction. EQ, has not deleted addresses and has not sent updated dispute status or CR. EX- has not deleted address according to backdoor. Today received in mail a copy of my CR with letter to review for unauthorized accounts or inquiries. It lets me know I can file dispute online or with the Research Request Form that they provided. Not happy about EX results. Because all of my medical collections are from the current address, I will just go ahead and proceed to sending the initial
  10. I understand. So, would it be a problem to send the dispute letters now or wait until the address portion is done so it does not seem like multiple requests to the CRAs? Or is it safe to have the 2 type of disputes going on at the same time. Also, can you explain the reason for using the priority mail instead of the certified mail. It seems like everywhere I see (internet, YouTube) talks about using certified mail. Certified Mail is definitely cheaper than Priority Mail and you can track it as well. Apparently even with a PO Box, they still have to sign for the package at the post off
  11. WhyChat, Backdoor shows TU has deleted all old addresses. The status of dispute for EQ shows completed with results mailed. I have not received the official letters yet. Because, I really had no need to delete old addresses (all of my tradelines are for my current address - besides foreclosure) do I really need to wait for these to be deleted? Or is it alright to go ahead and send the initial dispute letters? I'm anxious to get that started to see how that goes. I'm really thinking Harris & Harris is the assigned CA for IU Health.
  12. Hello WhyChat, I have verified that TU has deleted old addresses. Still nothing from EQ and EX. Since I have opted in for online results to review this information thru the back door, how do I opt back out. I have not seen an option to undo what I did to see the information. I didn't try EX. I need to know how to opt out for TU and EQ. Thanks.
  13. Also, for the dispute letter for judgements... does that need to on blue paper with a special font (lucida handwriting?) Does it need to be handwritten? Plain paper?
  14. WhyChat, I'm trying to use the back door to Transunion. I don't see option to click New Dispute. I do see where to click dispute but it has me checking many boxes, including opting in to receive results online. Is this what I'm supposed to do? Do I sign up for everything now, and then when do I get to opt out of everything again? Thanks for your help.
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