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  1. This month is was slow to report for me. It did eventually appear. May just be a glitch.
  2. This is my favorite thread. I think I have gotten some good insight into my credit journey from the often times brutal responses here. My instincts were like a lot of mfer's but the responses here showed me the error of my ways. I almost tried the sct. I know, I know.
  3. Welcome. Congrats on that great approval. Just wanted you to feel at home. That's about every other post. You have to contribute to my all time favorite thread myfico condones this crap.
  4. Chase is conspicuously absent from the deer pee market.
  5. Thanks Mendelssohn that's the thread that was my inspiration to try the dispute.
  6. I disputed through credit karma. Chose I have no knowledge (which was true as I was never served with a summons or received a copy of the judgment). Apparently that was they way they did business before they were forced to stop with fraudulent affidavits and "gutter service".
  7. I just disputed one with TU and got the email that it was removed within 3 days. It was due to come off in November this year. Don't know if that was a factor.
  8. I'm in Florida and they pulled TU for membership and cc. I didn't go for the cloc as EQ took a hit when my only open account reported. TU was 541 last week when they pulled for membership. Yesterday my 300.00 Capital one reported and creditwise gave me a 646. I went for the GoRewards and got instant approval for $1k. I'm laughing at the limit as I type it but it is my second card in about ten years. I'm grateful and I have one PR from 2010 and closed student loans with 120 days late. I wanted in with NFCU while I work on those. Thanks to this board, I'm in and have the opportunity for real gro
  9. Check for a TU hard pull. I got an alert they pulled on 1-9 and waited patiently. No email as of today so I called. Welcome to Navy Federal. They already had a debit card ordered. Patience is not my strong suit...
  10. So who do you think has your name, address, social security number, drivers license, passport info, etc., from your original email? Good question. I sent it to the Wrong memberdocs@navyfederal so I hope it's sitting on their server. I guess it should have bounced back by now.
  11. I emailed my application and supporting documents on Christmas. Heard nothing so I called to check and discovered I used the wrong email. It's membershipdocs@navyfederal.org. If you don't get an immediate auto response, don't wait a week...
  12. Merry Christmas lurkers. Only one more post and I'm unrestricted. Just came back to the cb. Signed up for ck. Got a bunch of pre-approved cap one letters so I pulled the trigger and got a $300. Platinum. Having not app'd for anything in 9 years, I guess this shook the tree. Had a new ca pop up. Says opened last month for a hospital Bill in a city I haven't been to for over 5 years. I've opted out and started deleting addresses. I've got about 5 I've never lived at. I'm going to join NFCU because last time I did this I collected subprime cards with low limits. I think that kept my limits low,ye
  13. Let us know how much your score drops and how quickly you bounce back. Thanks in advance...
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