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  1. Target is GREAT about that. Granted they do suck on limits and their notorious Visa crap product but they are very generous on removals and working with consumers on lates. They helped us out once via the phone. Took all of 11 minutes and poof-done. Letter mailed out 2 days later confirming and late deleted from CR.
  2. Both. Wait until the end of the month. CRA are suppoed to acknowledge rec't of disputes and req. for CR's. They could be pulling a "It took us longer than 30 days to look up your information" stunt. Also keep in mine without CMRRR they can say they didn't rec'v the letter until early April and thus have until prob. Mid-May to do anything.
  3. OOh, it's 11:33 here and I'm just getting home and getting ready for bed with my salad. I've read thru the messages but my eyes started glazing over with sleep. I'm logging on 1st thing in the a.m and posting the make/model of the unit. Basically, it's 2 units side by side against the back of the house. The one that conked out is for the upstairs. If this makes any sense, it tripped a breaker(or whatever it means when you have to flip the switch and it keeps flipping back). The fan would be blowing but no cool, just fan. When DH would flip the switch the cool would hit, but only for a few minutes and eventually the cool disappeared and flipping the switch wouldn't help. The fan blows just fine tho. I"m gonna let DH paruse this thread b/c it's full of good info and I appreciate it so much.. My head is tilted over to the right and my glasses are slipping down my nose...goodnight....till morrow.
  4. My A/C upstairs unit is on the fritz. DH thinks it's the compressor and it needs freon but we need a prof. opinion. A/C's been out for a year now and last year was hell not to mention high electric costs running a window unit for a 250sq ft space in a 500sq ft space all day to keep upstairs MBR cool. All of the A/C guys I call want $50-$75 svc call fee to determine what is wrong and what they will charge. Ok, this is hard for me b/c I dont' have that kind of money to waste just to get quotes and find out that I need 5 guys to pick the best technician. Is there an easier way around this? I'll end up spending over $400 on estimates at this rate which might be less than it costs to actually fix the problem. Also that money could go towards a new unit if needed. How do you know which A/C guy is telling the truth and not scamming? Are A/C guys like auto mechanics, pretending to fix large problems and overcharging? I also have the same prob. with a toilet that is slow to flush and seems clogged regardless of plunging and Draino. Plumber wants $35 just to look at it.
  5. Exactly what they are. My dad's fee was $500 which seems to be the standard. He actually did get to rub shoulders with a few people who promised to "hook him up" with some marketing and exposure but basically he's now on a list where he is majorly solicited. It's really up to you if you have the resources and might want to use this as a biz opportunity. My DF now gets some nice free meals and a couple of show tix and Screening movie passes sent to him. He distributes the passes to his employees. Many of the lists your biz will be added to will give freebies.
  6. Kick flowers! Thanks Scarlet. I'm headed to day to pick up my materials. I love deals that work out. BTW, how soon after upgrading did you all start getting coupons? With regular Gold I only get coupons Quarterly which is still too spaced out. Do Executives get more coupons or just more frequent ones?
  7. Wow. Everytime I watch my new fav. show 30-Rock I have this to think about.
  8. Crap one usually does in-house collections and you might be able to offer then a settlement for Paid As Agreed. Offer them the original balance and let you broker know that you are doing this. It might help to move things along in the loan process. Be sure to send CMRR and forward copy of signed green card and letter to Crap 1 requesting pay-off. A good way to do this is to send a check for restricted deposit. Terms are for Crap 1 to deposit with agreement to considered account PIF and balance will be considered $0 and not re-sold to bottom feeder.
  9. I remember that, too, Here it was a $5 fee for a teller transaction!
  10. Yeah! Welcome to the dismissed BK club!!! Whoot Whoot!
  11. A "Resort" I went to Key Deposit $10 (non-refundable) $6 per water slide ride $2.75 per local call for the 1st 20 minutes, $.80/minute thereafter $.20/minute for Toll-Free calls $16 to have sheets changed $12 to have towels exchanged.
  12. This should be moved to Credit forums.
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