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  1. Last Activity Means nothing ... DoFD means everything clearly you know now what you are talking about.
  2. No, You are incorrect..... "I went back and pulled a credit report from 2007 and it shows the card was open in 2005, but the OC charged it off as bad debt in 2007 and the debt was sold. The OC shows a $0 balance. " If the OP is accurate in this statement that the debt was charged off in 2007 the DoFD had to be before that.... That is well over the 7 years reporting time.... and SOL for CC debt collecting in any state.... FOAD like Ican said
  3. A simple FOAD letter should suffice... If indeed it was charged off in 2007 then there is no way in hell that it is collectible.... That credit report from 2009 you have should show DoFD...... This is way outside of the SOL. It shouldn't even be on your credit reports anymore.
  4. Did you pull your 3 credit reports? If so are they reporting? Is it a Student Loan debt? If not a SL debt and nothing is reporting on your credit reports a FOAD letter is all you need. 11 year old debt should be way out of the SOL and reporting times....
  5. Well FICO does like to see you are using some of the credit you have available..
  6. What a complete waste of time and money
  7. CreditOne Bank LOL sent 4 emails back to back.... DELETE
  8. After 3 years since I started this journey to clean up my credit I can finally say I am all done.... Many thanx to all on CB's for your help...... EQ 724 TU 726 EX 725 Equifax waited till the last minute to remove my dreaded Santander loan but it's gone forever... EQ went from 690 to 724 TU and EX were at 743 and 753 respectively but dropped. .... I think I may have been rebucketed as well......... Time to garden some more Once again thanx to all for the help and good luck to those who are still working!!!
  9. @kat My credit age is over 2 years, it did not drop but it is under 4 years.

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