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  1. Amex is most definitely Manufactured Spend friendly. I would try a grocery store. The WMT stores around me only take debit for VGCs. Thanks get.randy! I'll stop by grocery store today. I can't wait to get started.
  2. M$ Newbie here! Is Amex M$ friendly, and where is the best place to purchase the Vanilla VGCs? I tried to purchase at WM and the transaction didn't go through. Not sure if it is the WM POS or Amex that had an issue with the purchase.
  3. which CRA will they pull for you??? Were you Ida and ars reports dirty?They weren't dirty but they show something that US Bank Apparently doesn't like for a lot of people. There's a suggestion from what I read that those two bureaus can cause US Bank decline. We'll see when I apply. My profile won't be much different other than more time away from new accounts and improved AAOA. UTI is still at 4% plus a few more HPs. They pulled TU last time. I had EQ and EX froze. How do you freeze your business reports?Ida and Ars are not business reports, missjay. I also froze mine but it didn't help with US Bank. What are Ida and Ars I just started my business and was thinking of opening a business checking account either at my credit union or BofA (looking at their Travel Rewards for Business) How long do they need for you to be in business to approve a card? I don't need a large limit right now. But having a business card will help me not to over-utilize my personal cards. If I go the credit union route would that allow for larger credit lines and an LOC option? (BofA has a 2 year requirement for an LOC approval)
  4. I got my Marriott Rewards Visa Signature card today. It's so pretty!
  5. Congrats! Hopefully, I'll get there one day too!
  6. WoooHooo! After "rarely ever" calling their automated new application line I found out today that I finally got an approval for $9K credit line! Thanks everyone for your information, it gave me more confindence in pulling the trigger. Like Bigpoppa09 said upthread "scared money dont make money." Glad I did it and now I just need to figure out how to meet the spend. Hopefully, I can do it in two months rather than three. Can't wait til I get it in the mail.
  7. Congats! Great work, especially considering you only just started.
  8. I just applied and got the 30-day message. I read that the 30 day is better than the 7-day, so hopefully it's a good sign of approval. I'm going to try and hold out on calling their automated approval line for a few days.
  9. I figured it would be EX. I checked CCT today and TU finally updated. TU FICO 08 is 779 and EX is 780. EQ is only 767, so hopefully, they pull TU if they do a second pull.
  10. May i ask what state u are in ? I'm in California
  11. Thanks everyone for the data points. I'll app this week and see what they say. If they say no I'll definitely recon, but hopefully, I won't have to.
  12. Well, I will just skip the bank account then and apply online. I prefer CU's for checking accounts anyway. I'll apply after my accounts update to CRA's and let you know how it goes. If I'm approved, I think I'll wait another 3 months then apply for the CSP.
  13. My file is completely clean no derogs. I checked their pre-qual site and got nothing. Which is probably due to me not really having any cards until recently.That's why I was thinking of applying in a Chase branch to see if they could pre-qual me. I'll be checking my EX score Tuesday when I'm sure all my recent reporting has hit the CRA's so I can have the latest score, I know that when I applied to Walmart they said my EX was 776, my Walmart TU was at 764 so hopefully EX went up as well.

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