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  1. Letter from Synchony bank that states a savings account I opened in 2016 had an error in interest calculation and I will receive a check for $0.02 in the next 30 days.
  2. It's not going to make a huge difference $2, vs $3, vs 3% Let one card report a small balance and the rest $0. Citi, Chase, Capital One all report your statement balance. Once they report it'll take a few days for you to see it. Chase will additionally report $0 whenever you pay it off to $0 balance. Closed account is not in any way a negative on your credit reports, but closing accounts could cause negative impact to other factors.
  3. That $500 Citi is worrying, Ask Discover, Cap1, and Citi for a limit increase online once they hit 6 months + 1 day. No hard pull and you get what they give you. They might give you some feedback and you can act appropriately and try again in 6 months. Based on your results you can gauge when it would be prudent to push BoA for more and take a hard pull with Chase. Or just open a new Chase, get the bonus, and combine limits...
  4. What exactly did the landlord show you? A small note from the sheriffs department, or an actual court summons? Type: NOT SERVED REASON COMMENTSComplaint No.:001 Date: 07/11/2023Comment:UNALBE TO CONTACT Leads me to believe you have not been served and the court record accurately reflects the same. If that's the case I wouldn't be making myself known. You may or may not be served in the future. I'm not saying you should dodge it, but don't help them do their job. Have you moved to state different than the court in which this lawsuit was filed?
  5. I got a credit alert from "Transunion CreditView" but when I click the link it goes to my Fidelity investments login. Tried on phone & desktop PC.
  6. Replacement Citi cards, same number. Old cards expire 2026, these expire 2027. That explains why in the app the other day it said you have cards that haven't been activated.
  7. Finally got a counter from BoA for a CLI request. Total credit line requested: $50,000.00 Your new total credit line is $47,500.00
  8. I've opened a bunch of checking accounts for the bonus and the only bank that ever gave me a problem online was Bank of America. It was "quickly" cleared up in branch after only two trips ("I can see the BoA from my office"). Their reaction seemed to imply they were annoyed because most people go through this and still get denied. Coincidentally BoA has also extended me $40k of credit, I should ask for increase to $50k and see if they counter with exactly 41,500.
  9. If you go to Membership > Offers it will usually show you a pre-approved offer showing an amount with a big yellow "accept now" button. I don't have recent DP but I did credit card and car loan through that without hard pull. It will show you the amount before you accept. They seem to offer 0% for 6 moths balance transfer every January, and the APR is pretty low. I think they started me with $10k limit and I got it doubled a year or two later with an HP. Oh, and you can set it as overdraft for a checking account with no fee. I put all my cards on autopay for the minimum out of DCU as a backup in case I get hit by a bus. I should call them and make sure this one pays out of a checking at a different bank with a similar arrangement 🤣
  10. I believe the $2 trick is based on some threshold for #/% of accounts reporting balance. This, as well as the utilization threshold, that impacts a person's credit score varies based on your overall credit profile. Think the difference between one person that has 10 accounts and 10 years credit history vs 2 accounts and 1 year credit history. For one of those persons it represents 20% of accounts reporting a balance but for the other it's 100%. The beauty of the $2 trick is it works for everyone. There is no need to experiment to find the exact number of accounts reporting a balance or % utilization threshold that dings your scores. Simply follow the $2 trick and you will squeeze as many points as possible out of your credit score from the "credit utilization" category. Actually I like to simplify it and call it the $5 trick because then you do not have to worry about which bank will write off a $2 balance and report $0. What you can do is try an experiment. Isolate factors, let one card report $2 balance this month and next month let two cards report $5 balance and report back. Make sure you aren't crossing any age threshold into a new whole number (such as age of oldest account from 3.9 years to 4.0 years)
  11. Just a follow up on this matter the Asset Acceptance lawsuit was dismissed in late 2016 for lack of activity. Since then I have had no desire to apply for credit with Capital One. I did manage to accumulate about a dozen accounts with 10+ other banks.
  12. Inquiries don't matter but I don't see the point of taking one on right now after they just barely approved you. 5/2023 is just 7 months away, in the meantime use the account, earn as much rewards as you can, and pay in full every month.
  13. Are you sure you dialed the correct number? These vultures buy up phone numbers, someone misdials and reaches them. Either that or Synchrony made a typo or let their number lapse.
  14. I also recommend staying away from Cap1, as much as everyone on here hates Discovery I'd recommend their secured card over Cap1's unsecured when you don't have a great credit profile. If pre-approved for Navy unsecured card go for that. If declined call them up and see what they can do, worst case they'll probably be able to get in with a secured card. It's been a while but my observation is Navy isn't very concerned with old negative history. They approved me for a $15k limit when I had several unpaid charge offs and collections accounts around 5-6 years old.
  15. I keep asking BoA for too little. Asked for $40k and approved, up from $28k.
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