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  1. CSP "declined" Sunday at Top Golf. I think the kid just didn't know how to use the POS because it went through when I told him to try again. Amex business card declined at the post office today. Apparently $300 rolls of stamps can only be paid with cash, check or debit. Since debit cards do not leave my house, had to go to the office and get cash! Post office doesn't take NFC or I could have used a debit card with Apple Pay. I wonder if Visa credit would have worked?
  2. Chase has been bugging me about being approved for a Sapphire Preferred with 100k point bonus (old news I know), might as well go for it before the offer goes away. Instantly approved for $17k and change. 100k points far outweighs whatever desire I had to not apply for anything new for 1-2 years and see if I can get into the 830+ zone, what's the point of a credit score if you're not going to use it.
  3. Do you have any open accounts in good standing?
  4. +40 points. This score is brutal, main change was 20% balance on one card down to 10%. FICO 8 went +3
  5. It's been less than a week. Debt collectors are under no obligation to respond to your correspondence.
  6. There is no ramification for credit denials. It will just be an inquiry on your credit reports. An inquiry does not indicate if you were approved or denied. If you had previously defaulted with a particular lender they might not approve you but some like Amex won't even perform the hard pull in that case. Since you already have a card with Chase I would look into their offerings. I wouldn't product change your current card (unless it's a no rewards Slate) so you can get the new account bonus.
  7. To play devils advocate isn't the impact on mortgage FICO mostly from "age of new account" So if you opened an account last month impact for another today will be very minor. I think better way to think of it is the value of a new account. You can easily get $200+ bonus on plenty of non-store cards, and that's just low hanging fruit from places like BoA, Chase, WF, etc on the average to mid tier cards. If I am reading the Lowes offer correctly it says "Max discount is $100 with this offer" so it really does seem like a turd unless you very frequently shop at lowes or have a large p
  8. Applied for a BoA card about a year and a half ago. Started with a disappointing $6k limit and earlier this year they bumped it up to $8k and then a month later to $12k. First unsolicited credit limit increase I've ever gotten (probably because the CLI button never showed up on my account... I always use those) I just noticed 0% ends tomorrow so I logged in to pay the account down to $0 balance. Then I noticed a tiny Credit Limit Increase link finally appeared. Asked for $20k and was approved for the full amount. Should have asked for more but I'll try again next time it shows up.
  9. Once I paid mine to a negative balance and they didn't credit the cashback on that for a few months.
  10. The annual fee is only $49 and it has tap to pay! Credit One Bank and WWE will be working together to provide additional card member benefits specifically tailored for WWE fans. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/wwe-superfans-get-their-very-own-credit-card-the-new-wwe-champion-credit-card-from-credit-one-bank-301313857.html
  11. Past balances aren't factored into your credit scores. The main things you want to do are Pay at least the minimum due every single month. No late payments ever. Use each account once a year so it isn't closed for inactivity That's the minimum you need to do. However best strategy is to be on top of your finances. Don't put things on credit you couldn't pay off in full right away and pay the full statement balance so you don't get charged interest. If you follow that then it's just a matter of adjusting when you make that payment to boost your credit scores. And if
  12. I have _never_ gotten an auto CLI, but last month when my BoA card was about a year old they increased the limit from $6k to $8k, and I just got another message it was increased to $12k.
  13. No, it's a popular 3 letter European car maker starting with B.
  14. You could always mail in a request for the report along with 2 forms of ID. If you don't have a file with them that is good, My opinion is they are incompetent and that's all I'm allowed to say.
  15. If you can jump on as AU for older cards with no/low balance that could help. There are very few data points on Capital one secured graduating to unsecured. If it happens great, if not close it in a few years.
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