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  1. I would just work on the medical collections for the time being. You already have 3 accounts -- 2 of which are decent. You will be much better off if you can get all the collections accounts deleted and let your most recent account age to 6+ months. Pay early so 2 of your cards report $0 balance.
  2. I just tried to login to NFCU through the app and it asked me to complete a 2 factor authentication. One of the options was sending a push notification to my mobile device (clearly noted as "this device"). Sure enough it worked and I verified my login by clicking accept on the same device. Oh and I still had to get to my computer -- the mobile app doesn't show check images.
  3. You're going to have to update your address eventually, otherwise you're not getting a replacement card when your current one expires.
  4. In my experience if you want a high limit 2% card I'd take the FNBO offer and ask them for SP credit limit increases every 6 months. WF didn't give me a high limit (and I applied when I had a good sum of money in my account) and not much of an increase when I asked. Same with Citi double cash. They have increased it every time I asked but only by $2k or so Fidelity/Elan has been a little better and I haven't pushed much with the limits, I think the one time I asked they did an HP. Not the end of the world but I'm ok with the 19k limit and I'd rather not b... never mind logged in limit increased another $5k. Note you need a Fidelity account to get the 2% otherwise the points are only worth 1%.
  5. I have had some lenders such as Bank of America and Citi start me off with low limits. With time and good use they have grown a good amount. Of course I ask for an increase whenever possible.
  6. I got an invite but I'm not in the mood to apply for a new card. Actually it was so refreshing recently doing a large SUB just to default putting everything on a single card.
  7. I was working on my taxes and realized I was going to owe over $5k and started to panic how can I pay the IRS before the end of the year and avoid the penalty. Until I did the math and noticed the penalty is about $100. And then I went through my portfolio, sold some losing stocks and did some tax gain harvesting.
  8. I finally got something in the mail about my car's extended warranty.
  9. CSP "declined" Sunday at Top Golf. I think the kid just didn't know how to use the POS because it went through when I told him to try again. Amex business card declined at the post office today. Apparently $300 rolls of stamps can only be paid with cash, check or debit. Since debit cards do not leave my house, had to go to the office and get cash! Post office doesn't take NFC or I could have used a debit card with Apple Pay. I wonder if Visa credit would have worked?
  10. Chase has been bugging me about being approved for a Sapphire Preferred with 100k point bonus (old news I know), might as well go for it before the offer goes away. Instantly approved for $17k and change. 100k points far outweighs whatever desire I had to not apply for anything new for 1-2 years and see if I can get into the 830+ zone, what's the point of a credit score if you're not going to use it.
  11. Do you have any open accounts in good standing?
  12. +40 points. This score is brutal, main change was 20% balance on one card down to 10%. FICO 8 went +3
  13. It's been less than a week. Debt collectors are under no obligation to respond to your correspondence.
  14. There is no ramification for credit denials. It will just be an inquiry on your credit reports. An inquiry does not indicate if you were approved or denied. If you had previously defaulted with a particular lender they might not approve you but some like Amex won't even perform the hard pull in that case. Since you already have a card with Chase I would look into their offerings. I wouldn't product change your current card (unless it's a no rewards Slate) so you can get the new account bonus.
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