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  1. Back then my only card was an Amex Platinum with a $500 spending limit.
  2. chrishillson

    something for the MFF types... IT IS METAL TOO!!!

    My peeling plastic card doesn't expire until 2021 and I hope to hang onto it as long as possible.
  3. chrishillson

    My Credit Union is So Amateur...

    A few months ago I made a $5k down payment on a car with my NFCU card and it wasn't declined. I was 50 miles from home and it's the largest purchase I've made with this card. Glad I didn't have any hassles, but also surprised an unusual transaction didn't get flagged. Just this week I got my NFCU statement where they charged a cent of interest. Not a huge deal, but my account has 0% on purchases and balance transfers until at least November. Hopefully the next statement doesn't have any surprises.
  4. chrishillson

    Elan Fidelity foreign transaction fees on PayPal transactions

    In this case when I say "similar purchases" I mean: Merchant is outside the US Merchandise was shipped from outside the US Transaction processed through PayPal Card statement shows HK which is presumably Hong Kong Chase doesn't charge an FTF, Elan does.
  5. I recently got an Elan Fidelity Rewards card and used it to make a PayPal purchase. I just noticed they charged a 1% foreign transaction fee on a PayPal purchase. The merchant does indeed appear to be in Hong Kong, but I've made similar purchases on a Chase card (3% FTF) and it wasn't charged. Chase: PAYPAL *ZHANGZHIGAO Additional merchant and transaction information 4029357733000000000HK Online, Mail, or Telephone transaction Elan: PAYPAL *FASTTECH 4029357733 HK Merchant Info 4029357733 Hong Kong Merchant Category ELECTRONICS SALES I'm not going to raise a stink over $0.25 but I'm curious what the deal is? I've used PayPal for years, made many purchases from overseas, but have never been charged a FTF.
  6. chrishillson

    Master 2018 Approvals and CLIs Thread

    Approved for $14k on the Fidelity 2% card. Time to close the Merrick bank card I mentioned a few weeks ago, and maybe SD Citi Double Cash with the ridiculously low limit.
  7. chrishillson

    Credit Card Stacking

    Don't pay this company for their advice. I've seen some that charge a % of the credit you get approved for, or even worse ask for personal info or copies of credit reports.
  8. I just got off the phone with Amex about this and they said I'm 100% protected from fraud and there's no need to replace my card. It's reassuring to know my account has been notated!
  9. chrishillson

    Getting rid of a Debt Collector calling on behalf of a relative

    I concur, based on the info given these calls sound like a scam. Don't waste your time.
  10. chrishillson

    Business address for " New Business account"

    Go to USPS Zip Code Lookup: https://tools.usps.com/zip-code-lookup.htm?byaddress Type in the complete address and click Find. On the results page it should show the address with a down arrow next to it, click on that and look for COMMERCIAL MAIL RECEIVING AGENCY. If it says N you should be good. If it says Y you'll probably have issues using that address. I remember a few years ago I typed in a CMRA address on the Amex application and just typing the address without even clicking submit brought up an error along the lines of "Sorry, you can't use a PO Box" I use a VoIP provider that offers it. $4 setup fee and $0.40 per month.
  11. chrishillson

    Master 2018 Approvals and CLIs Thread

    Mine doesn't have any fees, otherwise I would have closed it already.
  12. chrishillson

    Master 2018 Approvals and CLIs Thread

    About 3 months ago I opened these accounts with FICO 8 798-802: BMW $28k @ 2.49% with $1000 SUB Chase Freedom $11500 Citi Double Cash $3500 Discover It $6000 This week I went down the list and got these CLIs with FICO 8 756-760 (auto loan killed my share secured score boost): Citi $3500 > 5500 Discover $6k > $9k Macys $4k> $6k Synchrony Marvel $10k > $25k Highest limit is tied for $25k with NFCU and Synchrony, and $23k on Amex. Lowest limits $2500 on Merrick Bank (does not offer CLI), and $5500 on Citi. I think my next goal will be to get the highest limit up. In order to get the highest limit up to $30k-40k should I close Merrick in order to make the average limit look better? At what point does % of income become a concern?
  13. chrishillson

    Following CV on paying off Mortgage early

    You should evaluate your 401k expenses. Some plans have pretty terrible investments with high expense ratios. If that's the case I recommend contributing up to the employer match, but then work on maxing out your IRA before you make any further 401k contributions.
  14. chrishillson

    Personal loans

    In most cases a personal loan would be an installment loan, but something like a personal/unsecured revolving line of credit would report as a revolving account (e.g. NFCU Checking Line-of-Credit) Installment loan = you're given a fixed amount of money and you make fixed payments and you usually pay it off over a fixed amount of time. Revolving account = you're given a credit limit and and your minimum payments are based on the balance.

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