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  1. What is the balance on the loan, interest rate, and the dates in November and December when you made a payment? Also how many days from when the loan originated until you made that November payment? I think everyone is just misunderstanding how a simple interest loan works. You pay interest on the outstanding balance. If you want to make extra payments just add it to your monthly payment if it makes you feel better. Example: $18,000 loan @ 12% on November 1st. First payment (does not matter the amount) on November 10th $59.01 goes to interest. Let's say your payment was $1000 now your outstanding balance is $17,059.01, but you wait until the due date on December 29 to make a payment (that's 50 days of interest at 5.59/day) 279.65 interest due and if you only made a $300 minimum payment a whopping $20.35 is applied to principal.
  2. You mean plaintiff? Either one, just has to be for a credit card debt (not mortgage or loan.)
  3. Can anyone find me a recent example of a lawsuit over a Chase credit card debt? I can't find one, haven't seen one in years. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/chase-stops-suits-against-credit-card-holders/
  4. Equifax gave me a hard time with a withdrawn (not just satisfied) tax lien, even after I sent them a certified copy from the clerk of courts. Pretty sure Experian and Transunion deleted it on the first try with an unofficial copy.
  5. Midland filed suit against me in mid-2013 and I was served in late 2014 (not sure why it took them so long, I wasn't exactly trying to hide). My lawyer filed an answer a few weeks later and nothing else happened. I just waited patiently and at the end of 2016 the court finally dismissed the case for lack of activity. The only issue is that the open lawsuit tolls (pauses) the statute of limitations, but on a positive note Capital One denied my applications due to "pending legal action" It happens because these debt buyers use outside firms to file so many lawsuits sometimes a few fall through the cracks. At one point Midland sent me a letter that said, I kid you not, "we are pleased to inform you that your case is now being handled by our in house legal team" What exactly did the email say? Does the court docket reflect the same information? For example in my case there was a FWOP (For Want of Prosecution) hearing a few months before the case was dismissed. I didn't show up to that one. If the other side shows up the case could be allowed to continue, if not it should get dismissed. Of course double check with your state/local rules of civil procedure as your situation might be different.
  6. At least in my area state Capital One (and most of the other large banks) hasn't sued anyone for credit card debt since around late March. Citi has resumed within the past 2-3 weeks. Most credit unions, debt buyers, and Truist/BB&T never stopped.
  7. About a two weeks ago I mailed a letter to Equifax asking for a copy of my credit report as I do every year. Apparently reading comprehension isn't their strong point. They replied back Emphasis not mine. 🤣
  8. Lookup username... when you go to capitalone.com and click Forgot Username or Password link it brings you to a page where you can enter name, DOB, and SSN to recover your username in case you forgot it. Yes there was a recent data breach from Capital One but there were hundreds more before that, so who knows where the criminals got the info.
  9. PFD with an original creditor isn't very common. Best you might do is get them to take 20-50% off and that'll get your credit report to show $0 balance. Try to do it well in advance so you can verify reporting and dispute any inaccuracy 😉 The strange thing with Chase is they had a scandal back around 2013 with their debt collections, or was it debt sales, practices. Ever since then I have yet to see a single lawsuit filed in my state over a Chase credit card debt. Not even one from a debt buyer. I noticed this trend 2-3 years ago and since then I've always figured they'll start back up next month, but I suspect they've yet to resume selling. Then again I'm not sure what the how long they usually hold on to these before they file suit.
  10. Back then my only card was an Amex Platinum with a $500 spending limit.
  11. My peeling plastic card doesn't expire until 2021 and I hope to hang onto it as long as possible.
  12. A few months ago I made a $5k down payment on a car with my NFCU card and it wasn't declined. I was 50 miles from home and it's the largest purchase I've made with this card. Glad I didn't have any hassles, but also surprised an unusual transaction didn't get flagged. Just this week I got my NFCU statement where they charged a cent of interest. Not a huge deal, but my account has 0% on purchases and balance transfers until at least November. Hopefully the next statement doesn't have any surprises.
  13. In this case when I say "similar purchases" I mean: Merchant is outside the US Merchandise was shipped from outside the US Transaction processed through PayPal Card statement shows HK which is presumably Hong Kong Chase doesn't charge an FTF, Elan does.
  14. I recently got an Elan Fidelity Rewards card and used it to make a PayPal purchase. I just noticed they charged a 1% foreign transaction fee on a PayPal purchase. The merchant does indeed appear to be in Hong Kong, but I've made similar purchases on a Chase card (3% FTF) and it wasn't charged. Chase: PAYPAL *ZHANGZHIGAO Additional merchant and transaction information 4029357733000000000HK Online, Mail, or Telephone transaction Elan: PAYPAL *FASTTECH 4029357733 HK Merchant Info 4029357733 Hong Kong Merchant Category ELECTRONICS SALES I'm not going to raise a stink over $0.25 but I'm curious what the deal is? I've used PayPal for years, made many purchases from overseas, but have never been charged a FTF.
  15. Approved for $14k on the Fidelity 2% card. Time to close the Merrick bank card I mentioned a few weeks ago, and maybe SD Citi Double Cash with the ridiculously low limit.

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