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  1. Just a follow up on this matter the Asset Acceptance lawsuit was dismissed in late 2016 for lack of activity. Since then I have had no desire to apply for credit with Capital One. I did manage to accumulate about a dozen accounts with 10+ other banks.
  2. Inquiries don't matter but I don't see the point of taking one on right now after they just barely approved you. 5/2023 is just 7 months away, in the meantime use the account, earn as much rewards as you can, and pay in full every month.
  3. Are you sure you dialed the correct number? These vultures buy up phone numbers, someone misdials and reaches them. Either that or Synchrony made a typo or let their number lapse.
  4. I also recommend staying away from Cap1, as much as everyone on here hates Discovery I'd recommend their secured card over Cap1's unsecured when you don't have a great credit profile. If pre-approved for Navy unsecured card go for that. If declined call them up and see what they can do, worst case they'll probably be able to get in with a secured card. It's been a while but my observation is Navy isn't very concerned with old negative history. They approved me for a $15k limit when I had several unpaid charge offs and collections accounts around 5-6 years old.
  5. I keep asking BoA for too little. Asked for $40k and approved, up from $28k.
  6. -3 points, but I just got an alert from elsewhere FICO 8 is up 18 points, I suspect that's due to age of newest account hitting 1 year so it would be interesting to see how FICO 5 with the next update.
  7. Zero collections left, as in they were deleted? Or they were paid/settled and updated to show $0 balance? Where are you getting your scores? I would sign up on Experian.com for a free account and they'll give you a FICO 8 score. Your Discover account will give you Transunion FICO 8 In any case I would let things age a few months. Also before you apply for anything optimize your reported balances. Let 2 of those cards report $0 a and one report something small such as $5. Amazon or Discover will report your statement balance but that credit union could be reporting on an arbitrary date such as the first or last day of the month. I would hold off on any new credit applications for a little while and let the accounts age. You don't need to wait for the secured cards to graduate, but I recommend waiting around 8 months since your last new account. NFCU can be very generous, at least historically. Not sure how hold your late payments are but seemed to me that NFCU was overlooking older negative credit info, such as when they approved me for $15k credit limit with several unpaid charge off and collections accounts. If you're applying with a short credit history and late payments on your report Capital One will be trash for you. It'll start with a low to modest credit limit and it will forever be stuck in that range even 10 years from now if you have $300k income and 800 credit scores. here are some helpful links to review:
  8. Nonsense from LexisNexis. I smell a lawsuit in the near future.
  9. The first mistake was paying them. Simply follow the process on www.identifytheft.gov you don't need to play detective (and probably shouldn't). If you don't know who did this simply get a police report saying a loan was taken in your name and you didn't authorize it or benefit from it. When you send a police report and identity theft affidavit to Equifax, Experian, and Transunion they are required by law to remove fraud from your credit reports within 5 days (or is it 4, I always forget) Of course you want to follow up with the creditor and send them a copy of the police report, just because it's off your credit report doesn't mean they need to stop collecting on the debt.
  10. 791, been paying down 0% balances and not opening new accounts. Nothing really interests me these days so might as well see how high in the 800's I can get.
  11. Remember back in 2015 when 31 state's attorneys general settled with Equifax, Experian and Transunion (settlement agreement and press release) and they created this website describing the measures such as not displaying unverifiable bankruptcy and judgement records on credit reports. The site has been down for a few weeks, does anyone know what's going on? Do the terms of the settlements agreement Is it just that enough time has passed they can start rolling things back and? You can view the archived version here: https://web.archive.org/web/20220215222425/http://www.nationalconsumerassistanceplan.com/about/
  12. How far along are you in the mortgage process and do you have a deadline for closing? It might be simpler to start over with a different lender if you aren't on a tight deadline. It's always a good idea to get 2 or 3 quotes and compare the rates and closing costs.
  13. I think so. If you want to CYA save to PDF the website showing it's under maintenance and make sure the saved copy has a timestamp.
  14. I got a few from Chase saying i'm pre-qualified for an Aston Martin test drive Today I got this gem, apparently NFCU is monitoring my credit Our daily monitoring of your TransUnion credit file detected a critical change to your credit report. This could be a New inquiry New account Address change Public record Negative item When I login guess what the change is? An account has been identified as Paid. This account reflects a new balance of zero and includes a paid out date. Yep, critical change indeed. Instead of reporting $18 this month it's reporting $0... I had issues with my bank bill pay and scheduled payments closer to the due date than usual and for such as small balance I will just pay it to $0.
  15. Another vote for getting reports directly from Equifax, Experian, and Transunion. Don't focus on the scores, work on the content first. Unless you have a specific goal I think MyFico is a waste of money.
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