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  1. I had experience something similar with Credit Karma, which is why I find their information to be unreliable. I had an alert that noted two collection accounts where added to my transunion report, so of course I immediately login to check. I didn't find any new collections but I did notice something that looked like it had been re-aged so I called transunion, had them mail me out a copy of my latest credit report and none of that information had been updated on my file. I called transunion afterwards to see if they could explain what was going on and they mentioned that credit karma might be updating their system, however nothing changed on my credit report. I knew about those collections, they are due to fall off this year so I decided to leave them be, but the slight panic attack was so not called for...all thanks to Credit Karma!
  2. My apologies Blake, I was moving so fast I forgot to reply but I believe they report to Experian
  3. Yes and very affordable! Have you had anyone report to DNB yet?
  4. Yes These guys are AWESOME!!! Here's my update! New Michigan LLC less than 4 months old Listed on Google places, Local 411, Ypages, Official Website, Freedom Voice number w/ fax Business Account w/ Fifth Third Bank (have a personal with them as well and going to apply for Navy Federal business) Virtual office in Troy. And its all because of the time everyone took to share info and experiences... Net 30's... Quill Net 30 U line Net 30 Grainger Net 30 Amsterdam Net 10 UPS Open MSC DIRECT Instant $1000 Strategic Network Solutions Net Instant $1000 Awaiting Response from Supplyworks One account reporting to Experian I'm assuming its ULINE and nothing on DNB as I just got my number today! I will share more as it all unfolds
  5. Kubbie74, I did and I am treading rather lightly with them; I presume since I'm nearing the statue of limitations they decided to put their lawyer on the case. I am awaiting a response to see how they proceed and while I' waiting I am also keeping a watchful eye out for updated case info with 36th district court. Do you have an "alleged" account with LVNV Funding?
  7. Thank you Breeze, An you are absolutely right so after more research I decided to proceed with WhyChats Re:SOL method because it is still within SOL and was verified by CRAs..I'll post an update when I hear back.
  8. Good for you @ Saggoddess! I have been lurking as well, they have really done well with all the information they are providing...my business is new but I can't wait to post my update. Congratulations!
  9. I headed over last night to read and MI has really locked out borrowing statute, so in my instance it won't help, but I have found that MI statutes are pretty strict regarding third party collections so I'll continue on... noting anything that may help my cause. Thank you ICANHASMUNY!
  10. Hey again! Anyone out there?? LOL can someone let me know if I've goofed this up? In addition to the above, I went ahead with WhyChats Re:SOL (sent it today) letter because I've already opted out, had addresses removed AND I had already disputed the OC (CREDIT ONE) & CA (LVNV Funding) via CRA's, both of which came back verified TWICE. However, after I sent the letter something clicked bringing me back to a thread about Credit One's Governing Law ....."28. GOVERNING LAW: This Agreement is governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws applicable to national banks, and, where no such laws apply, by the laws of the State of Nevada, excluding the conflicts of law provisions thereof, regardless of your state of residence." So my question: Is the CA (LVNV) subject to the governing laws of credit one because if so Nevada SOL is 4 years and DOFD is 1/2012 which would mean the SOL is up (01/2016) and if it trumps Michigan SOL which is 6 years how do I proceed now? Have i goofed this up completely?
  11. I have a similar situation with Credit One Bank and LVNV or JC Christensen except I am still within SOL... Thank you Breeze, I'm a lot clearer on how to proceed now.
  12. Hello Newbie Here overwhelmed with information! Started disputing errors on my credit LVNV funding is listed OC is Credit One (I know I know its too late now). I started dispute with the CRA's prior to joining the board and while I've had an enormous amount of success getting things removed, LVNV is of course not budging. The SOL is 6 years in MI from date of last payment which is 1/2012. I've never responded to LVNV letters from JC Christensen and following my initial dispute, a letter was mailed to an address (not mine but a family member) from an attorney in Grand Rapids, MI (of course they're unable to find it now that I need it). LVNV is reporting to all three CRAs along with Credit One of course none of the information matches, however my question is how should I proceed being that they have contacted an attorney in MI which I can only assume is for purposes of filing suit soon. I have disputed with CRA's twice and they verified each time, so I'm not sure if I should or can DV using 1-2 punch or WHY Chat's method because I've already done it out of order. And I've read so much info about LVNV that I think Im fried and scrambled; any help is greatly appreciated!!
  13. Newbie here (technically a lurker since 2003) Thank you PsychDoc and Mark!!! I just downloaded and emailed it to myself so that I can read it on ALL my portables!!
  14. Newbie here and I couldn't walk away from the screen!!! This was like reading an awesome book only to get to the end and realize that the pages had been ripped out! I so want to know what happened, is there another thread started elsewhere???
  15. I feel like an salamander for not checking creditboards first, but I also had an account with credit one sent to LVNV. Both are listed with all three CAs and I've gotten the settlement letters as well. My DOFD w/ CREDIT ONE is 01/2012 EQ; 1/2012 TU: 9/2010 EX. LVNV is reporting DOFD as 3/2012 EQ; 10/2012 TU; 12/2012 EX. I have watched (also have credit reports) as this information has changed following initial dispute and it is nerve wrecking to say the least but I'm not gonna give in until they are GONE! I've subscribed to the thread so I'll keep you posted should anything change and please share any successes or failures....Thanks!

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