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  1. Makes sense I guess its just way you do it, the whole I saved $10 this way so applied it to the mortgage concept is crazy to me. I'm terrible with budgeting in that regard my money isn't allocated anywhere, except the little bit that goes to an IRA automatically every week. I'm cheap so I just naturally save without having to earmark anything. I'm in the same boat I got a little over a year left at 2.75%, then it can jump 2%. I'll definitely be thinking more about it as that time comes if I don't do it sooner. Right now I earn 2.25% in a high interest savings and the mortgage balance is small so its costing me less than $200 a year to hold on to the cash. Thats one bad thing about the HELOC plan is my rate will be higher if I do end up using it in the next year.
  2. I've long thought your nuts diverting every penny to your mortgage. I've had enough sitting in a high interest savings account to pay mine off for a little while now. The half a percent it costs me with the current ARM teaser to have the cash liquid seemed inconsequential. As I've been looking for a cheap house to rehab and rent or sell. With the housing market being ridiculous right now just getting the mortgage over with is looking better and better. I can always pull a HELOC to invest with even if your not supposed to buy real estate with one. Might have a chat with my banker and see if they'll let me in this circumstance.
  3. As some one that is self employed I don't understand deducting into low income. Either you take appropriate business deductions from your business revenue. Which are business expenses that come off gross income. What you are left with is personal income. The way I see it if you are deducting personal stuff from business income or over exaggerating business expenses, you are cheating on your taxes. If you are deducting legitimate business expenses from business income and come up a low personal income then you are just not making as much money as you think you are. Gross income does not equal profit.
  4. Thats over 6 years which amounts to like .25% of the balance a year, if Edward Jones had her 125 million under management the fees would of been way more than that. They could of done better but I wouldn't say they out right screwed her. She did get what she asked for. When you're that old you kind of do need someone to handle it. My gramps just fell for one of those I need $5000 to get your millions out of africa scams. Kept calling my mom and uncle for a ride to the bank when they didn't come get him fast enough. He hopped in a taxi, luckily the teller caught on something was up and kept him from draining his account.
  5. Yup shes really going to be mad when she finds out these liars shes hired have milked her for more money than those fees and she still loses the case.
  6. Thats far from mismanaged, sure they could of gotten a high percentage of bonds and put some in money markets/index funds for a higher yield with low risk. Its not like they threw it all in high risk investments and lost money or actively misappropriated the money. Shes 90, sounds like she still has most of winnings and isn't going to run out before she dies unless shes personally blowing it all.
  7. How bad is it? If its escrow at least you don't have to come up with a large chunk all at once. If your in a rural area with cheap property taxes and they doubled it after 16 years how bad can it be? I feel like my taxes are ridiculous $200/month on a house I paid 42k for, its more than PI on the mortgage. They asses the house at like 80k and its one of the lowest on my street so afraid to ask to get it lowered and they turn around and see the improvements I've made and jack it up. I'm in the city, I was just looking at a house in a rural area a little over an hour away taxes are $350 for the year on 10 acres. $2000 should more than pay for the fuel and I'd love to be out in the country, the extra drive time would kill me though.
  8. How much did they say it would cost to fix? I doubt you have major problems with both the motor and the tranny. Take it to another shop to see whats actually wrong with it.
  9. I'm trying to figure out how a 62 year old worked 30 years at one job and 20 at another.
  10. Last I heard they were pretty sure the money is gone and the dude may have faked his death.
  11. Sounds more like the equivalent of dealing drugs on facebook. If rapping about crime got you locked up most rappers would be in jail.
  12. Its not because they can't afford groceries and necessities either. If its not because they're blowing money on shopping, entertainment etc. its because they spend too much on housing and/or their car. It sure gets so tiring hearing the Americans have it so tough, wages don't keep up with expenses spiel. Yet I was once one of the low income people they're talking about and I had no problem paying my bills and saving money because I rented the cheapest apartment I could and drove an old beater. While I watched my low-income peers spend themselves into a cycle of forever poor.
  13. When I was getting my shit together after using dope for years I bought this non running rust bucket mess of a car for $100. Got it running for another $50, loved that little car, drove it all over with obvious pull me over no exhaust and such. I was on felony probation but wasn't up to no good any more so didn't think anything of it. After 6 months of driving it I decided to gut the nasty interior, what do I find but multiple needles, spoons and a crack pipe hidden under the carpet under the seats. Facing a year in prison and all I would of had is the I swear officer they're not mine. Got lucky though and never did get pulled over in that thing.
  14. Never they have to have a car you know. The real kicker is they could head to a public repo auction and buy a running car for one months payment on their ridiculous subprime loan. To each their own though if people didn't make bad choices there wouldn't be dirt cheap cars at the repo auction.

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