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  1. Also I'm not saying its a path to financial ruin if you know how to budget. I could go buy two brand new cars cash and still have money in the bank. I just can't justify that amount of money for something I can get to do the same job for a tenth the price.
  2. I just ain't as picky as yall. My favorite car of all time was an old escort I got for $100 that was so nasty I had to gut the interior out. It was a rolling tin can and fun as could be with a 5 speed and no shits given cuz I paid $100 for it. You should go to auto auctions I just grabbed an 08 accord 5 speed for a steal. Since dealers only want autos because its hard for them to sell sticks. Everything else was ridiculously priced, I went in looking for a newish pickup truck but these dealers were paying what you could get deals on craigslist for(which is still too much for my cheapass). Then the accord rolled though and all the dealers stopped bidding and I'm like well looks great 120k miles I'm in for $1800.
  3. I just don't get the point of driving a new car. Whats the hurry when I can buy the same thing for a tenth the price in a few years. As long as I stay a few years behind its always new to me. By peers you mean a good majority of Americans right?
  4. I just splurged on one of those fancy inverter microwaves, things pretty sweet. I rarely use a toaster though so its still a basic walmart special. The old microwave was a walmart special too cheapest they had when I moved into my new apartment in 2012. When I was checking out the cashier was insisting I buy the extended warranty because its junk and will break in no time. She stopped scanning to tell me all this, I kept saying no I don't want the warranty and she kept going on and on, after a while the girl behind me piped in like jesus christ lady he doesn't want the warranty now will you scan the rest of his stuff I have to pee. Cashier looks at me and goes eshhh whats her problem I'm just trying to save you from this microwave breaking because it will break like mine did and you'll be out all this money...I don't want the g-d warranty lady can you please scan the rest of my stuff. Telling the story reminds me why I should of fixed it, its only the door switch should be an easy fix. I'll make it the job site microwave after I fix it.
  5. The way I look at it is if you had the cash to buy the vehicle out right would you? Most peoples answer is no way if I had that kind of money I'd... Those payments in 5 - 6 - 7 years ends in the same result. If I had bought a brand new car in 13 instead of my 06 I'd be about 25k poorer right now. The next thing is housing after you get the nice big house in the nice neighborhood or swanky rental in the trendy part of town with the new car. Most of your hard earned money every month is already spoken for. I went for the cheap fixer upper in the ok neighborhood. My PITI is lower than alot of peoples car payment. Between no car payment and a low house payment its easy to bank money making less money than my peers who cry broke. My one buddy kills me always trying to talk me into splurging on something expensive. He went for the house that cost 5x more than mine and the brand new truck with a payment higher than my house. Meanwhile he can't go grab some dinner out on payday because he only has $50 to last til his next paycheck. Cheap cars and houses might not be the road to riches but expensive cars and houses are a good way to be poor.
  6. If I were you I'd focus on making money with my business if I couldn't afford $185. Business credit is pointless if you can't make money with your business. I didn't do any of the trade line tricks everyone talks about on here. I got good business credit the old fashioned way by building a profitable business before I ever worried about credit.
  7. A local bank my buddy recommended for a business LOC. Got 25k at 10%, annual fees $95.
  8. Buying a highly depreciating vehicle isn't part of a long term financial success plan period. If your going to do it anyway and can save/invest while you make the payments a drawn out 0% offer is the way to go.
  9. Especially if its going to be the new DD. Even if its not, doesn't look like it is, this is the kind of car you buy when you have an extra 30k laying around you don't know what to waste it on. 12k to buy and 18k to fix it when it breaks because it will break and it will be very expensive, then it will break again. 750s with 130k spend more time in shops than on the road.
  10. I had no idea business vehicle loans were so expensive with good credit. I've tossed around the idea of getting something newer but at 15% no way. My business line of credit is cheaper than that. I was wondering why my loan officer was like let me know if you need a vehicle I can get you a slightly lower rate than the line of credit. Here I was thinking why would I do that even 8% is ridiculous. Anyway you could try that, my loan officer was saying something like the LOC is 10% unsecured but if we make it secured with a vehicle or piece of equipment I can get you a little bit better rate.
  11. Even then 44.7 + 61.8 is over 100% of buyers and what about sub prime buyers. Maybe it was supposed to be 4.47% and 6.18%. 1 in 20 people taking out an auto loan is a little more reasonable.
  12. I refuse to buy new, I'll grab a cheap auction car or something. I figure if I would of bought a brand new car in 13 when I got the 06 it'd be paid off by now but I'd have about 25k less in the bank. I'll take 25k over bells and whistles. Plus I'd have to worry about the mutt making a mess in the car after going hiking and hopping in the creek then aholes dinging doors. Who needs the worry brand new cars ruin all the fun.
  13. I bragged too much about my 06 never having any issues and jinxed myself. Now everything hit at once and I might have to scrap the thing.

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