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  1. Even with the low actual value seems like a paid for equinox with a back up car if it breaks is way better than an overpriced loan at a ridiculous interest that you may or may not refi for a better rate. You can only write that off if you itemize though right? With the new tax code not many people itemize anymore unless they make a lot of money.
  2. Why on earth would you let yourself get bent over like that on trade-in/interest rate? You had a perfectly good paid off car.
  3. Nope If I remember right they ask for paper work around 25k. I know I was disappointed at first with only 3k limit but the 3x CLI at 60 days or whatever it is worked like a charm but on the second cli I went under 27k so as not get that form request.
  4. Business debt for a sole proprietor is still hidden from personal unless you default. Does depend on the card though, my capital one spark reports to personal and business but my amex and chase business cards do not report to personal.
  5. See what I mean about exaggerating, your so out of touch with reality you have to make comparisons to cartoon shows. One of these days you should leave your high up place in that mansion with all your hoity toity acquaintances, in whatever fancy car it is that took it to score your trophy wife and see how blue collar folks live. Believe it or not there are these modest neighborhoods outside the slums were people take care of their house and lawn. They drive nice slightly older cars that aren't falling apart, dented or all scratched up. Of course you get the mix some have new cars some have clunkers but a good majority just have normal slightly older vehicles. Just like you got the mix with the houses some are rental and a mess but most are homeowners and well taken care of. You're the one with the reading comprehension issues, you even liked my post earlier about the cost of health insurance. You also got your fantasy of my life and me all wrong. If you knew me at all you'd know I despise government hand outs. Just like I think your a bitch for thinking you need all this money to live a comfortable life, I think all the broke beggars crying lifes too hard are too. You also missed where I save half my salary. Its obvious you can't do math though considering were talking about living on 50k and I gave you the break down of how I do it and my expenses only add up to 21k. If you could do math it'd be pretty obvious I'm not on government assistance. Unlike you I have to work for my place in life. Another one of your reading comprehension issues is you missed where I bought a fixer upper, you might get the idea from the payment I'm paying on a trailer but thats what it looks like when you buy a house for 40k thats worth 100k after you fix it up. You also forgot I'm cheap why would I do pay-per-view porn when theres redtube.
  6. Why would I need 8 tanks of gas a month if I don't have to drive to work? Considering my employer(me) only pays for gas when I'm on the job. I have a 2 bed house in a decent(people like you would call it a bad neighborhood but I've lived here 6 years and its just fine) neighborhood, I don't need money to entertain myself. An 08 isn't a clunker, it is funny your wife married you for your ability to spend, explains why you're miserable, if I married a gold digger I would be too. Interestingly enough when you're not fat like most Americans its not expensive to eat healthy food cheap, since you don't need a lot of it.
  7. 1 The $1800 08 honda accord I got at auction is just fine. 2 $150 taxes 3 $500 insurance 4 $250 food 5 $250 utilities 6 $50 gas, company truck takes me to and from jobs. 7 $200 entertainment/eating out 8 $200 Misc. don't need $100 in clothes a month but there is other random stuff I buy/have to pay for. 9 $150 You left out the principal/interest part of the mortgage $1750/month No purina or double wide in there but nothing wrong with a double wide any way and purina would never be necessary when milk, eggs, beans, rice, pasta and potatoes are all cheap and provide plenty of nutrition. Plenty of money left over for emergencies and getting another car later. If I didn't have the skills to fix up a cheap house I could rent an apartment for my PITI. Your just a spoiled little baby that likes to exaggerate. Plenty of people in this world have it a whole lot worse than joe blow driving a 20 year old car living in a trailer. Just 150 years ago everyone had it a whole lot worse. Your ancestors would call you a bitch too.
  8. Yeah property tax sucks its as much as the principal and interest portion of my mortgage. Kind of what keeps me from paying my house off since it won't make much of a difference with still having to pay HO insurance too. Health insurance is what I hate paying the most at over $300/month. Especially since I'm healthy and young I never use it. If I drop it though I'd probably break my leg the next day and have to have surgery on it or something and be out 50k.
  9. Thats pretty much me if I decided to spend my money I wouldn't know what to spend it on. I don't need the fancy clothes, house, cars, jewelry or whatever else it is that people spend money on. I got a modest house thats practically paid for, a car that is, a big screen tv, a nice computer, more than enough guns and a lot of tools. I eat good which is the one thing I splurge on eating out generally once a day and have health insurance. I couldn't tell you what else I need. I'll probably buy a quad and some exercise equipment at some point. I can't really blame the guy I know I don't think I'll ever fully retire, I'd get bored. When I hit his level though I at least hope to do some traveling, doesn't have to be extravagant though.
  10. Interesting I make 50k save half my salary and live just fine in a large metropolitan area in the midwest.
  11. I'd say its the opposite a good majority of Americans make less than 50k/year and 1 million gives off 50k/year at 5%. Worldwide the average salary is 18k/year. So plenty of people in this world would do just fine with a million in the bank. Some people are just never happy. I know someone who has over a million, is soc security age and has a pension after retiring from the military in their 40s then going on to 6 figure jobs. They've scrimped and saved for it but refuse to retire, according to their partner they are obsessed with their retirement account and watching it grow, with no plans to use it.
  12. Also I'm not saying its a path to financial ruin if you know how to budget. I could go buy two brand new cars cash and still have money in the bank. I just can't justify that amount of money for something I can get to do the same job for a tenth the price.
  13. I just ain't as picky as yall. My favorite car of all time was an old escort I got for $100 that was so nasty I had to gut the interior out. It was a rolling tin can and fun as could be with a 5 speed and no shits given cuz I paid $100 for it. You should go to auto auctions I just grabbed an 08 accord 5 speed for a steal. Since dealers only want autos because its hard for them to sell sticks. Everything else was ridiculously priced, I went in looking for a newish pickup truck but these dealers were paying what you could get deals on craigslist for(which is still too much for my cheapass). Then the accord rolled though and all the dealers stopped bidding and I'm like well looks great 120k miles I'm in for $1800.
  14. I just don't get the point of driving a new car. Whats the hurry when I can buy the same thing for a tenth the price in a few years. As long as I stay a few years behind its always new to me. By peers you mean a good majority of Americans right?

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