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  1. I have an old Direct Tv collection that has been assigned to a collection agency. I am trying to get a mortgage and the UW said I need it to be paid to 0 on my reports. Direct TV will not recall the debt after speaking to a supervisor. The collection agency will not do a PFD. Should i pay the collection agency on their behalf or direct tv? It is only being reported by the collection agency and not direct tv. will paying in full reset the 7 years of reporting?
  2. I got one of those you told us you were filing BK letters from them as well. I never had any communication from them. Its just a ploy. Every few months they will word it again differently with discounts to erase it.
  3. US bank cash plus card. Applied 12/18. Figured I was declined
  4. AmberD

    FICO scoring

    I was wondering if my auto loan counts toward my utilization for FICO scoring purposes. I have 120k in credit card availability with ten dollars reporting as a balance. Wasnt sure if my 20k car loan is added on top of that for my score?
  5. I read on another thread to close Credit one by pushing a $25 payment after my statement closes at 0. My AF is billed monthly (8.25). Do I need to send the rest of the 3rd years AF (8.25 x 10) before I close or just the 25?
  6. You may be able to pay it off from a dealer but you can not make principal reduction payments. https://www.ally.com/do-it-right/car/understanding-extra-payments-to-your-amount-financed-2/
  7. Volvo is owned by Geely. Sales are up year after year. Volvo looks to be the first traditional auto manufacturer to have an all electric/hybrid electric lineup in 2019 or 2020. Geely recently purchased TerraFugia which has developed flying cars and is looking to enter to the market a tilt rotor autonomous vehicle in early to mid 2020's. Volvo isn't going anywhere. So in other words, they're getting government subsidies to stay in business? Maybe it's just Texans, but I don't see these cars anywhere. That or they're so bland you don't notice them. I'm not trying to be a jerk about it, I just don't see how they are selling anywhere near the amount of vehicles as any other manufacturer. I also don't know of anyone that puts their so-called "reliability" so far above options, styling, and mpg's that they'll sacrifice all of them for it. I see them around Fort Worth, TX. Especially the SUVs.
  8. I was told by a CSR that I cannot make principal payments on my auto loan. Does anyone know if I trade it in, will the dealer be able to pay it off?
  9. I keep getting a missed call from 888 883 9824. I looked it up on who called me and people report it is First National Credit Card. When I call the number, it requires an account number to proceed (which I dont have). Is that the same company as First National Bank of Omaha / First Bankcard. I have a checking with FNBO but no cards. My current phone number is 3 mo old.
  10. AmberD

    Chase advice

    Thanks for your advice. I guess I'm concerned because this was the particular Chase card I charged off 9 years ago.
  11. AmberD

    Chase advice

    My credit: EX 679 fico 8; 680 EQ; 760 TU. UTIL 1%; about 15-20 INQ over last 2 years for each bureau; 1 Fios collection on Ex and EQ that is 6 yrs old I currently have the Chase Amazon card at 5,800, opened since 12/16. I had a chase IHG co almost 9 years ago. The Amazon card was my first chase app I let ride it out after applying and was approved about a week later. When I called in on previous apps, I got grilled(understandably). I'm interested in that same IHG card and was seeking advice if I should pass bc I'm worried it might result in my Amazon being shut down. Thanks for your help
  12. After I unfreeze my reports for good, do I still need to opt back in? I remember reading freezing opts you out
  13. I closed my account and received a refund check. I followed someone's advice in an old thread to overpay before closing in case they tried to run another monthly fee through. I've read bad stories about them on here so wasn't sure if I should just eat the refund or deposit it into my chase account? The amount is $40. From credit one Refund is drawn on a US Bank check Also, if I do deposit it, should I just write "for deposit only" and not write my chase account on the back? Thanks
  14. Thank you for your help. His father has tried to open at&t u verse with his SSN before. They have the same name
  15. My son will be deployed soon and I was talking to him about an active duty alert I saw in a family brochure I received when he joined. Does he call in for something like that or need to mail the agencies?

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