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  1. Bank of the West Cash WMC approval after received a pre-approval letter in the mail. 17,000 CL pulled Experian EX 08 is 760 My highest non credit union card limit! Low income so very surprised by the limit. I currently bank with them.
  2. My chase Card was declined at the Apple store, called in then approved. it was then declined at the local pizza restaurant. Called in, then approved
  3. I’m trying to help my sister. She is trying to apply for a TSA job. She seems qualified except it says that she couldn’t have defaulted on any debts more than 7,500 or have any unsatisfied taxes or liens. She doesn’t have any leans or tax problems but she did default on two cards over 7,500 over 10 years ago and they are no longer on her credit reports. I didn’t know if they mainly go by what’s on her credit reports? Wasn’t sure which forum this would go in
  4. Orbitz 5,300. Thought I was declined until it showed up today in my mail. Declined when I applied last year.
  5. which card do you have? which card are you trying to PC to?
  6. I have the same “Harris teeter wmc “ when I log out. I do not have that, or any other Kroger brand card.
  7. I was told by a supervisor that mine would not be “upgraded” to the new structure because it was a Visa (I PC’d an old QS in May). She read from a script, so I assume she knew what she was talking about.
  8. Mine is 1k spend for 15k points.
  9. I wanted some advice on whether I should just keep waiting or ask for this app to be cancelled. I applied on June 30 for the Drury Hotel card. I didn't hear anything, so I called July 2nd and was told to wait for the mail. I didn't hear anything until my mail arrived on July 11 asking me to call in. They wanted me to send in my ID or anything with my address on it, so I fax it (ID, insurance card, cellular bill and my chase statement). On occasion, I get ID questions because I am a Jr and some banks (like commerce) do not have a spot for a suffix on the app. I receive and email on July 12 that said "you are approved" with my CL. Today I called to see the status of the card because I haven't received it in the mail and I am transferred to the security department who said my card is on hold for extra security checks. She said it is because they had fraud apps recently in my area and then said or it could be your suffix. So clearly she doesn't know. She said "it'll probably show up in two weeks." I was also told that to make my bonus, the clock started on the date of the app (June 30). So at this point I'm wondering if I should keep riding this out or cancel it because at some point I won't be able to make the spend for the bonus. Since this is the second time now my app is in "security." Thanks for any advice
  10. How certain are you of the last part? The product page says this: Double your rewards: Redeem your rewards into a First National checking, savings, mortgage or NEST 529 account for a higher value of 2% back. I'm happy to list it, I just want to make sure it goes in the right category. I have mine deposited to my USAA checking each time for 2%. It is in the T&C in the box at the end under cash redemption. https://www.firstnational.com/dynapp/dynamic.app
  11. FNBO Complete Rewards. 2% CB if deposited into a checking account (doesnt have to be FNBO)
  12. Received call today from something called the executive department who was able to manually get my rewards account set up with someone in the rewards department. She confirmed that the sign up bonus offer was attached to my account.

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