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  1. The collection company for the doctor received a default judgment Birth happened in 2008 I'm in Indiana My job already answered the interrogatories so I have to attend a proceedings supplemental February 9th basically for them go ahead and start the garnishment. I posted here a few weeks back about the situation and breeze moved it to the legal forum rightfully so but now I'm trying to find out how to stop them from taking a portion of my check by first trying to figure out if the situation should have even went this far and what I need to do to stop it. I had only moved here to help a family member out and was in the process of getting insurance so I could get care while I was pregnant and wasn't living here for a month before I went into premature labor so I didn't have a doctor or anything at the time. Medicaid attempted to pay the doctors office that performed the birth, but I guess they didn't accept patients with Medicaid at the time....ironically, now they do. My file for this collection in small claims court has a letter from USPS showing that I signed for a document AFTER i moved from my old address. I was going to try and fight the judgment that way but because it was my last know address, I guess it satisfies service and it WAS my signature...I just don't know how they could have gotten it when I wasn't living at the address in 2010....it wasn't forwarded because the ZIP was for the old address I'm wondering that now since they accept Medicaid, would I be able to have the judgment vacated on that premise.... I don't know what to do. and thank you..he was a 2 lb. 8 oz. miracle baby....
  2. I'm trying to do everything I can to stop a garnishment for a medical bill. I went into premature labor the same day I applied for Medicaid in Indiana. Medicaid pays for bills 3 months prior to applying but when I went into labor, I was given a doctor who didn't accept Medicaid. Was the hospital required to tell me or not? If so, would I be able to fight a judgment made against me because of that?

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