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  1. Ryanxdm

    1-2 Punch

    I've sent DV letters to 3 of 5 negative accounts on my report. I haven't yet heard back from any of them. The next step is to send them another DV with 15 days to respond and dispute after that, correct? Also, I had one of the CA's call demanding payment and when I asked for validation they said they didn't have to provide that. Is that legal?
  2. I need help with writing a contract for a home that I am selling. Does anyone have experience with this? I live in the state of Georgia.
  3. I am finally at a spot in life where I can just about get any credit card I want. I wanted to know, what's the hardest card to get? Is American Express supposed to be one of the best? Which card should I go after? I'd really like to see if I qualify for the best.
  4. Thank you for everyone else that gave a real response. I guess I should ask it differently. Let me try this again. I understand that insurance varies by region and you really do have to shop around in your area. With that said, does anyone insurance that has paid out well and been reasonably price? If so, what is the name of the company?
  5. 27,000+ posts..... Hmmm... I wonder why?
  6. Thanks captain obvious. Why do you think I'm asking? Could it be because I am a soon to be homeowner?
  7. Does anyone have any recommendations on homeowners insurance?
  8. Ryanxdm

    FHA vs USDA

    Can anyone help me with this? Still looking for an answer.
  9. Ryanxdm

    FHA vs USDA

    Yes, I live in an area that qualifies for USDA
  10. Ryanxdm

    FHA vs USDA

    I'm currently trying to determine the difference between the FHA and USDA and which one is better for my situation. I'd possibly like to hold onto that 5% if I can. I'm weighing all options. I just don't know the big difference between FHA and USDA.
  11. Ryanxdm

    FHA vs USDA

    I am finally qualified for a mortgage. I had a score of 661. I am just trying to decide which type of loan makes more sense for me. I am going after a 160k house and was thinking of putting around 5% down. I want to have the lowest payment possible for 30 years. I was reading that there is no PMI with USDA. Is that the only difference than FHA? Please explain pros and cons of the two and which you'd go with. I also noticed USDA requires 0% down.
  12. Explain to me this, I am new to this so bear with me... How do I "shop around" to compare rates whenever most places want to pull my credit?
  13. I understand that, I am not going to take a "hit" on my credit score if people do not have good experiences from them though. That's what I am looking for.
  14. Has anyone used Capital One to get a mortgage? How do you like Cap1 compared to other places? I've loved them for everything I've needed and while I haven't yet compared rates, I just wondered if anyone else had in the past and how they matched up.
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