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  1. Follow up with them. You may have already been approved but no one has reached out.
  2. No I took your advice and went to the dealership like you suggested. I went the day after I read your post. I did forget to say THANK YOU! You all have to know how thankful I am I think this is the 1st time that I forgot my manners Sorry about that.
  3. Sorry for the late update. I went in on 12/18 just to get info on what documents were needed and who they financed through. Long story short. I looked around and I signed the paperwork for a 2018 Ram ProMaster High Roof 159' Wheelbase w/16 miles. They use Chrysler and Ally and I got a hard pull from both. The bad part about the whole process is the dealership actually pulled my credit too said it was for identification purposes. Maybe that's the norm it's been a very long time since I've purchased a car. They pulled Equifax said it was Fico 08 my score was 753. Chrysler declined me. The Finance manger said it was because I did not have any other auto loans. Ally approved it. The amount financed was $37,991.23 @ 13.94% for 75 months. I did not put any money down monthly payments are $765.69. I did get gap insurance. At the last minute I had a balance post on CC that slipped my mind pushing my utilization to 85% on 1 card. Which is why my score was lower. I asked if I waited to until after the payment posts and my score goes back up would I get a better rate? He said no and that after a 720 (or 740 I can't remember now) that it doesn't matter. He said the difference between a 720/740 and an 850 would be a half a percent or so. He did give me some good advice and said after 1 year switch to SunTrust and they will refinance it at half the interest that I have now. Also, they did not require any paperwork at all. Just my DL, Tax ID #, and proof of insurance from my personal car. Now I just need to get insurance on the Van. Who do you all use?
  4. I am going to finance my 1st company car. Looking at a 2019 1500 Ram Pro Master cost is roughly $36K. I have not been building my company credit as I should. Most things I needed and use didn't report so I stopped. I do not have a problem with a PG. My scores are 780's. Overall UTIL around 6%. I would prefer it not to report to the personal credit. My corporation is in IL I am in GA and will be using the van in GA can I buy/tag it here or do I have to go get and tag it from IL? Any recommendations?
  5. A friend asked if I could help him with this, while learning more about them I found this. This account which is not his (according to him) defaulted in 2013. Soooo do you just call them and say your two years are up?!?! https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20180216005599/en/CORRECTING-REPLACING-Ad-Astra-Recovery-Services’-Credit AD ASTRA RECOVERY SERVICES’ CREDIT REPORTING POLICY UPDATE In light of the many challenges faced by consumers regarding the standardized practice of maintaining tradelines for seven years, particularly on paid items, Ad Astra Recovery Services, Inc. has performed an internal analysis of its current procedures as it pertains to credit reporting. The outcome of this analysis has identified a burdensome and problematic system for consumers seeking a second chance after putting forth an effort to improve their financial well-being. It is not a part of our organization’s mission to remain an impediment for an individual choosing to take responsibility in the pursuit of financial literacy and independence. Because of this, Ad Astra Recovery Services, Inc. has made the determination that it is necessary to bring an updated and equitable policy for reporting negative tradelines into practice; a policy that will remain in-line with our company’s consumer-centric mode of operations. To aid consumers in realizing success in their attempt to progress from financial set-backs, Ad Astra Recovery Services, Inc. will request the removal of reported tradelines associated with an account that has been paid in full or settled, and where more than two years have passed since the account’s date of delinquency. We may have other obligations under the law to delete a tradeline. This is a change that will be fully in effect as of February 1, 2018, and is one that we hope will help in improving the financial future of countless Americans. Any further questions or comments regarding this policy can be directed to management at 844-363-4464. Contacts Ad Astra Recovery Services, Inc. Adam Trimble, 844-363-4464
  6. Ok I did ask the phone rep but she said it was a different department I should have asked her to transfer me. I’ll wait 6 months or so then ask. Thanks
  7. I was approved for the CSR 10.5K. I done it in the branch banker called in for approval had to answer a few questions. Chase said I have a FA on my TU, TU says that I don’t... but the phone representative gave me the approval over the phone. Do I ask for a higher CL now or wait until I get the card?
  8. It’s my Mothers nurse. What is an F&I Manager? Should I have her get a few more tradelines before applying for the car loan?
  9. Actually the caregiver for my Mother. Fico 08 Scores as of 09/21/18 EX 742 TU 772 on record since 2012 EQ 763 She has only 1 TL - $1,000 from Wells Fargo. I recently got her to have it convert over from a secured card of $300. She makes $31,920 per year AAOA is 1.6 years She is 36 If they will take it as a trade in, She has a 2001 Mercedes ML 320 w/ 454375 miles She is looking for a used mid sized SUV like a 2015 Lexus RX 350 I was going to have her apply for an installment loan and pay it down and then get another CC. But I didn't know if that would help or hurt? Thanks
  10. Perfect thank you very much. No it wasn't paid we didn't know about it until it was on the credit report. I'll follow your instructions and get it out right away.
  11. I have the business platinum card but it is pain for me to deal with. I can't PIF the purchases I need to spend on it every month and for the regular spend i put about 10 - 15K on it but its every other month and they lower the limit I can used based on the average spend. So I gave up on that card. I tried the Simply Cash Plus last year when I applied for the business platinum card I was denied they said I had too many inquires. At the time I probably had around 20 and scores were in the high 700's and no negatives.
  12. Revolving, I maxed it out earlier this year and I’ve been paying 5K per month.
  13. Would like a little help with this. I was sent this in response to the dispute. A dunning letter was never sent. And this collection company has dug in their heels. They sent this with full dob and ssn displayed Is that a violation? I am hoping to find an error in there. It can be paid but not sure if I can just send a check to the OC or not and if it would help. Thanks
  14. I could use a little coaching here. My signature is accurate I am under 2/24 so I would like the CSR although I have the business chase Marriott its a 30K limit and I have a 10K balance do I need to pay it down first? I like travel points and cash back not sure which is better since I haven't exchanged any points for travel yet. My biggest spend is on camera equipment and car rental. What is a safe amount to app and who has the best deals?
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