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  1. Hello, I'm looking for input on my current situation. I live in Michigan and recently had a Chapter 13 Bk dismissed for non-payment. (I stopped paying on my plan due to job change and my live-in boyfriend moved out so the money he was contributing to house hold I no longer had) 4 months prior to my Bk being dismissed I applied for a mortgage modification. The modification was in the process of being approved but my loan became 180 days past due and was transferred to the Recovery Department before the modifications final approval. The recovery department is now trying to settle with me for about 65% of the loan of $91,000. They want me to pay 10% and then workout a dollar amount to pay monthly until the 65% has been paid off. At which time they are telling me that they will release the lien on the property. The problem with this is that they will not put anything in writing. My question is has anyone else here gone through or heard of this process. I'm trying to stay in my home if possible. Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you.
  2. If i understand things right (someone correct me if I'm wrong) you should ignore this letter and wait out your 30 days. This is an attempt by Transunion to extend the dispute period. Just be patient and wait for the 30 days to expire and if they have answered you specifically about the dispute they must delete.
  3. I got the same letter from them about a month ago, I just sent them a sec dv letter and gave them 15 days to reply. About 2 weeks later if fell off my reports. I say send them another validation letter and you can say buy, buy to RJM!
  4. I also tried this but they would not cooperate, I havent disputed with the CRA yet though waiting for a little time to pass and maybe it will come off when I dispute as never late or not mine. We'll see.
  5. www.myfico.com use myfico144 for 20% discount, comes out to about $10.36 a report
  6. It is a Paid NSF Check from 2001. it appears on all three reports and I have tried disputing it with all 3 CRA as not mine comes back verified. I tried calling Meijer and talk with csr, just refers me to UCB (which is collection agency) Call UCB tryed arguing with them to no avail (they won't remove from reports). I never received any correspondence from them and when I talk to csr they told me that letters they sent came back undeliverable, they has some wacked out address I never lived at. I don't even remember the date of check but I did go into the store and pay for it (amount of check plus $30 fee), I still have the receipt. What else can I do, will complaining to BBB help, should I write good will letter, what please someone tell me what you would do. Thanks
  7. thanks for the quick reply Matt
  8. oh sorry misunderstood the two cc's in good stand are new not ever included in bk
  9. yes they both show balances but also say included in bk
  10. forgot to mention i do have 2 credit cards in good standing, one is about 7 months old and the other just one month old
  11. of qualifying for mortgage or should I keep cleaning up credit I have BK13 that was dismissed, scheduled to fall off reports 12-05. There is a balance on reports of about $19,000 from moble home (which was included in BK) original balance was $36,000, after was dismissed they said we still owed the $19,000 (this was joint with bf) Two Collections accounts totallying about $1200. And a couple of credit cards that were charged off (still oweing about $1000) I also have a student loan that is in deferrment, scheduled for payment around 2 of next year ($30,000) scores are ex 640 eq 619 trans. 582 Is there hope of qualifying or do I need to work alittle harder at cleaning this stuff up?
  12. That's great congradulations!!!!!
  13. After reading a few threads here I am interested in having redaction done on a few judgements I have on credit reports and I can't find anywhere if this applies in Michigan. Any help would be appreciated.

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