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  1. You could direct deposit or mobile deposit checks right away. Doing ACH transfers via your Chase account might trigger suspicion. But, they won't close your account. Just decline your transfers. They would have checked ChexSystems or EWS when you opened your account. If you have a smart phone or tablet, you should download Chase app. Are you sure about this? Because I apparently do have a baddie on EWS. I'm worried about this account getting closed at some point.
  2. Opened a Chase account without an issue, but I am afraid to put my direct deposit there. It's been about a week without an issue. Is there a certain point when I should feel safe? I have Chex entries, not sure about EWS. I requested a report. When do they check for this stuff? I figured they would when I attempted to open my account.
  3. Does anyone have experience with this CU? How Chex friendly are they?
  4. Hi guys. Pretty simple question. I know United Bank does not use Chex anymore, but do they use EWS or Telecheck?

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