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  1. Not worth your time. The product is being discontinued Just reposting because people are still requesting the app
  2. Not worth your time. The product is being discontinued
  3. Just a heads up the Costco revolving line is being discontinued. I received a letter last week regarding it.
  4. Just a heads up the Costco revolving line is being discontinued. I received a letter last week regarding it.
  5. I guess I really shouldn’t be surprised at this news but somehow I still am...
  6. I had the offer on my account. Got approved for 35K but I haven't used the service yet. FYI it was a HP even though they sure as hell made it sound like it wasn't.
  7. Strange, it worked for me about 6 months ago....
  8. You can call this number and they will fax you the app. Yes fax, they would not email it to me. APP STATUS/SERVICE: 800-220-8594
  9. I did a PC a few months ago with no issues. I just emailed them what I wanted to do and they did it for me. Sucked that they couldn't just do a PC but had to close the one card and open a new account.
  10. Hmmmm.... Good points there, thank you for that. I guess I could consider it a capital investment into the business from myself.
  11. The title pretty much says it all. I know that it is pretty much forbidden to run my own personal cards through my business cc terminals but is there a way they can track a VGC swipe as coming from me?
  12. I had a Discover business card that was opened in 2007. Things really hit the fan in 2011 for my business and Discover transferred the account to Main Street Acquisition Corp in 2011. There are 3 30 day lates showing on the main st account and no payment data on the discover account on my EQ report. The main st account is only on my EQ report. I have PIF this account since it was closed. What is strange is that when I have tried to apply for discover the last couple years I am always denied because of a previous unsatisfactory relationship with them. One of their UW told me that there was even still a balance on the account (that was before it was PIF). This leads me to believe that even though it was transferred to main st, it was really still a discover account. I don't really understand to be honest. Is there anything I could/should try to do about the main st account being on my report? I tried goodwill letters for the 30 day lates but they wouldn't budge. Maybe just leave it alone?
  13. Disgusting behavior. People like this don't have a clue how life works. Even if you disagree with the military you can show some respect for a family suffering a devastating loss.

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