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  1. Ok, my DOFD for my Countrywide/BofA/NationStar loan is clearly stated in a letter to me as being 2/2008. This clearly exceeds any 7.5 year time line and I have tried numerous times to dispute directly with them and CRAs. Recently I disputed with the CFPB and NationStar was quick to respond with this crap: ( Exempted cases. The provisions of paragraphs (1) through (5) of subsection (a) of this section are not applicable in the case of any consumer credit report to be used in connection with (1) a credit transaction involving, or which may reasonably be expected to involve, a principal amount of $150,000 or more; I have read the response several times, the FCRA too many times and can't figure this out... NationStar says that the time starts running for reporting purposes on the date of sale from the foreclosure. My issue was the bank waited 7 years to foreclose, well into six figure positive equity position due to my very substantial down payment at time of purchase. What do I do???

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