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  1. Late 90's Saturn S-Series, but only in 5-speed form. Up to 42 mpg, depending on how driven, excellent reliability, the plastic body panels will never show rust, and cheap. How cheap? Under $1500 cheap. One of the cheapest cars to insure. Low value = low registration costs. And the automatics were the darlings of the rental car fleets at the time, so there are hundreds in the local junkyards for an eternal supply of used parts. I miss my 98 SW1 station wagon, but my back told me to sell it. I really didn't fit into the thing at 6'5", 230, and only sold it due to my back hurting more and
  2. Almost forgot... the pic requests. Here *we* are, just 4 months ago.
  3. Dirty condenser. Its like a little radiator for the air conditioning.
  4. Place ribs on foil. Rub a mix of brown sugar, cayenne pepper, lemon pepper, paprika, garlic powder and season salt on them. Flip upside down. Fold up the edges of the foil to catch drippings and fill the "canal" of the rib rack with beer. Seal foil package. Place ribs on propane grill with only one burner running on the lowest setting. After 2 hours, carefully flip rack to where the meat is up and bones down (yes quite a bit of beer and juice will spill out). After 1.5 hours, unwrap ribs and gently remove the foil from underneath. Baste with your favorite sauce (mine would be Sweet
  5. It has a leak. It is a sealed system and should only need more refrigerant if it leaked out. Your compressor is cycling due to triggering the low pressure switch in the system.
  6. Sorry to disappoint you, Pam, but it is what it is. We could just get the band back together to start responding like crazy in order to bury the explanation within the massive thread and all the newcomers to the thread would be told "the answers lie within" and "you have to read the entire thing in order to understand, no skipping forward" just for the fun of it...
  7. OK, here’s the deal: First of all, most people would want something of this nature removed from the posterity known as the internet ASAP. I, however, am not one of those people. For a long time I was hurt and embarrassed by this thread, but I don’t shy away from my shortcomings, I face them head-on. I would like to invite the mods to let this remain open and available for all to see. This entire thread can be taken as a life lesson. If your relationship is in a fragile state, choose your words wisely, else they be taken the wrong way. I will start off by apologizing to Jen23514 fo
  8. And the suspense continues... I wound up working OT last night and didn't get home until 10 am. I had to then get up at 2 to express mail something to the IRS and get back to bed. I am now rushing to get ready for work again, DOT says I have to have 10 hours off between shifts, that time is up in 25 minutes.
  9. Well... I had a huge response typed up. As it turns out, if your finger slips off the "SHIFT" onto the "CTRL" while hitting "W," the window closes. I have to run to work now (night shift)... Perhaps I can type it all in again tomorrow?
  10. Interesting... A few years back, I applied for a loan of $34k on a $54k truck ($8k down, 12k discounted end of year model). Denied. Went to credit union, had check ready when I took delivery. Moved back to the USA, bought a house. USAA declined pre-approval of mortgage. Wells Fargo pre-approved for $169K. I ended up pulling a rope-a-dope and used a local mortgage company who financed our $128K house for 0.25% less... and always sold all their paper to Wells Fargo within 60 days of inception (yup, my mortgage is with Wells Fargo now). USAA card? *Had* a $3k limit. When the card was ex
  11. Amazing that this thing is not only still around, but being bumped on occasion. Yes, I am alive. Yes, I returned. Yes, it would appear "babe" is still an active member of the forum, too. Now that a few years have passed, I can look back, reflect, and possibly explain a bit of this madness... or would you all prefer it remain shrouded in confusion and mystery?
  12. I agree with everything above. I was POed, obviously, and went off the deep end. Been busy as heck up here in the Oil Fields, I finally typed a new letter out this evening. This is what is heading to the IRS Monday.
  13. Aside from a letter I received in 2002 informing me of the sale at auction and a few calls in the months immediately after the repo, there has been no collection activity on the account. No calls, no letters, not a peep out of them. This would place the 1099-C in either 2002 or 2005, depending on how the law is interpreted, but definitely not in 2012. The fraud is in claiming a loss of $6,000 in 2012 that did not exist according to the law. I am willing to bet that Americredit filed hundreds, if not thousands, of seriously delinquent 1099-Cs in 2012 that were not losses during that year (o
  14. I actually had already seen the case referenced in that summary judgement and included it in my statement required by the memo to return to the IRS in lieu of payment. I whipped this out pretty quickly, anything else you think I should add/remove? After all, I am a bit rusty.
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