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  1. I think I'll just let mine lapse.
  2. mec

    Changes coming to Amex PRG

    "I don't use GrubHub" That was my first thought too. Then I looked into GrubHub and realized that you could order takeout from lots of places, pick it up with no delivery fee. Turns out to be pretty useful for me as there several places I value on there.
  3. Work it out. I want you to shoot for: "no rush credits" > "prime membership fee"
  4. mec

    Discover in Germany and Austria

    It sounds like Germany would be a great place to have a Discover card... ... lost or stolen.
  5. My plastic PRG (valid through early 2021) is getting a bit raggedy. Is a bic lighter a good way to trim up the edges?
  6. mec

    Changes coming to Amex PRG

    Congrats. This card is a keeper by my estimation.
  7. mec

    Changes coming to Amex PRG

    If you've never had a PRG SUB before, that's the way to go. The 50k SUB may be going away when the new benefits go live, or at least that is what's rumored.
  8. What is really gross is when it came time to sign the contract, the contractors wife asked if I was told there was a 7.5% fee for using a credit card. I said that I wasn't told that and I wasn't sure I wanted to proceed. She then said she would wave the fee. This gutter bill will make short work of the 6k spend on the Hyatt card... on to the next SUB.
  9. The 4.5% on mobile pay seems to have a lot of potential for regular use. Unfortunately I am currently restricted to GooglePay. I think SamsungPay has fairly wide acceptance. GooglePay and ApplePay not so much.
  10. The next million will likely 'fly' by too. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/why-does-time-seem-to-speed-up-with-age/ "...Our brain encodes new experiences, but not familiar ones, into memory, and our retrospective judgment of time is based on how many new memories we create over a certain period. In other words, the more new memories we build on a weekend getaway, the longer that trip will seem in hindsight. This phenomenon, which Hammond has dubbed the holiday paradox, seems to present one of the best clues as to why, in retrospect, time seems to pass more quickly the older we get..."
  11. Congratulations on the million mark.
  12. The guy who is going to install my new gutters takes credit cards.
  13. https://www.doctorofcredit.com/large-merchants-want-the-right-to-reject-high-cost-premium-rewards-credit-cards/
  14. Called the number on the card and ask for an interest rate reduction. The 'first line' rep was able to take it down from 21.74% to 17.74 percent. It was probably not a good sign to have the first line rep able to process this given my intentions. Also having given the card very light use, since it opened, I had two strikes in my at bat by my unofficial scoring. They transferred me to the real underwriter after I requested the CLI, and the real underwriter suggested that I could transfer some credit from the Ring card, but insisted that a hard pull would be necessary. He asked about many things related to my current finances and about the mortgage lates from 2014 and about the student loans I cosigned for my oldest daughter. I ended up authorizing the hard pull and getting an additional 2,500 from 5,000 to 7,500 on the Aviator Red... then transferring 4,500 from the 5,000 limit on the ring for a new CL of 12,000. This whole process was inspired by the 1% fee 0% BT check sitting on my desk. I'm planning on using it for $4,500 by the 1st to push the cost of new gutters out a few months. This will give me an initial utilization of 37.5% on the card rather than 47.5% with just the existing credit lines or 90% without moving any credit between them. It's a little disappointing, but I know Barclays likes usage and I haven't done that... so I guess I'm glad to have the small increase for now.

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