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  1. I use a thing called the Meater for this. https://meater.com/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw3s_4BRDPARIsAJsyoLPpeHESaAkLIB5Ilkju39Zvm-_tZ-ClVj5drD9BW_ZsSkmmxhK2SjMaAqrlEALw_wcB Here is a recent Ribeye https://photos.app.goo.gl/ioiLcyzfkoUPugg18 https://photos.app.goo.gl/xQpBTt9xQpBTt9C8pHkkf1x6
  2. There is more variance in oven temperatures in any one oven then there is in any one FICO score model. Ovens preheated to 225 will heat to ~250 and then cool down to ~200 before heating up again. The only variance you will get in a given FICO score model is when you look at your score and then a lender pulls it... which could cause a 0 to ~7 point swing.
  3. Hard to say for sure, but I believe the government will be urging large banks to extend broad credit to cushion the fallout.
  4. Sadly, last Friday BofA Platinum Plus. 11k IGCL* With the stock market in free fall, I thought it would be prudent to get an 18 month interest free loan before conditions changed further. I will probably try to transfer limits from my cash rewards account to get it above 25k and BT about 5k to the card. This is the first card I have applied for in several years that doesn't involve a cash/points SUB. I had been getting mailed offers for it (with a fixed apr) for several months and throwing them away. But the uncertainty in the air has me sud
  5. "People say I'm crazyDoing what I'm doingWell, they give me all kinds of warningsTo save me from ruin"
  6. Got a mailer for WF Cash Wise. No SUB, ... but an extra 1.5% cash back (for 3% [or 3.6% on mobile wallet]) on up to 30k of spend over the first 12 months. 7k IGCL I've been planning to apply for the 3 Wells cards eventually (Cash Wise, Propel & Visa Sig) over a several year period to build up a cash of points for air fare, so this offer just pushed me into the process I thought I might never get around to.
  7. Interviewer: mec, how would you describe the new Amex Green Card refresh in one word? mec: Good. Interviewer: I see. And how would you describe it in two words? mec: Not Good.
  8. The only advantage in my case occurred around the first transaction, when I did not have any funds in my NFCU checking account and believed the ATM (cash withdrawal) transaction fees on that account would be less than those of other checking accounts I have and maintain funds in. Having access to the LOC allowed me to start using my NFCU debit card before any funds had been cleared into the associated checking account. That the Navcheck account existed and allowed me to use the NFCU checking account in that way was also mildly interesting to me, and I suspect to others, since I hav
  9. I did really agonize over whether or not to submit an additional ACH payment on the 31st through the lender's billpay to eliminate the risk. I wanted to avoid that because I had already scheduled the next 3 payments through Plastiq under their 1% fee offer that was running at that time, and as much as I would have liked to make an additional principal payment, it wasn't really budgeted for. In the end I decided to risk it because of how convincing that trace I'd number and deposit date and time were and the chat logs I had to back them up. I'd love to get a real answer
  10. I I got so close to the 30 day late payment because I made an error submitting a one time ACH payment from a new checking account. I must have entered a bad digit for the account number. In the period between when I submitted the ACH payment and the time it was rejected, I received a new card with a 5k spend SUB in the mail and calculated, based on Plastiq's timeline that it would arrive on the 30th of May. Close, I know, but I was looking for simple ways to burn through the spend requirement. As the date approached I realized I could be in jeopardy of a Credit
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