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  1. 1 week in nearby Gulf Shores AL Fingers crossed this time of year. Sometimes the best weather can be a near miss.
  2. I have nothing to bring but more mundane redemptions. 4 round trip economy web specials PIT-PNS 72,000 pts + $44.00 $ 0.01861 pp for a week on the ball stikage coast.
  3. This seems to be a real shiet thing to have happen to you (her mostly) but to the two of you... but based on the stories you have laid down here over the years, I guess your exposure is probably higher than the average American. Glad to hear you are moving. Feel bad for the people who are staying.
  4. This is a very niche thread. In lieu of speculating, I'd like to ask how often you come across a fellow Admiralee in habit?
  5. It's enough to make a guy want to get out of the rewards game all together. This thread needs more flash, more snap, more skyrockets and cheering crowds.
  6. I use a thing called the Meater for this. https://meater.com/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw3s_4BRDPARIsAJsyoLPpeHESaAkLIB5Ilkju39Zvm-_tZ-ClVj5drD9BW_ZsSkmmxhK2SjMaAqrlEALw_wcB Here is a recent Ribeye https://photos.app.goo.gl/ioiLcyzfkoUPugg18 https://photos.app.goo.gl/xQpBTt9xQpBTt9C8pHkkf1x6
  7. There is more variance in oven temperatures in any one oven then there is in any one FICO score model. Ovens preheated to 225 will heat to ~250 and then cool down to ~200 before heating up again. The only variance you will get in a given FICO score model is when you look at your score and then a lender pulls it... which could cause a 0 to ~7 point swing.
  8. Hard to say for sure, but I believe the government will be urging large banks to extend broad credit to cushion the fallout.
  9. Sadly, last Friday BofA Platinum Plus. 11k IGCL* With the stock market in free fall, I thought it would be prudent to get an 18 month interest free loan before conditions changed further. I will probably try to transfer limits from my cash rewards account to get it above 25k and BT about 5k to the card. This is the first card I have applied for in several years that doesn't involve a cash/points SUB. I had been getting mailed offers for it (with a fixed apr) for several months and throwing them away. But the uncertainty in the air has me sud
  10. "People say I'm crazyDoing what I'm doingWell, they give me all kinds of warningsTo save me from ruin"
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