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  1. That looks similar to the set up I have seen in a lot of Hyatt room pictures in Japan... excepting the green chair and quantity of mirror. How's mom enjoying Hong Kong?
  2. mec

    The Master Travel Redemptions Thread

    I received a response this morning to my email, to the Saint Regis, of last night."Dear Mr mec,Referring your kind email dated this morning, we are very pleased to inform you that Calcio Storico Fiorentino will be available starting the beginning of June, we will take good note about your request and we will contact you about that date. We will also send you our authorization form to be properly filled up with your credit card information and send us back via fax (our email system does not accept for security reason) We are at your disposal for any further assistance you might need, we remain With our best regards. ..."It appears that this hurdle will be successfully cleared.
  3. mec

    The Master Travel Redemptions Thread

    mec PI was ble to finish the hotel oted November 22, 2018 I was able to fill the last hotel reservations for this trip. No award bookings were either available or preferred. _________________________________ 2 passengers... PIT -EWR - UA x EWR - BOS - UA x layover Boston (1 night at the Residence Inn Downtown Seaport [1 35k cert related to $95 fee {$3.39 per fee dollar} ] ) BOS - LIS - TP i LIS - FLR - TP i Florence (5 nights at the St Regis [240k marriott {0.02 ppd} ] ) FLR - VIE - OS i VIE - MUN - OS i MUN - DBV- OU i rent a car at DBV... drive to: Herceg-Novi, Montenegro (2 nights Hotel Grifone [Studio Apartment, Obala Nicole Kovacevica Street] ) * drive to: Zabljak, Montenegro (2 nights at Polar Star Hotel [Superior Studio, 1 bedroom, Mountain view] ) * drive to: Dubrovnik, Croatia (3 nights at Hotel Excelsior [Deluxe Double Room with Balcony and Sea View] ) * DBV - VIE - OS i Vienna (4 nights in Vienna at Le Meridian [140k marriott {0.007 ppd} ] ) VIE - ZRH - LX i ZRH - GVA - LX i GVA - JFK - LX i EWR - PIT - UA x [230k Aeroplan miles +$499.xx USD in taxes and fees. (190k MRs transfered at 1.2 and 2k transfered at 1.0) {not sure how to value this flight, google has a Business class booking through TP for about $4,600 per seat, that would put it ~0.045 mpd} ] ) * Hotels.com gift cards through portals, offers... more portals... and or booking.com ____________________________________ Next up, looking into tickets for events and car rental.
  4. mec

    The Dining and Food Thread

    Tomahawk ribeye in the oven at 250 f until 111 f. Then on the charcoal for a sear (about 5 minutes between it's fourish sides). overshot just a bit on the rest to 136 f.
  5. 3 nights at Hotel Excelsior, Dubrovnik, in early July. New building, balcony, sea view. $1770.00 in Hotels.com gift cards from Amazon (using Chase and Amex offers) and from Raise through Giving Assistant at 2% then through Giving Assistant again for the booking at 7%. If all of the purchases track through Giving Assistant, it will be a 20.75% discount against the Hotels.com price ($1815.90) down to $1441.22
  6. Triple dipping is when you apply for a new credit card with an annual travel credit near the end of the year, use the credit in December, then again in the next year, and again the year after in January... then close the card before the first or second annual fee post, or close it after the fee posts but within the grace period within which the issuier will refund the fee.
  7. mec

    Master 2019 Approvals and CLIs Thread

    Chase Hyatt 7,500 -> 9,000 unsolicited. Spent 6,600 in the first two statements (Sept - Nov 2018) and 4.95 last month... who knows why
  8. mec

    RIP John C. Bogle

  9. mec

    New website alert

    The nose have it.
  10. mec

    M$ speed bumps

    You should always refer to your "gift card" as a "debit card"... because that is also what it is.
  11. mec

    M$ speed bumps

    Different stores have different policies. Most Visa and MC GCs do have pin numbers. Some will work at WM if the cashier doesn't manually intervene in your using them. Others will only allow up to $49.99 money purchases. I don't use WM for MOs, I just buy them at a local grocery store chain with Vanilla Visa and MC GCs. Which don't work at WM.
  12. I saw a report on DOC today that existing Citi cardholders will be able to downgrade to this card.
  13. mec

    Master 2018 Approvals and CLIs Thread

    Day 13. Still no card in the mail. I realize there was a holiday in there but sheesh. Amex is a bit slow on the Hilton. Rep on chat said it went out USPS on the 7th. I can see online that the first statement closes on the 10th, so that one is a goose egg.
  14. If you want my two cents worth, I think they shorted you.
  15. Doctor of Credit announced today that there exists a rumour that... Amex's Green Charge Card will get bonus categories 4x "gas" 3x "streaming" and... some form of Amazon Prime membership conjoined with some higher annual fee. It seems that Amex continues to play the "rewards game".

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