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  1. So, since it replaces the 15,000 UR SUB, this really works like a 1.5 UR per dollar spend bonus on the second 10 grand you spend in the first year... if you want to waste a 5/24 slot on it. Better just get a Sapphire Preferred, get the 60,000 UR bonus, and PC it to a FU in the 13th month.
  2. Is it wrong of me to like that movie? I don't care.
  3. Good to know it is that flexible. I think the value of the 1.75x for spending 50k on the Visa Sign is gone, now that the new card 5x category is capped at 12.5k... considering you could earn those GoFar Rewards at 1.5x per dollar on a Cash Wise and just use the Sig to get them to 2.25
  4. Not really mail, but my WSJ paper copy delivery this am had a Dollar General sale flyer insert stuffed in it with the Oceania Cruises insert. I wonder if that was a mistake.
  5. https://www.wsj.com/amp/articles/the-credit-card-kingmaker-11553436000 "banks keep competing for rewards customers. Banks spent an estimated $4.5 million in banner, display and video advertisements on TPG in the fourth quarter of 2018, double from a year prior and more than triple from two years prior, according to Mintel Comperemedia’s analysis of data from digital-marketing intelligence firm Pathmatics. Roughly three-quarters of that came from American Express Co. and JPMorgan, according to those industry estimates."
  6. They have an offer out now that is 30k points for spending 3k in 3 months, and an extra 20k points for spending 15k in the first year. That would make it a 4.33...% (cash reward) card, across the rewards and the SUB, on that 15k spending if you don't have a WF Visa Signature... and 6.5% WF travel portal, "airfare" rewards card if you do. That's assuming you don't spend a dime in the bonus categories. DOC has some things to consider when applying at WF: https://www.doctorofcredit.com/things-everybody-should-know-about-w/
  7. Hi MP, Do you already have a WF Visa Signature and a Cash Wise? These cards always fall to a secondary position on my planning list, but whenever I look at them I'm always surprised by their potential. I read that: The Cash Wise earns (1.5%) cashback as go far rewards. And the Visa Signature allows flight bookings through the Wells Fargo portal at 1.5 cents per go far reward point. If you had all three, they could earn flights at 2.25% uncategorized and 4.5% on the Propel categories. The only thing I'm not sure of is how useful the Wells Fargo travel portal is. I'd imagine that would be most of the limitation. The fact that they are all no fee cards is nice though.
  8. I don't know, but if I were you I would try to make one MO for the value of one of your GCs at supermarkets in your area by way of exploration.
  9. There were the first time, but this is my second business card from Chase. This time it was an instant approval. My last "new account" was 6 months ago, a Chase Hyatt personal card. I think I am right in their sweet spot at this time. The first time I applied I had to submit a LRT 147C letter from the IRS, and answer questions about past revenue and projected revenue. It was/ is a real business, so I'm not sure what kinds of "businesses" require what kinds of hoops, but I'm betting there is some variation in there approval process.
  10. If you do decide to apply for a Sapphire Preferred, DOC reports this morning that there may be a SUB change comming. https://www.doctorofcredit.com/rumor-chase-sapphire-preferred-signup-bonus-will-soon-change-to-60000-with-95-fee-instead-of-50000-with-fee-waiver/
  11. mec

    Credit score drops.

    Yes 767. A typo.
  12. I just got to 4/24 this month and got approved for an Ink preferred tonight, I plan to work on the sign up bonus for a few months and app the arrival plus after that. The great thing about business cards is their not showing on CRs. I got to start off 2019 with a Hilton business card and it didn't impact my Chase approval tonight. Maybe lower priority, but if you're eligible, Navy Flagship has a $600 sub running at the moment. More Banks are adopting 5/24 so you really have to pick your priorities.
  13. My Experian score dropped from 771 to 667 a few days ago when I paid off my only car loan. Still have first lien and second lien home loans, but it dropped anyway. Then had a credit pull from Chase tonight and it went down another 6 points to 761. Two victories.
  14. Chase Ink Preferred - 40k IGCL* (my highest IGCL* to date) * Initially Granted Credit Limit

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