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  1. The ones that morph into a turd are, in some ways, superior to the ones that may be tenable.
  2. Sadly. Dosh is dead at Sam's I'm really going to miss the close to fee free MCGCs. No real reason for me to remain a member. Time to see about canceling for a membership fee refund.
  3. Back to 0.2083333... until December 1st ...after a Hilton Business (no effect) and an Ink Preferred (no effect) and an Arrival + (bumped me up from 0.1666) I think there are a few bonuses that do make it worth waiting for a bit here and there... depending on the lay of the devaluations.
  4. I acquired 2 more (35k max per night) certs over the past 3 months and decided it would be wiser to rearrange these hotels to use them in a way I consider better. I canceled the Residence Inn Stay and booked our night in Boston at the Airport Hilton. We arrive at BOS at ~23:17, so I really like the idea of walking across a few parking garages to the hotel there rather than trying to take a train or some other option. 1 Night - Hilton Boston Logan Airport 60,000 pts ~ 0.00575 ppn I then re-booked the Le Meridien Vienna as 2 bookings, 3 Nights using the 3 certs Cash value ~ 315.00 usd (fees) / 697.76 usd = 0.45 dollars in fees per (Marriott direct) room booking dollar. (Amex SPG Business fee went up to 125.00) 1 Night at 35k pts 250.88 usd (Marriott direct) room booking ~ 0 .007168 ppd This returns 105,000 (non expiring) points to my 'Bonvoy' account.
  5. That was my experience. Hilton Business SUB and MR referral bonus this last January.
  6. I'm not sure, but I think the referral options are usually equal to or less than the public or targeted offers. If you have other Amex cards, you could send yourself a referral for the one with the best referral bonus and see what it will let you apply for.
  7. I have heard that you should not refer yourself, but I have done so successfully. You can now refer across Amex cards, meaning you can send a referral and it can be used to apply for many of not all other Amex cards.
  8. The only thing left for you is to vlog this "cardmember" year and post the YouTube link on the Barclays & American Airlines Twitter feeds (and of course in this thread). Viva La Revolution!
  9. Aeroplan. There is a fee to book over the phone. I think it's $30 CAD per ticket. Just get all of the flight numbers you want to make up the award flight before you call. I had heard that they sometimes wave the fee if you ask and mention that the route can't be booked online, but the did not wave it for me. I had a particularly convoluted set of twelve flights to request and I had to find alternatives twice, once when I tried to open jaw between western and eastern Europe... I can't remember why the other routing got rejected. But I was eventually able to get much economy flights from and back to PIT included in the award. It's hard to find lie flat awards for the ocean crossing, but they are out there if you search enough and have some date flexibility.
  10. You could probably ad a 'manual' leg from TPA-EWR in United economy over the phone for a booking fee. (LOT has a business EWR - WAR - PRG available on the 14th) There also appear to be LX options out of JFK that need to be assembled with a phone agent, but that would involve an airport transfer. Either seems to involve a longish layover in New York, which may be preferable to the other alternatives.
  11. I see the same. I do see Business class from JFK to Prague if you could position up there.
  12. I don't think any flexible points can be converted to AA miles. Do you have specific dates or a range of dates for travel? There are some Star Alliance flights with business class available in September. If you were to book them through Aeroplan, they would be 57.5k per seat for MIA-PRG and 55k for per seat for MUC-MIA... + ~$117 (US) in taxes and fees.
  13. Ditto. I need to get out of the Rakuten cash back system (which I do not use because it is useless) and into their MR system.
  14. Not having read the article, I'd say the kid is off to a good start.

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