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  1. South Carolina Department of revenue gear thats who taking it a delinquent balance of 81k
  2. So if it is a government thing what Can I do?
  3. Hello Credit Board Family, 12 years ago my Auntie had and operation that costed 90k, specifically and amputation. At the time she had blue cross Blue Shield and they didnt pay anything and when she picked up Medicade they wouldnt go back and pay nothing either. So now every year taxes are being garnished because of this debt. My question is whats the SOL on a situation like this, what can be done on this 12 year old debt. Also she has been deemed disabled of course due to the amputation and to clearify its the husband that files her on his taxes, but the Federal portion of the return gets taken. Help!!!
  4. Thanks for all the replies, initially a modification request was made and appealed twice and then it was short sale status. Wouldn't except any of my payments and plus I was on auto draft so I don't know I'm trying to locate all my paperwork now as we speak thanks a million to all.
  5. I used the money to catch other bills up but every month I would try to make a payment to the guys but they would not take it due to the refinancing process I assume and how are the lates valid when they wouldn't let me pay, and yes at the end they asked for a 3 month lump in which maybe I should of had but I didn't so in this case I should only have 3 lates not 24 right??
  6. us bank home mortgage started refinancing my home in 2014 and wouldnt take any payments from me due to the process of refinancing, after the refinance was done they then asked me to pay 3 months I couldn't so I sold the house. The house sold in 2016 and balance is paid but they gave me late payment markings on my credit report although they told me not to make a payment. Late payments are dated from 2014 to 2016 two 60 day lates One 90 day and Twenty-One 120's, what move can I make on this???? Thanks in advance 😊
  7. Hello, I am in the same situation but I did snail mail end of July got reports back from TU and EX but still nothing from equifax. What should I do any suggestions???
  8. Thanks I guess that's fair enough to at least ask it's the only thing on my file so yes it impacts my scores but my scores are home loan worthy
  9. DOFD was in 2013 voluntarily gave vehicle back march 2014.
  10. Hello CB family, Question if the sol on a debt has ran out as they have admitted that they can't sue due to this reason in a letter I just received from FBCS on behalf of NCB who bought the debt from Santander, what is the lowest I could offer to get this item removed from my reports? The debt is 5k they are asking me to pay at least 60% which is 2k which I don't want to pay. I could easily do 1-5%, do you think they would go for it? Thanks in advance
  11. Thanks for the informative reply and yes I'm looking to purchase a Modular home I own my land already.
  12. I'm a retired veteran I don't file taxes I make 45k every year and another benefit I have is that I exempt taxes
  13. So you're looking for a VA construction loan? Yes.
  14. Income Tax free 45k Collection dates back to march 2014 Charge off dates back to January 2015.
  15. Hello credit board I just checked my mortgage scores with Myfico My median score is 634 My DTI is 3% I'm eligible for a VA Loan 100% retired p&t 1 collection 5k 1 charge off 400 Looking to get 200k Lastly I own my land Given my portfolio can I obtain that 200k Thanks in advance πŸ˜€

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