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  1. Hey guys I'm currently looking to get a mortgage loan. In order to do this, I need to do some tinkering. My Credit Score on FICO 8 is in the 770s - 780s. However, FICO 9 shows at 699 from Experian. The reason is that CitiBank has not yet reported it's new balance to the Bureaus. The utilization on CitiBank shows 110%. It's been at least 60 days, and still nothing (even though I closed the balanced to close to 0% on each statement). They're being quite the inconvenience currently with their delays. Any suggestions? What can I do? This FICO score is really hurting me. I need to expedite this, and make CitiBank report last month's closing balance. As it's holding me back from loans I need.
  2. I did not dispute them at all directly to the CRAs. I assume the letter of removal the CA sent to the CRAs was dictated as a dispute? I paid the reporting CA directly in full, and in return received a letter of removal. In a sense, a "pay to delete" method.
  3. Update I realize paying the CA wasn't a good idea. Unfortunately this was prior to discovering this website. Transunion and Equifax are both showing: Account information disputed by consumer, meets FCRA requirements Is this bad news? Please advise!
  4. Hey members! My name is Seth. This forum has been extremely helpful so far, and have committed this entire sunday to reading as much about credit as possible. I am learning slowly, and hope to be educated in Credit within a month. I had a Medical Collection from Kaiser. Kaiser sent it to a local CA in Glendale, California. I paid the collection, and received a letter or removal via Fax stating they have requested all agencies to remove the collection entirely from my CR. Do I need to dispute, to speed up the process? I read in the CRA guidelines that removal was not allowed by CA? Please advise. I am in the midst of buying a home, and would love to have a spotless CR again. Thank you, and God Bless you guys!!
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