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  1. very hard for me to get deleted. tried 3x w/ citi and credit bureaus
  2. Three Delta Blue Costco TrueEarnings
  3. NachoNYC

    Credit Approved

    Amex Costco TrueEarnings Approved 618 Equifax $2,000 NJ
  4. I hate Walmart. I felt disgusted when I walk into one for the first time last month.
  5. That's unbelievable...great job.. My biggest pain in the @$$ is this Calvary paid collection from last year on equifax and transunion.
  6. I currently have a CO from Citi dated 12/02 last activity and I was denied last week for the PP card.
  7. I did it over the phone, very easy, just told them I never lived there...
  8. congrats, i started the same way a year ago... still trying to accomplish everything...but be patient
  9. Amex Delta Skymiles - approved with exactly 610 score, and after 1st paid in full, got limit from 1k to 2k

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