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  1. They have close to 3 times equity in the house to what they owe currently on one mortgage. And yes probably 30 year. They are older in there 70’s
  2. My parents filed BK and are now just over 2 years post. They need to refinance there mortgage to be able to take extra $$ to do something fixing up of things plus pay back property taxes. My question is is they would be able to get a Va loan because of my dad being in the service but what would be the best route to find out about one? Mortgage broker, traditional bank that does VA loans or? I have heard that VA backed loans are a little more forgiving then other but is this wrong?
  3. So I was pulling my reports to have up to date ones and my Equifax one it doesn’t list the original creditor, no account number, shows dept to credit @ 100%, shows as closed, account status as collection but account type as other, creditors classification as banking, loan type as debt buyer account, and does list dofd but it’s listed as 5-1-15 when it is a few days after that but that’s not a big deal I don’t think. One other thing is the account is listed under the other category and NOT under collection. I have typed up a letter to dispute but demand that these accounts be delet
  4. I would send a copy of said letter to the cra and I bet you can get it removed quicker then waiting for this jokers!
  5. Not what the one letter I got from them says
  6. Here is the response they gave through the CFPB: In response to your complaint, Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC (“PRA”) investigated and verified the PRA accounts ending in xxxx and xxxx and the accuracy of the information we furnished regarding the accounts to the consumer reporting agencies in accordance with industry guidelines. PRA purchased the Capital One Bank (USA), N.A. ("Capital One") account ending in xxxx, together with the right to receive payment of the balance due on the account, on or about December 2016. Business records provided to PRA by Capital One at the time
  7. I must have missed that because I never saw it lol. But good to know if my cfpb complaint doesn’t work. But I wonder if they are shutdown with the government shutdown?
  8. I didn’t do that. And regardless I also have letter stating they won’t sue because of the age of the debt. Only way the clock would restart is by making a payment which I didn’t do
  9. Cfpb is the one I couldn’t think of when I was typing my response lol. Thats the one im going to try first... see if they will finally delete it especially since they won’t sue me as well.
  10. Since when.... I thought they never pfd according to all the posts I have read on all forums out there
  11. So I just got a letter from them trying to get me to pay them on 1 of 2 cap1 accounts... $450 and $360 are the amounts. This letter was for the $450 one. What is so very interesting is specifically in the letter it says the following: ”within approximately 30 days of your final payment successfully posting, we will request that the three major credit reporting agencies delete our trade line related to your account from your credit bureau report” has PRA stated pfd??? they also have in the letter that they will not sue me because of the age of th
  12. So I just got approved for my second nfcu cc.. this one with a $15k limit. My 1st cry cc has a $10k limit. Should I pull the trigger for cli on the first and if so how much should I try for?
  13. It was his first card right out of high school. His other ones are Amex, chase x2 and cap 1
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